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Pink blurs was all he saw. His opponent was so fast that his eyes could not keep up with him. Or was it simply his vision that was beginning to fail him? He wasn't sure. Despite the pounding he was taking a small curve formed with his lips. It's not so bad. I can barely even feel it anymore.

The battered teenager struggled to keep his swollen eyes open. Through his squinting he could barely make out the flash of fangs that were frozen into a continuous smile. Majin Buu was enjoying throwing him around like a pinball, but the teenager didn't seem to mind. He was going to be sleeping soon anyways. He was beyond tired. The Saiyan blood in his veins was the only thing that kept him going.

For some reason his body refused to give up in this fight. No, not a fight, a beating. He no longer had control of his body that threw ineffective punches and kicks here and there. The autopilot function had flipped into gear long ago. It doesn't even hurt anymore.

His eyelids drooped little by little. I'm so tired, he thought as his body once again crashed into the side of the crevice. This time his body didn't get up. I think I'll just lay here for a little bit. This feels nice.

A soft smile crept onto his peaceful face again as his head lolled to the side. Dying, I'm dying. This isn't so bad. It's easier than I thought it would be.

"Is something funny Gohan?" a voice rumbled in irritation. The question echoed between the narrow walls and reached Gohan's ears in a loud thunder.

The boy cringed. Something was interrupting his peaceful rest. All he wanted was to sleep for now. Didn't this person realize that? More muffled rumblings tried to push their way through his cotton filled ears.

"Are you sleeping again Gohan?" his question yet again remained unanswered. "Or are you finally ready to die."

Die. I'm going to die. The word lingered in his head for awhile. The word sounded pleasant to him. That sounds nice.

A tall pink figure descended slowly upon Gohan. A look of extreme disappointment was displayed on his face. "So this is how it ends then?" Buu scoffed. "How disappointing."

The creature's large hand reached out and grasped hold of the orange uniform the Saiyan was wearing. He lifted the boy into the air with ease. His body remained limp as he dangled from his opponent's clenched fist. He remained oblivious to the scowl that bore into his exhausted face.

"Some hero you are," the creature taunted. "I can't believe they relied on someone as pathetic as you to protect them."

Protect? Consciousness flashed briefly to Gohan's body. Someone I'm supposed to protect? He struggled with the words as something continued to pull at his soul to keep him from drifting off completely. Who?

It was so quick he almost missed it. But whatever it was it lit up brighter than sun. It was blinding, but in a way that filled his heart with warmth. That brief image somehow made a stronger pull on his soul. No, what is this? I want to go. Please just let me go.

The image was back, only this time it didn't disappear. The light, the light continued to grow as more detail formed in the image. Two identical blue diamonds, sparkling sapphires formed above the light as well. What is this? he asked again.

Then the most heavenly sound flittered to his ears. It floated gracefully from the light and echoed again in his head. It was a sound from a distant memory. Something he had not heard in such a long time but longed to hear again and again.

The light. The light, the-no, not a light. It's, it's-. The sound filled his head once more. Smile, laughter. Not a light, a smile, her laughter. Wait who's laughter? His steady breathing picked up slightly. Not diamonds, not sapphires, her eyes. Who is her? Who is she? The image was much clearer now. The distant memory rushing back to him like a tidal wave. Golden hair, blue eyes, and a smile that lit up his entire world. Someone to protect? the words echoed in his head again.


His closed eyes scrunched at the sound. Another voice had come to tear him from his rest. Except this one was softer and more pleasant, but somehow he knew it was all wrong. This wasn't how the voice was supposed to sound. It was all wrong, distorted.


The image began to dim and his insides cried at the loss of the light, his light. Just as the voice had done, the image began to distort. The bright face was replaced by a tormented look that twisted his insides. A look like that should be illegal on someone that beautiful. Whoever she was he knew that he never wanted to see her like this again.

"You are ready aren't you?" the other darker voice was back. "You are going to let them die." It wasn't a question. It was a statement that Majin Buu found much humor in. But he was the only one laughing.

Die? The beautiful tormented face began to fade as the word echoed in his head. Die? Let them die? He reached out toward the image that was slipping out of his reach. And in an effort to torment him further those eyes that he was still locked with formed a river of tears. No, no! Don't go.


