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'Be Careful What You Wish For'

Chapter 1: Be Careful What You Wish For

Pam's P.O.V.

You know my mother told me to be careful for what I wish for. That was a long time ago before she got sick and daddy got mean. I never really knew what she meant till that day. It was a while ago, back when I was still a sophomore at Morgan High School. That day I learned what mom meant.

Normal P.O.V.

Pam sat in her first period class wondering if the day could get even more boring. Her chocolate eyes were half closed as she gave a small yawn brushing a piece of her light brown hair behind her ear. Her hair reached down about half way down her back.

"Ok class were going to learn about polynomials today," her math teacher Ms. Mallon said.

Pam groaned blowing her bangs in and the air, and slid down in her chair thinking, "And it just did get more boring."

For the next hour and a half Ms. Mallon taught them all there was to know about polynomials. The only thing that kept her going was that her next period was English. Mr. Smith was going to let them read their free reading books for the entire class period. She couldn't wait to read the new volume of Tsubasa she bought last night.

"If only they would come here," she thought. "To bad that it's not real."

She sighed and leaned back in her chair wondering if she would ever be freed from this torture chamber. The bell snapped her out of her thoughts. She threw her stuff into her Inuyasha messenger bag and ran out of the classroom.

She didn't have far to go, just across the hall. When she got there, she noticed that Mr. Smith was in a bad mood. The normally jolly fat guy was just sitting there at his desk. Pam tried not to think too much about it as she sat down at her desk in the back of the room and pulled out her Tsubasa book. Jody was going to kill her when she found out that she got it before her. The bell rang again singling that everyone should be in their classrooms now, and if not you got a SAS. (suspension after school)

"Alright class take your seats," Mr. Smith said glumly.

"Ok, something is up," Pam thought.

"I know I told you that you could read your freeing books today," he began. "But the school board wants you to read a book called, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. This is a very evil book, and I hate it. Believe me if I had it my way you would never have to read it. Unfortunately you have to."

"Well maybe it wont be so bad," Pam thought as she put the book back in her bag. "I really wish you guys were here though. Especially you Fai."

Pam laughed to herself a bit, about her stupid crush on the manga character.

"I was wrong," Pam thought about an hour and half later. "This is the devils' book. How can anyone think that this is one of the greatest American novels? Maybe it will get better. At least I hope it does."

The bell rang singling her freedom from the classroom. She smiled excited to see her best friend Jody. Jody looked a lot like Pam, expect she was shorter by a couple inches, and her hair was shoulder length.

"Those polynomial things were so boring," Jody complained. "At least I have free reading in English fourth period to look forward to."

"Don't get to ahead of yourself," Pam sighed.

"Why?" Jody questioned.

"School board says we have to read this book called, The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin," Pam replied. "Maybe Mr. B will go easy on us in science today."

"Are you kidding all he ever talks about is food, of course it's going to be easy," Jody smiled.

They walked downstairs to the first floor where the science classrooms were located. They took their seats at the front of the room.

"I'm going to go get the next Tsubasa volume at Borders tonight," Jody taunted, well at least she thought she was.

"I got it last night, you had the dates mixed around," Pam smiled.

"Well how was it?" asked Jody.

"I don't know I haven't been able to read it yet," Pam sighed.

"You're telling me you've had the book since last night and you haven't read it yet?" questioned Jody.

"Yeah, pretty much so," replied Pam.

"Alright alright class quiet down," Mr. B said as he came into the classroom. "Today we are going to learn about genetics."

Pam and Jody groaned. "So much for an easy day dream class period," Pam thought, as her stomach grumbled not wanting to wait another hour and half for lunch.

Finally after what seemed like forever the bell rang freeing the class to go to lunch. Pam buzzed through the lunch line, and back to their booth.

"You look you were in a fight," one of their weird friends Bunge commented Pam's appearance.

"I was," Pam took a couple deep breaths. "There was barley any food being the last lunch period and all. Well I wanted the last sweet and sour chicken and so did this fat guy."

"Did you win?" asked Kathy, another one of their friends.

"I got sweet and sour chicken didn't I?" Pam smirked taking a bite of chicken. "For some reason it always tastes better when you have to fight for it."

"Do you think they'll fix the window where that brick flew in?" asked Bunge.

He was talking about the brick that the haters of Morgan High, threw into the window with a death threat attached a couple weeks ago. They didn't catch the kids that did it yet, and all there was in the window was a piece of plywood now. However it looked like they took it down and now the janitors were putting in a new window.

"Hmmm…guess the school finally got the money," mused Jody, taking a bite of rice. "Kind of sad they're fixing it now, that was the most exciting thing that happened in weeks."

"I know," Pam agreed, digging through her bag for that Tsubasa book, she felt it, and started pulling it from the bag. "I wish the characters of Tsubasa could come to this world."

"Yeah so do I," Jody smiled, and then looked concerned. "Pam? Pam, is something wrong?"

"My Tsubasa book…it…just vanished…" Pam looked scared.

"Now Pam you know a book just can't get up and walk…" Kathy was cut off by a loud crash.

"Your wish has been granted, your payment will be taken and processed at a later time," a female voice said from nowhere.

The others were too busy to notice what the woman said; they were looking at the four people who had crashed though the newly put in window. Pam's mouth fell open. There standing in the middle of the rubble was a man, with blue eyes and blonde hair wearing a large fur coat.

"Fai," she more stated that asked, in a whisper.

"Whoa," Jody breathed. "Wish for something else!"

"I wish I had a billion dollars," Pam requested.

Noting happened. Pam looked at Jody; they both knew they needed to get them away from the school. Things could turn ugly.

"Bunge I need a distraction," she demanded.

"Of course," Bunge smiled, and grabbed a handful of pudding lobbing it at one of the football players. "FOOD FIGHT!!"

Jody and Pam ducked the flying food as they made their way over to the four.

"There's no time to talk, we need to go," Pam explained as she grabbed Fai and Sakura's hands.

"This way," Jody cried taken Syaoran's hand afraid of what would happen if she took Kurogane's.

They pulled the three out into the parking lot, luckily Kurogane who had Mokona on his head followed.

"Do you think anyone saw us?" Pam asked gasping for air.

"Don't know," Jody replied gasping for air as well. "Remind me to thank Bunge later…I can't believe I just said that."

"Ok, first of all who the hell are you, and what do you think you were doing?" demanded Kurogane.

"One question at time," Pam panted.

"What Kuro-puu would like to know, is why you felt the need to pull us out of there," Fai smiled.

Pam looked up and met his blue eyes. She knew that she must have been dreaming this could never happen to someone as ordinary as her.

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