Title: New Beginnings
Word Count: 1,902
Author: Apricot Rose
Yes, I own the entire show and cast of Flight 29 Down. It's ALL mine. NOT!!!
The castaways of the F29D crash are back. When Discovery Kids decides to make a TV show of their adventures on the island, and the actual castaways get to be there for the filming… what could happen? Friendship, excitement… maybe even romance. REWRITTEN!!

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Two black jeeps rolled into the set at about 11pm. Now the flight had been pretty traumatic for everyone, due to the events that unfolded last time they were all on a plane, so no one could really blame them for the state they had been in. Now most of them were asleep, and the remaining that wasn't were on their way. When they arrived they didn't actually notice that the jeeps had stopped moving. Stan and D.J. tried gently shaking them awake; but had to be more firm as they refused to move. It took awhile, people like Taylor, Nathan and Eric were vehement in staying put, having had experienced sleeping whenever they wanted a lot more than the others. Plus they were used to what effect jet lag had on you, so they were already catching up on sleep, knowing they would be a lot tired later on. Now Hawaii is about 4 hours ahead of America, so in L.A. it was only 7pm. But in their defense it had taken about 10 hours to get from America to Hawaii, and they were all exhausted.

But they were finally there, which was on the plus side. They had arrived! Taylor and Eric were hyperventilating from excitement when they finally awoke. When Jackson and Melissa had gotten out of the car – albeit sleepily – to stand with the rest of the group, she had lightly smacked his arm when he rolled his eyes at Taylor and Eric's antics. He had tried to glare at her, but he was tired, and she had gotten really good at reading him. So she just hit him again. His pride was hurt more than his arm. Jackson had used to be able to hide anything from anyone, except his mom. But she wasn't here, and Melissa was. The Mother Hen fulfilled her job nicely. He smiled at that thought, they were all very careful not to let her hear the nickname because with this new, stronger Melissa Wu filling the shoes of the old one, who knows what she might do to them. The possibilities were endless, and Jackson didn't want to explore them.

Stan started a speech, but Jackson wasn't interested, so he tried to put his earphones on. But as expected, Melissa had hit him again, frowned, and taken them off and away. It was a minor scuffle, and they attracted some attention. And since Jackson was unwilling to hit a girl, and Melissa was slender and very fast, she had succeeded in obtaining his earphones from him. She calmly put them in her pocket, and then gestured for Stan to continue. He and the others were all trying extremely hard not to laugh at Jackson and Melissa, making Jackson fume. He pulled his hood over his head, ignoring the look Melissa gave him. It was his damn hood and he would wear it if he damn well please!

"Anyway," Stan continued, still chuckling. He checked his watch. "The actors will be here in a few minutes, so I will give you the tour of the set later." The old man smiled again when he noticed Eric yawn, and Lex wrap his arms around Melissa's waist and lean his head gently against his hip, closing his eyes. "Don't worry, as soon as you get the introductions we will show you to your trailers. The tour can wait until tomorrow." That woke Taylor up.

"WHAT?!?!" She shrieked, effectively waking everyone else up. Their heads all jolted up, before sagging back down. Screw pillows, they needed sleep.

"SH!!!" The rest of them all hissed at her, wincing from the loud noise.

D.J. smiled at them sympathetically, obviously already gotten over his jet lag. "It's all right, that's the actors right there." They all turned to look at the vans that were pulling up. Seven people emerged from the van. The actors obviously. Some other people followed, but Lex supposed that was their bodyguards. Their luggage was either already taken care of, of forgotten for the moment. They approached the actual F29Downers.

Stan smiled as they all stopped in front of them. A collective group of gasps rippled through the ex-castaways. "Everybody, this is Allen Alvarado, who will be playing you, Lex." There were no shaking hands; supposedly they could all tell instinctively that no one was awake enough to be capable of shaking hands. Except Taylor. Even Eric was too tired to meet the hot actors. "This is Lauren Storm, who will play Taylor. Hallee Hirsh, who will be playing you Daley, Corbin Bleu will be playing Nathan. Jeremy Kissner plays Eric, Kristy Wu is playing Melissa. And this is Johnny Pacar, who will be playing Jackson."

Taylor hopped up and down every time, and at first attempted to shake their hands. But she was excited, making her clumsy, and it was dark. So when she tripped trying to shake Corbin's hand, she stopped, although she seemed quite happy with Jeremy catching her. It was impressive – him catching her – because the actors seemed every bit as tired as the 29Downers, obviously just arriving as well.

It was extremely dark, but Melissa could still see how handsome Johnny was. She couldn't help it – and kind of hated of herself for it – but she gasped slightly when his name was introduced, and she actually looked at him. His blue eyes were… unbelievable. They were so, blue, she couldn't think of anything else to describe it. He was tall, so much taller than her, which wasn't saying much seeing as Melissa was pretty short. His muscles were well-defined. Melissa was amazed at how well she could see these little details in the dark. She vaguely realized that not only was she was staring up at him, but also that Johnny was staring at her as well.

He stepped closer to her, and she had to crane her neck to see him properly. "Hi." His lips stretched to reveal white teeth. Melissa felt something in her chest flutter, but she didn't really think anything of it. All she could see were those amazing blue eyes. When she had had that small crush on Jackson for like, a millisecond, she had always liked his eyes. But now she couldn't even remember why she had thought them to be powerful. These blue eyes were searing into her own, and she could feel her breath hitch in her throat.

He must not have felt the same, because he moved his eyes from hers to the rest, "It's nice to meet all of you." His eyes moved down briefly at Melissa before he stepped back and addressed Stan. "I can't speak for the rest of us, but I would prefer to wait until tomorrow until we're predictably bombarded with questions, and we bombard you guys with questions." He grinned. "I'm exhausted."

Everyone agreed whole-heartedly with a bunch of sleepy mumbles.

But Stan and D.J. seemed fine.

"Okay, sure, that's fine," Stan responded easily, "D.J. you take the F29Downers to their trailers, and I'll take the cast to theirs. We'll see you guys bright and early tomorrow!" He seems very cheery for an old man up this late, Eric thought to himself grumpily. However, he was too tired to say or do anything but groan as they followed a chuckling D.J.

Melissa followed them all as well, stopping to look back to see if she could witness those eyes again. Surprisingly enough, Johnny hadn't moved. She blushed – and thanked whatever god that actually existed that it was too dark to see her flaming cheeks – and stayed where she was. She didn't want to move.

Johnny stepped closer to her again, smiling once more. "I can't wait to get to know you better Melissa. I'll see you tomorrow." He leaned down to softly kiss her cheek, and then turned to follow the rest of the cast, leaving Melissa to start hyperventilating.

When she was finally able to turn and to catch up with the others, there was only one thought passing through her mind. He kissed me!

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