Don't go! he tried to call to her. I won't let you die. I won't! I won't let my… He froze. Wait, she's mine?


Who's calling me? The fading blue eyes bore into his. Is she calling me? I have to protect her. I have to protect what is mine. She's mine. I have to protect my-I have to protect my, my-…Jamie.


His breathing stopped all together. Jamie!


His eyes flew open as he wrenched himself from the monster's grip. He jumped back in time to watch shreds of pink blast further down the crater. The girl that caused the blast finally turned toward him with the same look that he had previously seen. Tears were cascading down her cheeks as well.

I almost-I-how could I? His heart clenched in shame and agony. I-I-…his mind couldn't seem to finish the thought. He had been close to giving up on himself and everyone left. He was seconds away from death and accepted it with open arms without thinking of who he would leave behind to face the monster while he easily left this world. He was too busy drowning in his agonizing thoughts that he almost didn't notice that the beauty in the white dress was saying something.

"Do you hear me Gohan?!" Jamie screamed. "I don't care what you said. I don't care if you hate me. I will not stand aside and watch this any longer. I am going to fight, damnit!" she cried.

Gohan simply stared at the vision in front of him. His mouth was still agape at what he had almost done. Even through his swollen lids he could see how beautiful she was and that churned his stomach even more. I had almost left her to Buu.

Jamie's once fiery eyes were cooled immediately when she took in the sight of Gohan. His clothes were torn and tattered. His face and arms were full of deep cuts and bruises. Blood was trickling down from the corners of his eyes and mouth as well as his nose. She could not understand how he could even stand after such a beating.

"Oh, Gohan," she whispered sadly.

"Jamie," he replied before taking one step toward her and finally collapsing in exhaustion.

Jamie cried out softly as she quickly flew to keep him from falling. Her breathes escaped her mouth roughly as she forced herself to study Gohan's body. He was unconscious and seriously hurt, but alive at least. With a hard swallow she gathered her energy and used it to transport Gohan and herself out of there.

When she began to descend she spotted Dende running towards them with his hand outstretched in panic. "Gohan!" the Namek cried, "hold on I'll help you."

Jamie landed softly on the ground and tried to process what Dende had just said. How does he expect to help? He doesn't have enough power to even last a second with Majin Buu. She shook her head to try to force the image out the image of Dende standing up to Majin Buu and focused her attention on the unconscious friend she was setting down.

Dende knelt quickly on the opposite side of Gohan and held out his hands over the still body. "You're alright, I'll heal you!"

Heal him? Before Jamie could question him further her face started to glow in reflection of the light that formed in Dende's small hands. In an almost magical way, light cascaded down from Dendes hands and sprinkled all around Gohan's body. Jamie watched in amazement as all the cuts and bruises began to slowly heal. Not just heal, she could feel it. Dende was refilling Gohan's energy completely. Wow, Dende has the power to heal.

Feelings of relief washed over her as she realized Gohan was going to be okay. She had to restrain herself from scooping up Dende in the tightest of hugs to thank him. But for now she knew he had to get to work and fast. Majin Buu was angry. She could feel it and he was coming back quickly with a vengeance. And who knows how long this healing will take.

Oh no, he's already here! Jamie panicked before she even heard Majin Buu's laugh. "I almost forgot about you girl. I have to say that was a powerful blast back there, but next time you won't be so lucky to catch me off guard."

Jamie spun around quickly to face-off with Buu. "It won't matter if you're on guard or not. Next time I won't hold back my attack." She flashed a smirk as she continued, "wouldn't want to end this fight that quickly now would we?"

Laughter rang out at her last utterance. "Y-you Saiyans are all the same," he laughed. "All talk and taunting while you refuse to admit to yourselves that there is no way you can win." His red eyes met with her fiery dark blue ones. "If I was able to defeat your boyfriend so easily what makes you think you are going to have any better luck. Yes, I know you're a Saiyan, or "half-breed" Saiyan I should say, but still you are no match for me girl-."

His last words were lost in his gargling as a beam blasted through his mouth.

