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Unit 1 lurched as it suddenly stopped upon reaching the surface. A panel in what Shinji understood to be a false building opened up, and Shinji was treated to a view of the city, and of something else. The Angel was right in front of him.

For a moment, panic seized him. He was face to face with the enemy, and he had no idea how to control the machine he'd been sent out to fight it in.

"Shinji!" came Misato's voice. "Shinji listen!"

"Huh?" asked Shinji.

"Listen," said Ritsuko. "I know we didn't get time to train you on how to operate the Eva, so consider this a crash course. Begin by walking forward."

"How?" exclaimed Shinji.

"Just imagine walking!" answered the scientist. "Imagine walking, and the Eva will walk. Trust me!"

"A-alright," said Shinji. He tried thinking about walking. It didn't work at first. Suddenly the Eva took a step forward, catching him off guard. It halted for a moment, and then continued as he refocused his thoughts. The Angel didn't react, but Shinji didn't want to get too close before he knew what he was doing.

"Okay," he said, mostly to himself. "Stop." The Eva continued walking. "Stop." Still, Unit 1 continued to walk. "Stop!" Nothing changed. Shinji's temper flared a bit. "To hell with it!" He thought about charging forward, and the Eva complied almost immediately.

"Shinji wait!" exclaimed Misato. But it was too late. Eva Unit 1 charged forward at the Angel, who raised it's own arm in response. Not knowing what to expect, Shinji raised his arms, and to his surprise the Eva mimicked his actions. However, to what he wasn't sure was his relief or embarrassment, the Eva completely ran past the Angel

"I missed!" he exclaimed.

"Shinji watch out!" cried Misato.

"Huh?" *CRASH* The Eva crashed straight into a building, and then fell to the ground. "Ugh." Shinji tried to pull himself, and by extension the Eva, up from the ground.

"GWUAAAAAAAAAR!" came a roar from behind him. It was the Angel.

"Shinji get up!" exclaimed Misato. "You can do this!" Quick as a flash, the Angel's taloned arm shot out and grabbed Unit 1 by the head, and hauled it up. It grabbed Unit 1's arm and began applying pressure. Shinji felt it! It was as if the Angel had grabbed his arm!

"Shinji you have to get out of there!" ordered Misato.

"I-I can't!" answered Shinji, the pain in his arm growing. Suddenly there was a snapping and crushing noise. The Angel had just crushed the Eva's forearm, and pulled on it, hard.

"AUGH!" yelled Shinji.

"Shinji calm down!" came Misato's voice. "That wasn't your arm that the Angel dislocated, it was the Eva's!"

"THEN WHY AM I FEELING IT?" exclaimed Shinji.


"This can't be happening," muttered Ritsuko back at the headquarters. Realizing she'd spoken allowed, she kept her mouth shut. 'The sync ratio can't be this high, unless... did it go into hyper fluctuation?' She looked to one of the people on computers, a young woman named Maya. "Can you lower the neural feedback regulators a notch? No, wait try for two!"

"I'll try!" answered Maya. She punched the appropriate keys, and then blanched. "IT'S NOT WORKING!"


It smashed the Eva against the building again, and began generating a strange hum. It was an energy buildup.

"SHINJI GET OUT OF THE WAY!" screamed Misato.

*ZSHOOM!* Shinji felt a horrendous piercing pain in his eye.

"AAAAAAAUGH!" he roared in agony. The Angel repeated the attack several times, an energy javelin continuously piercing the Eva's head. The Angel took Unit 1 and pointed it at another building, charged once more and fired, shooting the Evangelion into a building several hundred yards away.


The technicians of NERV were in a panic. "CRANIAL AREA GOING INTO PARALYSIS!" shouted one.

"Cutting power to control neurons!" exclaimed another, typing rapidly.

"OVERFLOW!" warned another. "It isn't working!"

"Oh God, what about Shinji?" exclaimed Misato.

"I don't know," answered Ritsuko. "Right now we can't tell if he's alive or dead. The Eva has fallen silent."

"Eject the plug then!" cried Misato. "We have to get him out of there!"

"We can't!" Ritsuko shot back. "We've lost all contact! There's nothing we can do!"


Shinji was still breathing, of that he was sure. He was also in pain. More pain than he'd ever been in. It was like he'd been stabbed in the eye. However, his thoughts began to muddy. The pain was too much. It was driving him over the edge. He growled as his vision went red.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" roared the Eva, suddenly standing back up. The Angel, who had assumed it's foe dead, turned back around to face him. It was impossible to gage what the Angel was thinking, if it could think, by either of the two masks imbedded in it's chest.

