A/N: Cheer-up fic is oddly satisfying, even if it's just quick-fix mindless fluffies. XD Spoiling friends is even more satisfying, woo.

It's hard to shove the DemyNami dynamic into either the totally platonic or totally romantic categories, so I copped out with ambiguity, woohoo. Demyx is a bit of a pain to write properly--but well worth the effort.

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Too Much of Water
i. Rain

"You okay?" he asks, when he raises his head and sees her sitting up straight in her little white chair, eyes trained on the world outside the only window in her room—though the mist over them makes him wonder how much she sees.

Her hands are folded in her lap; his own have gone still on the strings of his sitar, and he can hear the rain.

"You okay?" he asks again, after a moment.

This time she turns her head, smiles at him—a bit sadly, he thinks.

"The rain has a song, like you said," she says.

ii. Ice

She knows something's the matter when he steps into her room without his sitar. His hands are hidden behind his back, and he's grinning brightly enough to rival the sun she's never seen.

"Go on," he says, moving toward her with a bounce in his step. "Ask me what I've got here."

She, in turn, obediently tilts her head to one side, parroting him sweetly, "What is it you have there, Demyx?"

"I'm glad you asked." Two sea-salt popsicles appear from behind his back; he offers one with a courtly flourish. "Axel and Roxas hog these, usually, those pigs, but…"

iii. Ocean

She looks wide-eyed at the shell, fingers spread as though she would touch it—the only word she can utter is "beautiful." There's so much wonder in her face he almost laughs.

"Touch it; it's okay. I brought it just for you."

Her fingertips brush the surface, feather-light, almost reverent. "I've never seen anything like it."

"Amazing, right? Here, let me show you something cool," he tells her. "Just hold it up to your ear, like so..."

But her hands tremble, so he helps her, supporting them with his own, gently guiding her fingers.

"Hear the waves? They're saying hello."