"You don't know when to stop blabbering do you?" Jamie asked in a dark tone. Her finger was still extended with a large beam that was continuing to fill Buu's large mouth. "I am so sick of hearing your disgusting voice."

Buu's cheeks expanded with the ball of light, before exploding under the pressure. He quickly regenerated his head with his eyes blazing in fury at the teenage Saiyan. "I'm going to kill you for that!" he threatened.

"You aren't going to touch her." Jamie stiffened at the threat that growled from behind her. Gohan's healed already? She turned slowly towards Gohan, but his eyes were fixed on Majin Buu. Gohan's body was completely restored. He had no wounds on him of any sort nor did he look like he just came from a bloody battle as he had before. He looked like he hadn't even fought at all.

"What!" the creature screamed. "Gohan's as good as new. How is that possible!" He stared after the hiding Namek before chuckling darkly to himself. "Of course, Dende's healing power. He'll pay for that."

Jamie and Gohan simultaneously froze as they realized that Dende was in danger, but Jamie acted first. In a blink of an eye she was already halfway towards Dende in hopes to reach him before the blast the Buu was about to send. I'm not going to be able to get him out of the way in time! She flew on in spite of her realization. At least I'll be able to take the blast myself. We need Dende.

"No Jamie, Dende!" Gohan yelled out.

She was almost there when she suddenly Hercule jumped out with a gun blasting away towards the blast as well as her. "Take a bite out of this you monster!" he yelled before sending an array of shots into the blast. A few of the shots grazed Jamie's arms and one on her cheek, but she flew on. Stupid imbecile! she screamed to herself as she turned around and braced herself for the blast. But the blast never came. Instead it had been deflected by another blast.

Jamie opened her eyes up see Gohan staring at her in relief. Was that Gohan? But how could he have done that so quickly and at that angle? She followed Gohan's eyes which were now focused on someone she had never seen before. There off to the side of them stood a man whose hands were raised in a triangle at his forehead. Apparently the blast had come from him.

Jamie studied the rescuer. She had never seen this strange three-eyed man before. Or least from what she could remember. Wait, the blue kimono, the white pants, the third eye? I think that's that Tien guy I met at the Cell games. Whoever he is, thank you, she said to herself in relief.

"Tien is that really you?" Gohan asked in excitement.

So it is Tien. I wonder how he survived this mass genocide?

Tien smiled before he spoke. "Hardly recognized you Gohan. You've changed a lot." His eyes narrowed as he stared at the floating pink figure in the air. "But I see Majin Buu did some changing too."

Buu sighed in frustration. "Where's the hole these pests are crawling out from? Oh well," he laughed, "it's just more fun for me." He fingers extended toward Tien as a energy blast formed and shot towards the new arrival. Tien was luckily able to jump out of the way in time. He settled himself on a flat boulder before putting his hands together and setting Buu in his sights for his special attack.

Meanwhile Gohan wasted no time in appearing at Jamie's side. His worried eyes scanned her body and he raised a hesitant hand to her face, lightly brushing his fingers over the bleeding nick on her cheek. He frowned further, "Looks like Tien didn't get the blast out of the way soon enough."

Jamie smiled and shook her head. "No, that would be Mr. Hero over here," she gestured with her head. "He came out with guns blazing."

Gohan didn't have time to express his angry thoughts before a giant blast grasped his attention. His arms automatically went out to pull Jamie to his chest to shelter her from the flying debris that shot past them. When the smoke and dust cleared Jamie lifted her head from Gohan's chest to see Majin Buu still floating behind them, unaffected.

The monster instead laughed in amusement at the attack. "You're even weaker than the others."

Tien gaped in fear as Gohan stepped away from Jamie to face Majin Buu once again. His face was set with determination to not fail this time. This time he vowed to remember that he had someone to protect.

"Oh are you ready for round two of your beating Gohan?" Majin Buu asked in a mocking tone. "By all means, I'm ready when you are."

"Tien," Gohan called, "you better stay out of this one. I've got something to settle with this guy." Tien nodded in understanding and flew over to the other observers. "You too Jamie," Gohan simply said.