*SNAP* Unit 1's arm suddenly sprang back to it's former shape, even snapping the crushed armor plating back to it's correct form.

"Shinji?" asked Misato over the intercom. "What's happening?" She recieved no answer. There was a sudden noise of metal unsheathing, cutting through the city air.

"Progressive Claws have been activated!" exclaimed Ritsuko's voice. "We didn't teach him that! What is happening? Shinji? SHINJI?" She too recieved no answer.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAARRGH!" roared Unit 1, charging at the Angel. The beast did not have time to react as Unit 1 slashed off one of it's arms. It drove the second set of claws into the Angel.

The Angel shook violently under the force of the blow, and grabbed Unit 1, trying to pry it off. Unit 1 slashed it across both masks, and then began tearing at what appeared to be the creature's rib cage. It tried prying the monster's torso open, but the Angel fought back.


"Dear God!" exclaimed Ritsuko. "I get it now! The Eva is out of control! The Unit has gone berserk!"

"Can't we do anything?" asked Misato.

"Negative," answered Maya. "All connection has been severed with the Unit. It has rejected all override commands."

"Storm," said Gendo. "Intervene. Shock the creature, it seemed to stun it last time."

"But sir!" she answered. "Shinji's right there! If I try that I could fry Unit 1 too!"

"She is right," said Fuyutsuki. "Risking Unit 1 now would be foolish. Let it get clear, and then she can strike."

"...Fine," answered Gendo. "But the second you can, take the shot. Begin preparing now."

"Yes, sir."


Clouds began forming over the city, concentrating on the battle sight. Neither combatant noticed, however. Unit 1 had just successfully pried open it's opponent's chest, when suddenly a field shot out.

It looked like a force-field, glowing a yellow orange. It blasted Unit 1 back, causing it to crash to the ground. The Angel slowly picked itself up, and began advancing on the Eva.

Unit 1 got up, let out a loud growl, and charged forward with a roar. It dove into the energy field claws first, and began stabbing. To the surprise of the NERV workers watching the battle from inside their headquarters, the blades began to pierce the shield.

"The Angel has an AT Field too," said Ritsuko's voice over the Eva's communicator. As before, she received no answer.

Unit 1 tore a hole in the so-called AT Field, and pounced on the Angel. It had spotted it's target: the large red orb protruding from the Angel's now heavily damaged chest. With a deft movement, the enraged Unit knocked away the Angel's defending arms and thrust its claws into the red sphere.

There was a great crashing noise as the thing cracked. Chunks of it fell away. The Angel's eyes suddenly glowed. It grappled Unit 1, wrapping it's arms and legs around the Eva. The hum returned, louder than ever.


There was a flash of light and an explosion. Energy shot all around, inexplicably forming a cross at the dead center of the whole thing. the people watching on screen were nearly blinded by the light. Then, the light began to dim, and there was fire all around, smoke obscuring their vision.

Then movement was detected. A large humanoid figure was walking through the flames. It was Eva Unit 1. It stopped as the smoke began to clear away.

"Life signs confirmed for both pilot and Eva!" exclaimed a technician's voice over the communicator.

"Deploy retrieval team immediately!" ordered Misato's voice.

Shinji sat there in the Eva's cockpit, completely still, and utterly unaware of anything happening around him.


Shinji awoke with a start in a hospital bed. He'd had a very strange dream. It wasn't about the Eva, he was sure that had been real. What had it been? He tried to catch snatches of it as it drifted away from him. His mother. Surely he'd seen his mother. Hadn't he?

He shook his head and tried to stand up. He made it to his feet, only to suddenly feel lightheaded. He wobbled a bit, unsteady. He placed his hand on the bed-rail and took a few deep breaths. His ears picked up a faint sound coming down the hallway. A faint sound that was accompanied by a slightly familiar scent.

He walked to the door and entered the hallway. He looked over to see a gurney being wheeled towards him. It was the girl with the blue hair, Rei. She had multiple doctors surrounding her, checking her vitals and keeping her IV steady.

Her eye met his for a brief moment as she passed. He looked after her, and saw his father standing a ways down the hall. He stopped the gurney and bent over to check on the girl. He looked Shinji's way for a moment, and their eyes met. It lasted only a moment, and then Gendo turned away, and he and the gurney proceeded down the hall.

"Such a cold man," said a voice behind him. Shinji had been so lost in thought that he hadn't heard or smelled Misato coming. "Surely his battle-weary warrior, his own son, deserves a kind word or two."

