Heh, I just got some random inspiration to create a new fanfiction, though I probably ought not to. Ehh, I get creative a lot. The main character is gonna be Lily. Maybe a Lily, Severus pairing, or a Lily, James pairing. I haven't decided yet. Well either way, I hope you like it. Lemme know what you think, mmkay? Thanks!

Lily borded the Hogwart's Express with a lonesome, somber look upon her face. She missed her best friend, but he had betrayed her in one of the most pivotal ways one could ever betray a muggle-born witch.

All she had done was stick up for him. Apparently that was a crime in his eyes. She thought of writing a letter once she was comfortably in a compartment and away from the bustle of the many students, whom were all excited to be going home for the summer holidays.

"Evans!" Lily inwardly groaned in response. It was him. Of course it was. Who else would be stalking her to the trains?

She turned and smiled outwardly. Inwardly, she was grimmancing. "Hello, James. Are you excited for the summer holidays?"

James glowed in response to her friendly attitude. "I am. Sirius is living with me now, did you know? I can't recall if I told you that or not."

"I did know," she responded. "What are the two of you planning on doing all summer?"

"Well," he began, with a small glint in his eyes, "We were actually going to rent an . . . apartment, I think muggles call them, for a month of the summer."

"Oh?" She asked, not really listening to what the young man walking beside her was saying.

He glanced at her with warm, hazel eyes, a questioning, hurt look creeping in. "Were you even listening to me, Lily?"


"I was just saying how Sirius and I might be renting a muggle apartment for a month of summer break. What do you think?"

Lily turned to look up into his face. He looked hurt. 'He's cute when he looks all vulnerable like that,' Lily thought to herself. To James, though, she replied with a blush on her face to match her flaming red hair, "I . . . well, I don't think that the two of you would do very well in a muggle apartment, with muggles all around you, with no other magical folks on your own and not manage to cause some amount of mayhem. What if . . . no. Nevermind. It's a stupid idea anyways."

"No, what is it?" James asked, still with the vulnerability he generally showed only to Lily, or his fellow marauders.

"Well . . .," Lily began, worrying her bottom lip. "I was going to suggest that Sirius and yourself would stay in my home's guest bedroom. Magic is allowed there, and I doubt that the two of you could cause much muggle mayhem in my home."

James looked shocked at Lily's suggestion. She began contradicting herself immediately. "Well, I mean. It is a stupid suggestion. I don't even know why I suggested it. Maybe I should just . . ."

James put his long pointer finger over Lily's slightly pouted mouth and told her gently, "I was merely surprised that you would willingly allow me into your home. Pleasantly surprised, at that. And if it is fine with your mother and father than Sirius and I would be honored to stay in your home during the summer." James finished with a breath-taking smile.

Lily smiled in response. "I shall have to speak with my family once we get to Kings Cross, but if you would like, you could meet my parents and I near the main entrance to the train station so our parents could possibly discuss the gist of this summer."

"Ahh, James, mate. I see that you are finally beginning to woo the young Lily-flower." Came the loud, carrying voice of Sirius Black. When he finally reached the other two teens, her turned to Lily and said in a stage-whispered voice, "We shall all forgive you quickly for finally cracking, Lily, dear. You haven't the slightest idea how much this relationship between the two of you means to me."

"Means to you?" Lily questioned, inspite of herself.

"Well you see," Sirius began, with a friendly smirk directed towards James. "Now James will finally shut up about how much he like you - perhaps even loves. Now it's your responsibility to listen to his whims."

Lily shook her head, and rolled her eyes at the two boys. "Just because I'm being friends with James does not mean that I am dating him."

Sirius simply nodded solemly, followed by a huge smile. "Well then, old chaps. Shall we go find a compartment to sit in for the trip home?"

With that, all notions of writing to Severus on the train ride home fled Lily's head as she sat and laughed with James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter.

When the train rolled to a squealing stop, the four boys and Lily unloaded their luggage from the over-head compatments, and hurried off to find their parents and speak with them.

Well, what do you think? Good? Bad? Amazing? Quit now? I want to know!