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This is more then just another fan fiction; it's a wildfantasy!

I Am In The Movie – Van Helsing Come Alive

Chapter 1

It All Begins

In a slightly messy room with the stereo blaring with music, although it wasn't loud music as such, it was simply because the volume had been set up high. One of my best friend's was hanging around at my place for the weekend.

Lying on the sofa at the back of the room, with long dark brown hair, was me. I'm the type of bookworm who hates to read a book over and over; I prefer to read the entire series before I start again. I had finally gotten around to start re-reading the Harry Potter series, and was sitting there reading, HarryPotterandthePhilosopher'sStone, again.

Dannilee was playing a video game called, ConquerAntarctica - one of those Macromedia Flash Player games - on my computer. She had short brown-blonde hair, and was dressed like a tomboy. I couldn't tell you for the life of me, what the colours of her eyes were, I hardily saw much of her these days, she was always hanging out with her boyfriend.

I knew I wouldn't be able to go to sleep until my computer was off, because she'd kept asking me about how to play the game. It couldn't be helped of course, but I don't tease her about it, though I don't understand how she feels. The closest I could get was by imagining my life without reading, which was when I'd symphysis with her the most.

I was so deep in HarryPotterandthePhilosopher'sStonethat I didn't realise that she'd gotten bored of computer games, until I'd felt her sit down beside me on the sofa. Looking up from the book, I slipped a bookmark in the page I was up to and put my book back on the shelf with all my other books.

I wandered over to my computer and did the usual procedure of shutting it down, and as that was happening, I turned down my music before I shut it off. I'd learnt my lesson years ago; never leave your music up loud when you turn it off, because when you turned it on, you'd be blown away, literarily.

Since it was still early for us – near midnight – I asked her what we should do next, as I pressed the button on my monitor on my computer, which had already shut down it's hard drive. I noticed that her eyes kept lingering on my movies stack.

'Ok, what movie do you want to watch?'

She shrugged, 'what do you have?' Well, that was really helpful, whatdoyouhave? I had too many movies to go through each one, it'd take me hours. So I made a quick decision.

'How about this one?' I asked, holding up Van Helsing.

'What is it?' DamDyslexia! It always makes me feel sorry for her, but I know she doesn't want my sympathy, so I always hide it. I always try to encourage her, and not put her down.

'Van Helsing.' I said, quite sure I knew how she was going to react.

'Notagain! Sarah, you watched that last time I was here, twice!

I shook my head, 'I didn't watch it twice. I watched it once, than I watched it again with the presentation commentary of Richard Roxburgh, Shurler Hensley, and Will Kemp, remember?' She didn't say anything; she just gave me that look.

Feeling ruffled, I went out into the lounge room, not at all surprised when she followed me. I had a nice sized television; although I'd rather have bigger, of course I wasn't complaining, never complain about something you got for free. It wasn't stolen or anything, it had been a present, for my mum... I think.

Putting the DVD into the DVD Player, I sat myself down on the floor, with the spare mattress she'd helped me drag out, with some pillows and quilts – it was a bit chilly – Dannilee lay down beside me.

'No moving about during the movie.' I said, because I really wanted to watch Van Helsing. Well, what would you expect; it's my favourite movie after all. Getting comfortable, I pressed play on the remote.

We lay there, our heads against the pillows. The only reason she was even interested was because she hadn't had the chance to get a proper look at Will Kemp, oh, and because Hugh Jackman was in it. Yes, well, that was her reasons. Me? Well, besides Van Helsing being my favourite movie, and besides the other reason that I'm a big vampire, and Dracula fan, was because of Richard Roxburgh.

Ok, it was common knowledge – to my friend anyway – that I had a crush on him, well, he wasn't my only crush, Orlando Bloom, Tom Felton, Alex O'Loughlin, anyone? Dannilee fell for actors a lot more easily then me, at least in my opinion. If I called you cute, I'd take that as a big compliment if I were you. I'm not one easily pleased by looks, because I tend to go by personality.

We Aquarius' sat there watching Van Helsing. We'd just reached the point were Velkin was tied up waiting for the werewolf, sent by Dracula, when a lightning storm came out of nowhere, and struck the TV antennae outside.

The next thing we knew we were out to it.

Note: Story may contain humour, and violence, etc. I'm not sure what else it may contain, but there will be NO slash!

Story continues from where the scene we were up to left off.

Important note for my Dracula's Return readers, please re-read chapter 6 (everything is explained in the said chapter, along with my apologies. Thank you.)