"He's never been one to praise me," said Shinji, turning to greet her. "Why are you here Misato?"

"I came to pick you up, of course," she answered, smiling. "I heard you were feeling better. You don't know how worried I was about you."

"Thanks," said Shinji, turning to walk down the hall, not wanting her to see the slight blush that had crept into his cheeks.

"I can take you to your place now," she said. "Doctors said the LCL hardly affected you. You know, you got pretty lucky with that."

"Sure," said Shinji, half-listening. Misato did not let his seeming mental distance deter her.

"You rated private quarters, you know. Is that... okay?" Shinji didn't respond. "You know, if you ask, I'm sure they'd let you live with your dad. It can easily-"

"No," stated Shinji flatly. "Alone is fine. Less people around the mutant the better. Besides, my father doesn't want me around."

"Oh come now," said Misato, a bit of a nervous edge coming to her voice, "you can't mean that! It's only natural for parents and children to want to live together! If you want to, don't hold back, just ask and-"

"I said NO!" Shinji exclaimed, his hackles rising a bit. "Please leave me alone!"

"What's with the tone?" asked Misato, shocked and a little angered. "I'm just worried about you Shin-"

"Don't you have enough to worry about besides a mutant kid who wants to be left alone?" Shinji asked, frustrated that the purple-haired woman simply would not leave him be.

"So gloomy," she said, so suddenly deadpan that Shinji stopped and turned around. "I'll fix that attitude of yours." Shinji was paralyzed. Misato, he could tell, was angry. So angry that her face had turned into an expression he'd never seen before. She looked calm, but her eyebrow's were arched in irritation, and the veins in her forehead were bulging out. Shinji literally could not move.

Misato whipped out her cell-phone and quickly dialed a number. The other end answered, and Misato spoke. "Hey Ritz, it's me. Hey, Shinji's going to come live with me, ok?"

"What?" Shinji heard over the phone, Ritsuko's voice denoting shock and confusion.

"M-Misato!" exclaimed Shinji.

"Oh don't worry," said Misato, reacting to something Shinji hadn't heard Ritsuko say. "I'm not that desperate. He's just a kid. Now be a dear and get me the proper approval from upstairs." She grinned widely and hung up, Shinji hearing the last indignant words from Ritsuko.


"Now that's taken care of," said Misato happily, "you'll be coming with me."


"Now," she said, the dread expression returning. "What part of 'commanding officer' don't you get?"


"Woohoo!" They were speeding down the road, and Misato seemed to be enjoying herself. "We're gonna have all kinds of fun!" she promised, grinning ear to ear. "We should totally celebrate. Pick up some food, party-"

"What's there to party about?" asked Shinji, interrupting.

"Welcoming party," said Misato, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "To welcome my new housemate." Shinji looked glum as ever.

"Forgive me if I'm not in the mood," he said, looking out the window. Misato frowned, and looked at one of the upcoming signs. She made a quick and sudden detour. "Hey, what're you-?"

"You need to see something," answered Misato. They took the exit, and drove uphill. They arrived at some kind of scenic roadstop and got out of the car. Misato walked over to the guard rail and waited. Shinji walked over to join her.

"Why are we here?" he asked.

"Just watch," smiled Misato pointing out at the city. It seemed small. Suddenly, things began to move.

Shinji watched in wide-eyed amazement as buildings began rising from the ground. The city expanded, growing and growing to three or four times the size he'd first seen it.

"That," said Misato proudly, "is Tokyo-3! The future of mankind! The Anti-Angel fortress! Our city! But most of all, the city you defended, Shinji."

"Please," he said, frowning, "don't make it something it isn't. It wasn't as heroic as you make it sound. I didn't do it for the good of the city, and it wasn't just to protect that girl either. I just..."

"I know, Shinji," said Misato, putting her hand on his shoulder. "But regardless of any reason you may have had, you still did it. You did really well, and you saved all of our lives. You should have more confidence in yourself. I'm really proud of you."


"Shinji?" Shinji's eyes began watering, and soon tears were rolling down his cheeks. "Oh no, I'm sorry! Did I say something wrong, Shinji?"

"No, Misato, you didn't," said Shinji, trying to keep his voice steady. She put her arms around him and squeezed his shoulders. "I just... I just wanted to hear those words from him."

And there it is, folks. The fight you've all been waiting to see. Prepare for new characters in the next chapter! I've already introduced a few mutants, but I'll keep the who's who to myself just a while longer. I've had peoples' powers planned for a while now. If you'd like, please go ahead and guess. You'll know soon enough wether you were right :)

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