Title: New Beginnings
Word Count: 1,296
Author: Apricot Rose
Yes, I own the entire show and cast of Flight 29 Down. It's ALL mine. NOT!!!
The castaways of the F29D crash are back. When Discovery Kids decides to make a TV show of their adventures on the island, and the actual castaways get to be there for the filming… what could happen? Friendship, excitement… maybe even romance. REWRITTEN!!


It was lunch hour at Hartwell High. Jackson, Melissa, Nathan, Taylor, and Daley were eating their...somewhat regular food, but hey, it was from the cafeteria. They would have to make do. It would probably be wiser to pack a lunch. But they hadn't actually really considered that. It was much more fun to buy it and then complain about it together. It was a tradition. They were wondering where Eric was, he never missed a meal. Without him they couldn't start the daily complaining. It was getting annoying, they were hungry.

"Does anyone know where Eric is?" Melissa asked, puzzled, looking around, and scanning the crowd to see if she could spot him. She couldn't understand – none of them could – why he would be late. It was lunch time. Hello? It was the only part of the day he actually liked. Any other part he was asleep for. The others shared her confusion, and looked around as well.

"Oh, there he is!" Daley exclaimed, pointing in a random direction for about a millisecond. Everyone looked around, not knowing exactly where Daley was pointing. She had already turned to her meal, thinking that seeing him meant she could finally eat. The others couldn't see him. But a familiar voice soon drifted down on them.

"GUYS, GUYS!!" Eric's shrill voice exclaimed. He bounced into the seat next to Nathan, not able to keep from fidgeting, "You'll NEVER guess what Discovery Kids are doing!"

"I'm sure you're going to tell us." Jackson muttered sarcastically through a mouthful of his hamburger. Melissa looked at Jackson sternly before scolding him,

"Jackson," She began, "Please spare us the sight of your half-chewed food." all of them looked at Melissa, surprised. Melissa ignored their surprised looks and continued eating. She's changed. Nathan marveled. In his opinion, Melissa had gotten a lot stronger since they had gotten back from the island, he supposed that the experience helped her realize that she didn't deserve the treatment that she was usually given. He welcomed the change; Melissa's nervousness had always kind of annoyed him, not that he would ever tell her. And her newfound confidence had showed outwardly as well. Her clothes had become tighter – which he didn't necessarily approve of, although she didn't listen to him – and brighter. They were more colourful and more creative. More boys were now looking at her now and asking her out. Nathan had to keep stepping in, although it meant a big lecture from Melissa.

He looked between her and Jackson for a second. He wasn't sure what was going on between him, Melissa, and Taylor. They all seemed too had reached an understanding, and they were all cordial to one another. They seemed to all be stuck in the middle. Boys were taking both Melissa and Taylor on dates. Girls had approached Jackson, and they all seemed okay with it. It was the same with him and Daley. They both didn't talk about what had happened between them on the island, they were just friends. Lex and Eric seemed exasperated with all of them, but didn't really comment.

Eric stared at Melissa for a moment – having one of his exasperated moments – before returning to the subject he was so excited about. "Discovery Kids is starting a TV show called...wait for it...Flight 29 Down!!" The others stared at him, their mouths open in shock. Eric grimaced at once, "Guys please," He pleaded, covering his eyes with a hand, "close your MOUTHS!!" They all blushed, and shut their mouths. Jackson immediately looked over at Melissa with a triumphant look on his face, obviously happy to have caught her in the same position that she had scolded him for. She stuck her tongue out at him, making him chuckle at her immaturity. Everyone was watching this little scene play out, before turning back to Eric with their opinions at his announcements bubbling out of their mouths.

"Do we have any say in this?" Jackson demanded.

"Do we get to be the actors?" Taylor asked excitedly.

"Do we get to visit the set?" Melissa wondered aloud.

"Will they say it's based on a true story?" Nathan asked, confused.

"Will there be a book series? And how do you know all of this?" Daley asked.

"And what about Lex, Abby, Ian, Jory, and Captain Russell?" Melissa added.

Eric held his hands up in surrender, "ENOUGH!! No more questions. Now..." Eric tried to answer three questions at once, pointing to the questioner as he gave the answers.

He pointed to Jackson, "No." He pointed to Taylor, "No." Melissa. "We get to live on set. And the other's have been invited there too." Nathan. "Everyone probably already knows." and Daley, "Dunno and my dad's tight with a guy who works at Discovery Kids." Eric sank back into his chair, exhausted. He lit up, however as he noticed all the food around him. He started munching on Nathan's fries, ignoring his disapproving frown.

Melissa looked confused, "What do you mean we'll be living there?" She raised an eyebrow at him, her excitement growing steadily.

"What do mean we won't be acting in the show?" Taylor pouted.

Eric squinted at the two girls, "They are casting real actors and we get to see the whole show filmed as soon as summer break starts!" Everyone, once again gapes at Eric, making him glare, "STOP looking at me like that!"

"But that's only in three weeks!" Melissa exclaimed, her eyes widening.

"Exactly!" Eric cried.

All the ex-castaways all of a sudden burst out in excited chatter, except Jackson of course, who put the scowl on his face that hadn't been seen since he had been cleared of all charges of the fight he had been in before the crash. He reached his hand behind his head before remembering that he had stopped wearing his hood after they had returned to L.A., and Melissa's request. He had denied it, before the rest of the crew had chimed in, driving him crazy until he had given in.

But the others were too excited to notice as they chatted away about who would be cast as them, where it would be and how many famous people they would see.

Each of them had their own idea of what would happen. But none of them were ready for what happened next.

A/N: I thought that was MUCH better than my first copy. What about you??? Tell me if you see any mistakes and I'll correct them. I know it's still really short. It's just over 1000 words, but when I first wrote it, there was only like, 600 words!!!