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Chapter 1: Whales are Supposed to be Nice, right?

"Get off crap-kid." Sanji said after Luffy tried to get in the kitchen.

"Gimmie food, I'm you're captain." Luffy said.

"Luffy, we-" Usopp whispered.

"Oh, yeah, we ate all the food yesterday!"



"S-stop chasing me, I order you!"

"Sanji's mad!"

"AFTER LUFFY, I'LL USE YOU, REINDEER!" Sanji said, holding two knives in his hands.

"LOOK OUT!" Zoro yelled, he just woke up, then he went back to sleep. "Just a dream."

"I'll murder you later!" Sanji said.

"He's right." Nami said. "The waves aren't right."

"Huh?" Luffy said, the ship tossed and turned, everyone fell over. "The hell?!"

Sanji peered over the railing and saw bubbles forming. "Get the sails ready, I don't think this is a sea king this time."


"If we are near the All Blue, a creature horrid than any other guards the sea."

"You're saying that there's some sort of guardian that wants to blow us into fish food?" Usopp asked, he nodded.

"That All Blue crap is just worthless," Zoro said, but then the Merry jolted again. Suddenly, a large blue creature came up, and sent the Merry flying to Far Far Away. Everyone screamed while Luffy, well, he just laughed.

"Crap-whale!" Sanji yelled as he held to the mast. "

"Stupid fish!" Usopp screamed.

"Cool!" Luffy said, an island appeared, and everything went black.


A teenager sat on the shore of the ghostly entrance of Mt. Pyre. She dried her long, dark blue hair and her jacket. It was Tracey, "daughter" of Drake, one of the Elite Four, she resembled her "father" since she wore an old, black long coat and had his old sailing hat he used when he was younger. She stood around 5'7'' as she got up and placed her hat on. A large wolf-like creature that was gray and had black stripes walked in front of her, his eyes searched the area and looked back at Tracey.

"It's mean to drag people to places they don't want to go." Tracey said, fallowing her mightyena.

THUD! He whirled around and growled, five people landed on the ground, all were knocked out.

"W-wait, heel, boy!" Tracey said, mightyena sat down next to Luffy's straw hat. "Since when do people fall from the sky?"

"Cough! Chough!" Chopper woke up first. "I thought whales were nice...eep!"

"Reindeer, wait a tick!" Tracey said, but Chopper hid behind several rocks with half of his body showing. "I can see you." Chopper went the other way. "Who are you?"

"TonyTony Chopper."

"Urgh, I can't talk to people this way. Fetch him!" Chopper screamed as mightyena raced over to him, closed his jaws on Chopper's antlers and dragged him over to Tracey. "These your friends?"

"Yep, my nakama." Chopper said, he took out a small bottle and a foul smell prodiuced from it, he waved it in front of his nakamas' faces until they woke up from the stench.

"I swear, if I see that whale again, I going to kick its ass!" Luffy said.

"Nami-san, are you all right?" Sanji asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"Hey, can't you be concerned with other people?" Usopp asked. "We were on that ship too, you know."

Zoro saw mightyena and reached for his sword, but all three were gone. "Where the hell are my swords?!"

"Whoa! A spooky tower!" Luffy said, looking up at Mt. Pyre.

"It's actually a place for graves...you know, graveyard?" Tracey said, everyone stared at her. "Hi?"

"What's a kid like you doing at a graveyard?" Nami asked as she got up.

"Pay my respects, look for items dropped by other trainers, and talk to ghosts."

"You talk to ghosts?" Usopp said. "I d-don't fear them, for I am a warrior of the sea."

"Talking to spirits, awesome! Wanna join my crew?" Luffy said.

"I can't."

"C'mon, join us!" Sanji said. "I'll grant every wish, just name it!"

"Wanna join me and mightyena on our travel across the Hoenn region?"

"Yes!" Zoro kicked Sanji in the head. "What's that for?"

"For being an ero-cook...ero-cook."

"I'll send notice to Birch, he's the guy that gives out pokemon." Tracey took out a piece of papper, scribbled on it, then took out a whistle that had a small swallo engraved in it. She blue into it and a large, blue bird with crests on its head appeared from the fog. "Here Swellow, take the note to Prof. Birch and when you get there, ask for water."

"Swellow!" she crooned as she took the note and left.

"What kind of bird is it?" Nami said.

"A swellow...you people are from the Grand Line, right?" they nodded. "Then...I guess we'll have to listen to me explain everything."

"Not to be rude, but had you ever heard of the All Blue?" Sanji asked.


"Because we're in it-"

"If I knew I was in it, I would be a cook by now, but I love animals. You must've gotten into the Great Blue, it's like the All Blue, only, it has pokemon instead of all the fishes of the world."

"So, where are we in the Grand Line?" Nami said. "I don't think anyone recorded this part yet."

"You guys of off the charts, litrally." Tracey said, petting mightyena.

"If we're off the charts." Zoro said.

"I'll have to make one, then!" Nami said. "But my supplies are on the ship."

"I was gonna say we won't be able to get back." Usopp said. "That whale thing flung us about...nearly halfway through the Grand Line."


"Yeah!" Chopper said. "It was HUGER than a sea king and it looked like there were strands of silk flying behind his back!"

"Blue, white, a bit of red, and yellow eyes with black pupils?" Tracey said.

"Like that." Luffy said, pointing at Tracey's necklace.

"Kyogre? It's a legend here!" Tracey said. "People rarely see that thing. Are you sure you guys were thrown in the air, there's no story that says that ships were tossed about."

"Now that we know what threw us here, could ya tell us about pokemon? They look really cool." Luffy said.