"No." It was a strong and confident word despite the shortness. It stiffened his spine for a slight second before he turned to face the one who had said it.

"Jamie," he started.

"I said no Gohan." She was not backing down from this argument. "I have stood on the sidelines for too long, not being able to do anything while you took the beating of a lifetime. Well I refuse stand here and watch any longer. I'm going to fight Gohan."

He stepped forward so his face was inches from her. His voice fell to a deadly whisper, "do you think I want to see you go through that?"

Jamie shook her head fiercely, "I don't care. And neither do you." Her voice lowered to match his. "You said it yourself, you don't want me by your side. Well I don't want you by mine either. This is my turn to fight." Her voice rose louder as she continued. "I'm a Saiyan. And apparently Saiyans have one thing on their mind always, and that's to fight. And that's what I'm going to do. It's my turn." She stepped out from Gohan to look past him. "What do you say Buu? How about a fight with someone who has actually been training for the past seven years instead of screwing off with girlfriends and whatnot?"

She was no fool. She had felt it when she first woke up on the Kai's planet. There was no way Gohan had been training for the past seven years. If anything he was even weaker than he was as an eleven-year-old. Maybe not so much now that he had gone through the ceremony thing with the Old Kai, but even still, had he trained at all he'd probably be able to destroy Buu right now. Just the thought of it made her angry and hurt. What had he been doing all those years?

Gohan refused to look at her after that last comment. He was seething through his clenched teeth. He was beyond angry at what she said, but even angrier at himself because he knew she was right. He had become so comfortable with the peace that they had, that he hadn't even thought of training until the tournament came up. If only I had listened to Vegeta and kept up with my training. We'd have already won this battle!

"You intend to fight me in that," Buu laughed as he gestured to her frilly dress. "You look like you're more ready for a Ball."

Jamie walked closer to her opponent and smirked. "Don't let the dress throw you off Buu. I intend to win this battle."

"Enough of this talking," Majin Buu growled, "more fight-."

Before he could finish the word his face had caved in from the force of the punch thrown. Jamie followed it up with a forceful kick that sent Buu soaring through boulder after boulder.

He was up quickly, however. "You'll pay for that girl," he threatened before appearing in her face. His punch was dodged as Jamie seemed to disappear in thin air and reappear at a distance. Buu appeared in the same spot, this time with a missing kick. This continued for a while as the duel flashed through the sky. "Damnit girl! Why won't you fight back? Stay still so I can hit you!"

Jamie remained silent and focused all her attention on dodging the attacks that were thrown at her. Every once in a while a blow would land now and then, but she was able to dodge most of them. Almost there. Gohan said thirty minutes.

Another growled erupted from the creature. "What are you trying to pull?" As the words slipped out his eyes widened in realization before narrowing. "I know what you're trying to do. Aren't you the clever one?" He raised his hands above him with his palms pointing upward as he continued. "Nice try girl, but I'm not letting you drag this out any longer." A large pink ball formed in his hands, lighting up the entire sky. A smile formed over his fangs. "This one blast is capable of destroying you all. Just try and stop me."

Jamie's stomach plummeted as she realized her plan had failed. Majin Buu intended to blow up the planet this time.

"This ends now!" he declared before winding back to ready his throw.

This is it, it's over. We failed.

The laughing stopped abruptly as did time it seemed as Majin Buu's body split suddenly into by a giant glowing disk. His lower half was blown apart, landing hundreds of feet from his torso. All eyes were round as saucers as they traced the trail of the attack back to another man dressed in an orange suit who had appeared out of nowhere.

The man turned to face them with a smug smirk that was familiar with his face. Goku had once come to the rescue.

"Dad what are doing here?!" Gohan called out to the figure above.

Buu turned his torso to face Goku. His upper body still braced in defense. "You're Goku. Where did you come from?" he asked. "You're smarter than the others trying a sneak attack, but that won't work on me. I've absorbed your friends and their powers and will soon do the same to you."

Goku's face didn't change much except for a much wider grin that formed as he snorted. "You're wrong Buu. I've got something that will finally make you answer for every crime that you commited."

