This story takes place right before the Cell Tournament. Please enjoy.

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A small soft sigh interrupted the otherwise silent scene. I don't wanna go back there. I don't know how much more I can take. A small girl sat on the edge of a large cliff with one leg dangling over the side. Her small slender arms wrapped around one knee while her chin rested on top of it. She stared into the rushing waters that were hundreds of feet below and sighed aloud again. Her long blonde hair blew in the small breeze as she thought about how her life had reached this point. Why can't I just stay here? I'll be fine on my own.

How long had she been on her own? The days seemed to run together now. All she knew was life was better this way. This way she didn't have to deal with the way her so called "family" treated her. Family, as if I'd ever have a real family. Thinking of families always created a pang in her chest and left her depressed so she did her best not to think about it.

I don't need them. I don't need anybody, she decided. But even after the declaration she remained sitting where she was and gazing into the rapids below deep in her thoughts. She was so lost in thought that she didn't notice the presence of the three big men that were creeping up behind her.

"Hey, there little missy. What are you doing out here all by yourself?" asked a dangerous and rough voice. This man was apparently the head of this group and by far the largest. His dark eyes held a menacing glint as he stared at the back of the little girl. The other two were large as well but not as round as the leader. They snickered at what they knew was coming up next, but were surprised at how the girl had not even acknowledged their presence. Perhaps she was deaf or hard of hearing.

"That's none of your business. So you can leave," she finally said sternly without turning around. She remained stagnant and still staring at the waters below. Her almost matching colored eyes did not waver.

The man's eyes narrowed before he let out a loud deep laugh, making his giant belly roll around like jell-o. "My, aren't you a little feisty one. I guess we need to teach you some manners little girl."

"And I need to teach you to shut up." She was not in the mood to deal with this right now.

"Why you! You're coming with us," he yelled reaching out to grab the girl, but found himself thrown out of the way with ease. The others blinked a few times to try to grasp what had just happened. They didn't see anything only their leader fly off the now standing girl. He landed not too far away against a large rock, making him scream in pain. "Argh! Don't just stand there! Get her!" he screamed at his gaping friends.

The two men snapped out of their trance and growled as they ran over to the girl who was standing now. She took care of the first man with ease, with a graceful kick, but that allowed the second man enough time to grab her by her hair. He pulled her closer to the edge as she struggled to get out of his grip. "Get off me!" she yelled as she saw the other two men heading for her now. In an attempt to escape she shoved her elbow into the fat belly of the man holding her hair, making him release her as he held himself in pain, letting out a loud yell. With a roundhouse kick, she sent him flying into his friends, making them trip and head towards her. Her eyes widened as they knocked her off balance and over the edge of the cliff. She let out an ear-piercing scream as she felt herself falling fast towards the rushing river below.


Meanwhile a young boy with spiky golden hair and green eyes was flying not too far away, also in deep thought. I don't get it dad. How can you be so calm if you don't even think we can defeat Cell? We should still be training. Do you know something about him that you're not telling us? The trees that passed by were in a blur as he flew past them, but his thoughts were interrupted by a faint cry. Someone was in trouble. He stopped for a split second to study where it came from before rushing over with incredible speed, making the trees now look like they were disappearing.


Her high pitch screamed filled the air while she the water below grew closer. With fear still present in her eyes she forced her body to turn over in the air as she fell in an attempt to save herself.

The boy's eyes widened when he saw what had caused the loud cry. It was a small girl about the same age as him heading straight for the rushing current below. He immediately sped up hoping that he would get there before she reached the river, his hands extended towards her and his eyes widened as he witnessed at what she did next.

As her body turned over her eyes narrowed as a determined look settled upon her face. She brought her hands back to her side as a tiny, marble-sized yellow light of energy appeared in her hand and began to grow. With a small yell she pushed her hands forward, releasing the energy towards the ground. The force sent her flying back in the air. Not long after her body began to descend again, she felt herself being carried away. But how? She stared quizzically at the fast moving ground and realized that her arms were around someone's neck and that that person's arms were holding her. She slowly raised her head to see who her rescuer was. She looked away fast as she began to blush. Wow he's really cute. Is he really flying with me right now? I must be dreaming? Did I die when I fell? She looked up again at the boy's handsome face and the blush returned to her face when she saw the boy smile at her. She tucked her head back down. No, it can't be a dream. I didn't even reach the ground.

Gosh he's so warm. I wonder if he can tell how nervous I am right now. From the looks of him I'd say no. She stole one last glance at him before finally relaxing in his arms allowing her head to rest against his chest. A smile spread across her face when she heard his heart start to speed up. She smiled inwardly. I guess he is just as nervous as I am.

Gohan stiffened slightly when he felt the girl lean in against him. Her warmth caused his a deep blush to form in his cheeks. Does she hear how loud my heart is pounding? Oh no! He couldn't bring himself to look at her again. So instead he focused on finding a place to land safely.

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