Hi peoples!

This is just something sort of random I thought up about the whole idea of repetition.

"You know, Belgarath, I was thinking about that book you wrote…"

"Oh no, Ce'Nedra, no. We are not starting this again."

"Not that, I was thinking about what you said about repetition. Do you think maybe you're a repetition of the gods?"

"'You' who?"

"Oh, you know, Aldur's disciples. Here, look: there are seven of you, like the seven gods—"

"What are you talking about? I count ten."

"Let me talk! Belmakor and Belsambar were… not mistakes, but… temporary solutions. You never would have accepted Polgara and Poledra as sisters if they hadn't been family first, would you?"

"Probably not."

"See? So in the meantime, those two had had to be there to do what the ladies would have."

"I'm not sure I can totally accept that idea."

"Why not? Listen: Belsambar was an Angark, right? And they're very big on acceptance, right? Well, so are wolves. And you said that Belmakor and Beldin always used to argue philosophy, right? Well, so did Beldin and Pol. And I'm sure, if you think about it, you'll find more connections."

"You have a point. Fine, so Belsambar and Poledra count as one person, and so do Belmakor and Polgara. I still count eight."

"But there are eight gods."

"You mean UL?"

"No, Aldur is UL."


"Aldur, your 'father' and teacher, parallels UL, father of the gods, and the rest of you parallel the gods—eight of them, including Eriod and Torak."

"So Zedar parallels Torak, the mistake, and Durnik is Eriod, the correction."

"And Mara, who waited thousands of years between the extermination of his children and the point when the Marag race was restarted, parallels Polgara, who spent thousands of years raising other people's children and watching them die before she finally had children of her own, and thus Belmakor as well. Even their names sound similar: Mara, Polgara."

"And I suppose Poledra, who always seems to find the simple answer that everyone else misses, would parallel Nedra, the most secular of the gods. They've got similar names, too."

"And you're Aldur."


"Aldur is the eldest of the gods; you're the eldest of Aldur's disciples. The other gods acknowledge that Aldur is something of a leader; the other disciples turn to you as a leader. Aldur is a teacher; you've done more teaching than any of the others—"

"Enough, enough. I understand your point. Wow, I'm a repetition of Aldur."

"Don't let it go to your head."

"Ce'Nedra! Fine, I suppose Beldin could be a repetition of Chaldan because Beldin is fairly violent, and one of the twins may be Belar because of how much they hold on to their youth, but then the other twin would parallel Nyssa!"

"Well, it's not perfect, but it is interesting."

"That it is. I'm a repetition of Aldur…"

"Oh dear, maybe I shouldn't have brought this up…"

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