"Do I have to prove myself again," Buu asked in annoyance. His eyes closed in concentration. His legs stood on command and sent a surprising kick that knocked Tien out of commission instantly. "See what just one kick did to your friend?" he asked as his legs rose to complete his body again. "Now imagine what I'll do to you."

Goku clenched his fists at his side as he observed his fallen friend.

"I'm sorry, I interrupted you little speech," Buu mocked. "Something about making me pay for my crimes."

Goku turned to his enemy again, another smile formed at his lips. "But you sure were quick to pull yourself together weren't you? I'm starting to think you're getting a little nervous."

"You wish," the monster laughed. "Let's go, I'm ready," he claimed as he posed to fight.

"Sure," Goku responded. Then with another goofy grin he tossed a small golden earring towards the bewildered Saiyan boy below. "Here catch."

Gohan scampered back to try to grab the small object, but it soared over his head.

Jamie looked back and forth from father to son to try and understand what was taking place. What is Goku doing here? And why is he making a big deal about an earring. She studied Goku once more. Come to think of it why is he wearing an earring?

It was true. Goku the mighty warrior was fashioning a small golden earbob in his left ear. "Gohan get that earring! When you get it, put it in your right ear," Goku instructed.

Gohan immediately went to search through the rubble behind me where the earring had landed. "Uh, okay?" What is he talking about? He picked up rock after rock with no luck. It was like for, well it was like looking for an earring in a pile of rocks is what it was.

"When you put it on our bodies will join together," Goku continued.

"Fusion again?" Buu scoffed.

Jamie finally spoke up after hearing of the new plan, cutting off Majin Buu's rant in the process. "No Goku," she said firmly. Goku looked her way and she kept her face hard as she shook her head again to repeat what she had said. "This is my fight now, my turn."

At first Goku merely stared at the girl like he couldn't believe what he was hearing. She was denying the only way to defeat Buu? But his expression was quickly changed to an all knowing look as a small smile settled on his face. "But Jamie," he said in all seriousness, "don't you understand that this is the only way to defeat Majin Buu? You can't beat him on your own. Neither of us can the way we are now."

Jamie shook her head again more fiercely this time. "I don't care what you say Goku, I'm not waiting on the sidelines while you guys have all the fun. I can take care of myself!"

"Jamie, listen to him!" Gohan begged. The conversation he heard between his friend and his dad had pulled his attention from his search. "Don't you understand that we just don't want you to get hurt."

"You stay out of this Gohan!" Jamie retorted.

"What are you doing Gohan!" Goku scolded. His face was scrunched in a rage. "Find that earring! It's our only chance."

The teenager nodded quickly and turned to immediately get back to his search. I have to find that stupid earring fast before Jamie does something rash.

"Now back to you," the girl declared as she turned to face her opponent. "I believe we were just getting started."

Goku was to her side in an instant. His hand reached out and took a firm grip on her wrist. "Don't be a fool Jamie. You and I both know you are no match for him."

"I can take care of myself Goku," she complained.

"Stop being so darn stubborn!" His face portrayed nothing but concern for the younger Saiyan.

The teenager opened her mouth to argue, but her words were cut off by an impatient enemy. "Enough!" he bellowed. "I'm so sick of all this boring talk. All you Saiyans do is argue!" he complained. With incredible speed he flew down to take on his opponents. "Time to fight."

Jamie flew to cut off her enemy to allow Goku enough time to power up to Super Saiyan 3. Majin Buu dodged her tiny fist and sent her to the ground with a flick of his long tentacle on his head. Jamie forced her body to a halt with a half flip and turned to see Goku having his try.

Goku disappeared and reappeared with the monster several times, landing a few blows here and there, but not as much as he was taking. "Gohan, put that earring on!" he tried again as he formed a huge blast in front of him that was enough to send Majin Buu flying. The Super Saiyan 3 sent a dozen more blasts toward the monster in hopes of slowing him down.

When Majin Buu returned to the fight he held his hand out to blast the Saiyans in front of him, but quickly decided to send the blast toward Gohan. New power or not, he was not about to allow the two Saiyans to fuse. He was going to end this now.

Meanwhile Gohan searched frantically for the earring that was nowhere in sight. "It's gone?" he panicked. This time throwing boulders out of the way as well as small rocks. He was desperate. I gotta hurry!

