Jumper: Naruto's story

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or Jumper. I'm quite frankly not that awesome.

Summary: All his life Naruto had to put up with the mobs and the abuse. What if he had the ability to run away? And how would he use it? Cross over between Kishimoto's Naruto and Steven Gould's Jumper series.

Prologue: Beginning of Something New

There are many things from when I was younger that I would rather I just forgot. However there is one memory I will never let myself forget, one that holds anchor in the dark stormy sea's of my past. It was my fifth birthday, and I got the best birthday present of my life. I became free. That day was the day I first jumped, and it changed my life forever.

The night was warm in the village hidden in the leaves; there was a buzz in the air that pulsed of joy and festivity. People from all over the village were celebrating, unified in their enjoyment. The air was thick with the sound of laughter, song and the booming voices of the stall keepers luring in more custom. Everyone out, decked in their finest cloth; wondering in awe of the festivities that played out around them. To the eye of the casual passer by all was well.

However, drifting away from the centre of the village, the sounds of the festival ease away into the night, turning into a light whisper in the breeze. The streets were almost dead here, only a few late stragglers could be seen making their way quickly towards the partying central. In the quiet street you can see a group of rowdy people, amassing around the entrance of an alleyway. The smell of alcohol reeking from them betraying liberal intake of sake by all.

Upon closer inspection you can see the centre of all their attention. A quivering ball of rags curled up against a dumpster, a mop of dirty blonde hair making the target a little hard to miss. Glares and calls of "demon" filtered through the crowd, causing the aforementioned ball of rags back up a little more.

"Please leave me alone, I haven't done anything wrong." cried the young boy.

This only brought about a cruel laughter from the mass, along with a few bottles smashing next to him, the drunken throws only just missing.

A pale haired teen stepped forwards, a malicious look pasted across his face.

"Look, the little demon is scared. Just think about the glory we'd get ridding the village of this bakamono (1) once and for all? The Demon that took our precious people away, gone for good!" he shouted to the crowd.

Cheers of agreement rang out from the mob as they closed in on the boy, a number of sharp implements drawn and bottles broken for improvisation. The boy could only look on in horror as his precious space, between himself and the crowd was slowly eaten away. The pale haired teen spoke again, this time to the boy.

"Hokage-sama is not here to save you this time demon, your finished." as he said this he broke into a series of hand seals, "See you in hell."

As the teen formed the last seal, he took in a deep breath, "Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu" he blew out, forming a massive ball of fire, that raced towards the doomed child.

The boy closed his eyes; the heat of the technique scorching hot, he now wished had never left the confines of his apartment. He had only wanted to see the festival like everybody else; when these people had chased him and cornered him here. He knew he was through, his last thoughts flicked to his apartment he never should have left.

As the fireball hit, he felt the world tear around him, followed by the cold, cracked tile against his cheek. His eyes tore open in shock. No hot flame, no big boom. He looked around frantically; this was his apartment, though it looked like a hurricane had hit it. The boy looked up to see the dying wisps of distortion above him; the floor beneath him was cracked, as was the walls and ceiling around him.

The boy did not know nor understand what had happened, but one thing in his young mind that clicked was he, Uzumaki Naruto age 5, was alive and free.

As the strain of emotion washed over him, conscious thought vacated, curled up on the floor, not even able to climb up into his bed, he slept a long dreamless sleep.

The next meal I had was the best I had ever taste, the next drink the best I had ever had. Not that they were any better than before, it's just that when you have a situation where you are going to die, and just on the brink of the end you are snatched back. It changes you, leaving a mark that will either make or break you. That day was the first day of the rest of my life.


Bakamono - Monster


Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu (Fire Element: Grand Fireball Technique)