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Pairing: AkuRoku

Beta reader please. I just feel the urge of writing and I write it very fast. I need beta. For my KH writings which starred none other than AkuRoku, ZeMyx and SoRiku.

The redhead lay on the bed which was covered by pile of clothing with Roxas laying beside him. The room was dark and messy, but none of them bothered.

"Go sleep, kid." Axel suddenly said.

"Who are you, my mum?" the blond snapped back. As a reply, the older man just gave him a small chuckle.

Then, silence.

Roxas just about to speak again when Axel cut him off. "Oh oh. Here comes the sentimental moment." He mocked.

"Shut up, Ax."

After that previous comment from Axel, Roxas didn't know whether saying the thing he wanted to say is a good idea. Maybe Axel was right. It would be far too sentimental to handle.

"Just spill!"

But now, he's nagging him to speak; which make it even harder.

"I won't laugh Roxie."

Roxas doubted.


The blond huffed.

"So you're talking or no?"

…And sighed.

"Right. Just remember. You laugh, you die." Roxas mumbled at last.

"Go on, kid."

A small pause.

"You know." He started again. "I supposed to love you. But I can't since I don't have a heart. Sometimes I think I wanted to know how it feels to have heart. Don't laugh, Axel."

"That's cheesy. And I'm not laughing." Axel responded.

"I know its hell cheesy; But don't you think you wanted to know how it feels to have heart? To love?" the boy asked.

The two fell in a short silence, before Axel answered, "Not really. We don't have a heart yeah, but we can have good fuck all night long, I can make you strip in front of me, we can mess around doing stupid stuff and I can see your adorable sleeping fa.."

"Shut up."

"..ce. And make you flustered like you do just now. So what does heart add? I'm satisfied enough with this."

"Now you're the one who said sentimental stuff." Roxas replied.

"Your fault." Axel grinned.

"But I think you're right. I think I'm happy enough without a heart." The younger boy said. "You are too, right?"

"Yeah. Beside, we're sentimental enough without heart." Axel grinned. "Just can't imagine how worse it will be if we have one."