Jamie joined Goku's side as they prepared to face off with Majin Buu again. A quick peek at Goku informed her that this battle in Super Saiyan 3 was taking a toll on him. He was breathing hard as sweat dripped down his forehead, but his face showed no signs of giving up. The teenager was not about to either. Come on, she urged, what's taking so long? It should be time already!

Their opponent was descending down on them fast. This next round was going to be even more tiresome than the last. With a sick smile, the pink being advanced on the two Saiyans. However, before he reached the duo he suddenly came to a stop in mid air. His once mocking laughter was replaced by a yells of pain.

Jamie and Goku watched as Majin Buu's body began to sweat and convulse before their eyes. The creature grabbed his head in pain as the seizure continued. "No, not now!" he screamed.

Gohan, who had finally found the earring, was now at their sides watching as the monster again transformed. This time, familiar white shoulder pads formed to his body. The boys fusion had finally worn off. Goku raised a fist in triumph, "Yah, it worked Jamie. Great plan!"

Jamie gushed a little at the compliment. "You were a part of it too Goku. At first I didn't think you understood what I was trying to tell you."

Gohan stared back and forth from his friend to his father, trying to decipher their half conversation. His father took in his confused expression and explained for him. "Jamie came up with the plan to try and stall Majin Buu long enough for the fusion to end, but of course she couldn't tell me out loud so I had to guess what she couldn't say. It took me a while, but I caught on, but apparently so did Buu…"

Gohan bit his lip as his father continued to ramble. His fist clenched around the tiny earring, but he was careful not to smash it. This is stupid, he scolded himself. I can't believe I'm jealous of my dad right now. But the teenager could not seem to fight the feeling off. His father was able to read Jamie more than he could and he has spent more time with her. I'm the one who's in love with her and can hardly ever read her expressions. Meanwhile they're having silent conversations!

His eyes met momentarily with his friend's who was giving him a concerned look. Why is he upset with me? she asked herself. Did I do something wrong?

"Alright Jamie," she heard Gohan say, "Let me and my dad handle the rest."

"Excuse me," she complained with her mouth open in disbelief at the way her friend spoke to her.

Gohan ignored her. "Right ear, right dad," he asked as he rose the earring to his ear.

"No." Goku had powered down now, to his original state. "We don't need it," he assured. "Majin Buu has lost over a third of his power."

"Yes Gohan, since he's mostly Piccolo now, do you think now you'll give me your permission to fight?" the other teenager scoffed.

The two faced each other for yet another argument, not hearing the conversation that was still going on between Goku and the monster. "It's not over til it's over," they vaguely heard. "Or did you not notice that a certain piece of me was missing." Jamie heard that loud and clear and her head snapped up to see the Majin Buu pointing at a missing chunk on his tentacle. Oh no! she gasped in horror. Who's it-? She glanced around quickly searching for a piece of pink goo.

She saw the shadow first before understanding what it meant. She quickly turned around to face the giant pink wall that had formed from the missing chunk of Buu. Her heart ceased in her chest. "No Gohan!" she screamed as she watched him get engulfed as their friends did not too long ago. She reached out and grabbed his arm quickly, trying to pull him away from the disgusting substance. "Please no!" she yelled as she struggled with her grip.

Her eyes began to water when she realized that the effort was futile. If she kept this up she would be gathered too. The pink goo had begun to make its way up her arm, preparing to take her as well. But Gohan was not going to allow that. With his body almost completely covered, he pried her fingers from his arm and placed the earring in her outstretched palm before shoving her away with his one free leg. The force freed her from the goo, but not from the heartache as she watched Gohan be completely engulfed by himself.

"Gohan!" she screamed again through her tears and with her arm extended to where his body was being took. Jamie remained on the ground where she landed and continually punched the ground with her empty fist. "Why?!"

Goku was to her side in an instant. His face held a look of horror as well as he helped her to her feet. Majin Buu had begun transforming again. This time he would be even more powerful than before. Jamie's body shook with rage as she stood and watched their enemy's cloak change from white to the orange that Gohan was once wearing.

