Gambit ran faster, laughing his head off, enjoying the adrenaline rush

Gambit ran faster, laughing his head off, enjoying the adrenaline rush. He knew that they'd be cleaning up the mess on the lawn later, so he might as well enjoy his time as best he could for now. His long legs worked to his advantage, but he was still tired, having expended so much energy fighting and healing from his puncture wounds. No thanks, of course, to the rapidly catching-up Wolverine.

"You get back here you fast little sonuvabitch!" Wolverine snarled, but he was sporting a shit-eating grin.

"Non, homme! I t'ink you gon' kill me if I do that!" He laughed and ducked into the open door, racing under arms and around tired teammates.

"Gambit! What are you—" But Scott found himself talking to air, and then watching a snarling yellow-black streak follow.

"Damn. I'll catch them later. Alright, wounded downstairs, everyone else, let's get cleaning." A collective groan rose from the tired X-men as they hauled themselves out of chairs and out to the lawn.

Gambit was trying to breathe quietly, large openmouthed breaths. He was balanced on the gutter, plastered against the roof. He knew that Wolverine was still after him; his thief's senses were still tingling. 'I'll sound like fucking Peter Parker soon…' He grinned, but held himself still, barely even breathing now.

"I can smell you, bub. Come out and fight like a man… not a damn monkey."

Gambit jumped off the edge, twisted in midair and grabbed the gutter, swinging back into the window, and knocking Wolverine over with the momentum. Even as Gambit let out a triumph, he was flipped, flying down the hallway, slamming upright against the wall. Wolverine crouched in front of the dazed thief, bright eyes searching for signs of pain. He grinned as he put a hand on Gambit's shoulder.

"Well bub, I think I got you on that one. So…"

He pulled back and laughed at the pout on Gambit's face. Then, pulling his hand back, his smacked the Cajun on the side of the head.

"Tag. You're it."

And before Gambit could rise, Wolverine was down the hall and locked in his room, boisterous laughter echoing in the hall.