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Author's note: What's happenin' ya'll? Yes, I have a new story. I'll get back to Shinji Saga soon enough, worry not. However, I've had this idea in my head for more than a year. Imagine my surprise when days after I have this idea, Gunman posts a story with a similar idea. I haven't read his for fear of copying something, but I might get to it eventually.

Anywho, this is mostly based on the manga, as I needed an angrier Shinji to work with. I refuse to be any less vague on this point! To those who can't figure it out, too bad! Mwuahahaha! But seriously, here we go!


The boy ran through the forest, his eyes darting from side to side. No sign of an ambush. He stopped at a tree, climbing swiftly up before catching his breath. He ran a hand through his brown hair, thinking of the events of the last hour. His neighbors had found out his secret, and had started to chase him as soon as home was out of sight. They couldn't do anything with his aunt and uncle around. God forbid they risk the life of normal people while trying to catch a-

The boy froze. He heard the mob now, loading rifles. He could smell the gunpowder too. No time to stop. He had to keep going. He jumped to the next tree, swinging off of a branch to the next tree. They'd have a hard time catching him with no tracks to follow.


All was calm. The railway guns stood motionless on the tracks. The only sounds were made by the gulls. The men knew that beneath the water lurked a terrifying monster, the worst they'd ever imagined. And the worst any of them would ever see. They couldn't exactly see the dark shape in the water, but they knew it was coming...

BABOOM! Something erupted from the water!


"Unidentified object in Ocean Sector!" a voice exclaimed. "Routing images to main monitors! Confirmed On Visual!"

"It's been fifteen years, hasn't it?" a voice asked a sitting figure. The sitting figure's glasses shone in the darkness.

"Yes," he said. "There's no mistake. It's an Angel!" He was silent for a moment. Then he said, "The day has finally arrived... The time of Trials that humanity cannot avoid..."


The boy walked into the city, having evaded the mob. Stupid ignorant people. Couldn't stand anything different. Afraid of everything they couldn't understand! It made him so angry sometimes. He could've fought back. He could've taken every one of them. But if he did, he'd prove them right, at least in their eyes. He found a pay phone and walked over to it, thinking he should probably call his Aunt and Uncle to let them know he was okay.

"This is the emergency broadcast system," said a voice, most likely from a speaker system. "Stand by for important alert! A special state of emergency is being declared at 12:30 PM for entire center Kanto District, with the Tokai District at the epicenter. All residents should quickly and calmly evacuate to their designated shelters. We repeat, at 12:30 today..."

The boy put down the phone. "Huh," he said, "The phones are out. The monorails aren't running either. How'm I supposed to make my appointment now?" He sighed, walking to a nearby flight of stone steps and sitting down. 'I wonder what all that stuff about 'shelters' is. Don't tell me a war's been declared or something like that...'

He pulled an envelope and a picture out of his chest pocket. The note in the envelope had mentioned his father. 'Father...' he thought, grimacing. 'He abandoned me more than ten years ago. Just dumped me on my Aunt and Uncle. What on Earth can he want from me now?' He pulled out the picture Sweatdrop He blushed slightly looking at it. The picture was of a purple-haired woman, probably in her late twenties, wearing the skimpiest outfit he'd seen on a woman. She was bending over towards the camera, the index and fingers on her left hand forming 'v'. On it was a note: 'To Shinji

I'm going to pick you up, so please wait for me!' There was an arrow pointing to her... chest, with the words 'P.S. Note the cleavage!' with a little hear drawn next to it. It looked like she had kissed the picture right under the note.

'What a weird lady,' he thought. 'And she's my father's what?' He put the picture and the envelope back in his pocket. "Nothing to do," he said, "But walk the last two stations." Suddenly, Shinji heard jets. He looked up, seeing four flying overhead. "What the," he said, "Aren't those flying a bit low?" Suddenly, one launched a missile! It flew just yards above Shinji's head."

"Cruise missiles!?" he exclaimed. He followed to where the missile was headed. It was a giant monster! "What the hell is that!?" The missiles had no effect on the thing. Suddenly, it raised an arm. A blast erupted from the middle of a three "fingered" hand, ripping through one of the planes. Shinji ran, just avoiding the crashing vehicle.

Skreeee! A car screeched to a halt right next to him. The door flew open. It was the woman from the picture! Misato Katsuragi!

"Sorry to keep you waiting Shinji!" she said. "C'mon! Get in!"


Yeah... not much room for creativity n this chapter. But, it's the first, and as you know by now if you've read my stuff, the first chapter is always short. The next one will be much longer and much more original. Promise!