With her body still trembling, she handed the earring to Goku and stepped aside as her body trembled in anger. "You monster!" she screamed at the laughing pink figure in the sky. A powerful shockwave sent debris flying as she powered up.

"No Jamie!" but Goku's cry was ignored as she flew to avenge her friend. With Majin Buu's newfound strength, however, he was able to stop her without much effort sending her through a hillside below. She was instantly up and before the monster only to receive another full set of blows.

Her face did not waver, however. With a tear streaked face, she pressed on taking hit after hit, landing close to nothing against her opponent. Again she was sent crashing down. This time Goku rushed to her side before she could get up again.

"Jamie stop," he commanded. "We still have the earring. We can still fuse and beat this monster."

"No!" she growled. Her eyes were burning with fury. She was determined to destroy to monster herself.

"Don't be stupid Jamie!" Goku scolded as he gripped her arm tightly. "Killing yourself is not going to bring Gohan back! Look at yourself! This isn't you right now."

Jamie chest rose and fell as her breathing tried to catch up with her. She didn't need to look, she already knew. Her once beautiful dress was torn and tattered. Her face was covered in several cuts and bruises and her loose tendrils poured out of her once nicely done hair. Her blue eyes were holding a deadly stare.

"The only option we have left now is fusion," Goku continued. "And you're the only one left that I can fuse with. Tien's out, I can't use Dende, and Hercule's useless. The only option is you."

Jamie's hard blue eyes finally softened, but into a heartbreaking saddened expression. "You don't understand," she said softly. "The things I said, I-I didn't mean-," her eyes glistened with tears as she struggled to explain.

Goku's grip softened and he instead used lifted his hand to lay it gently on her shoulder. "Don't worry," he assured softly. "When this is over, we'll use the dragon balls and everything will be back to normal. Then you can tell Gohan how you feel."

Jamie raised her eyes to meet his and gave him a weak smile. "Now," Goku continued, "let's finish this together." Jamie gave a slight nod and then held out her hand to take the earring. Goku had been a split second away from dropping it in her outstretched hand before a distraction pulled his gaze away from hers.

"Goku?" Jamie asked hesitantly. His attention was somewhere else, however, somewhere where she couldn't see. It was as if he had forgotten she was there.

But Buu hadn't. Unbeknownst to them he had his fists together in prepared to knock out Goku first.

Goku still did not bother to pay attention. "Yeah!" he yelled in triumph at something that no one understood.

Has he lost it? What is he doing? Goku's two first fingers quickly rose to his forehead. "Goku what-?" but he was gone before she could ask. The moment he disappeared, she was hit with an extremely forceful blow that sent her plowing through boulders. Her deafening scream filled the air as she crashed through rock after rock.

Thankfully Majin Buu's attention was elsewhere. "Where are you hiding you coward!" he called out to Goku. He was not aware of Goku's ability to teleport. "Does he really think he can escape me? I'll hunt him down where ever he goes!" And with new blinding speed he sped off into the distance.

Jamie found herself unable to get up as fast as she had before. So instead she took the break Buu had given her to try to recuperate. Laying there wasn't helping much to regain her energy, but it was better than standing up to find where Buu headed for now. Where did Goku go anyway? Why did he just leave me here like that? Her thoughts were interrupted when a warm feeling surrounded her. What's this? It feels so comfortable all of a sudden. And, my energy… She marveled at how her energy was suddenly refilling itself. What? But how? Her body stiffened with sudden realization. Dende!

She sat up as soon as her energy was replenished. "Thanks Dende!"

The little green friend smiled in response. "No problem Jamie."

She stood to her feet and quickly regained herself. "Alright, let's go find Goku," she ordered. She ascended off the ground and Dende met up to follow her, but a desperate cry stopped them. "Wait! Don't leave me here!" Hercule begged.

Jamie rolled her eyes with a smile and went down to grab hold of the World Champion as well as the small puppy in the other. With the human and dog firmly in her grasp, they all set off toward the direction of Goku and a new power that had suddenly made an appearance.

I know I didn't say anything about Tien. But I wasn't sure what the excuse is of why he suddenly disappears in the series so I just decided to leave it.

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