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I Am In The Movie – Van Helsing Come Alive

Chapter 4


I was now in the Valerious Mansion, waiting for Anna to come back from whichever, of the uncountable rooms, she had gone into.

I patiently waited.

And waited...

I waited so long that I was about to rip my hair out, when Anna re-appeared.

'Here this will help you protect yourself from Dracula,' she said, handing me a large sack; and heavy too, as I soon found out when I took the bag from her. It was so heavy that it pulled my arms down, and it made a loud bang as it hit the floor.

'Bloody Hell! That things heavy,' I huffed; instead of trying to lift it, I opened it instead. I couldn't believe my eyes, it was chock a block full of vampire killing instruments; from stakes to holy water, crucifixes, and even garlic. Since I rather liked garlic, the smell wasn't going to bother me that much; it was more the fact that I might eat it – preferably on bread - before I got a chance to use it against any vampires.

'I must make sure not to eat that,' I said, more to myself, then to Anna.

'You'd better not; it might just save your life.' She gave me a smile, one that seemed to say, "Oh that's nice, but don't mind me, while I try not to laugh".

'Well, if I do eat it, I'll just fight them off with my breath.' Anna just stared at me, her eyes were full of amusement, but her face was not.

'I don't think it works that way,' she said, absent-mindedly, as if she wasn't paying full attention to what I was saying.

'Carl, how many times do I have to tell you?' Van Helsing said as he grabbed Carl by the scruff of his shirt, to stop him from sliding off, 'That's not how you ride a horse!' He helped steady Carl, who didn't look too pleased to be sitting on a horse; he had no problem with animals, so long as he wasn't riding one.

'Why couldn't we have stayed on the boat?' he asked Van Helsing, wishing that this journey was already over.

'Because boats can't travel on land Carl, you may as well get used to riding a horse, but don't worry it won't be too long until we reach Transylvania.' After giving Carl some riding tips, he spurred his horse onwards, with Carl close on his tail, his riding slightly improved.

'Ok, I know I'm asking a lot of you, Anna Valerious, but my best pal needs my help.' We were heading into the woods, it was said that there was a secret passage into Dracula's Castle, and Anna knew the way, not that she'd ever use it, especially because of the why, more than the way that she had received such information. She wouldn't tell me, but since I was one of the many Van Helsing fans that loved that pairing, it was obvious to me, as to why Dracula had told her of one of the many secret ways into his castle.

'What you are asking me maybe too much, but I do not wish for your friend to be in such danger.'

'Don't worry, I'm sure you'll think of something to distract him, the good news is that the brides will be gone for a few nights, but still we mustn't dawdle.'

Dannilee was sitting on the sofa; she was hoping that I was alright. She knew that I would have some smart plan up my sleeve, I usually did. She felt safe knowing that I'd come and find her and that if I could, I'd bring plenty of help. She knew that she was safe as long as she didn't anger any of the vampires, and she was staying well away from the Dwergi, which Dracula had told her about.

Dracula had sent all three of his brides on errands, and although that left the possibility of them being alone, he didn't bother trying anything on her, not after she'd slapped him for leaving her friend out in a strange world all alone. Keeping away from Dracula, she figured that she'd wait patiently for me to turn up and help her escape, but nothing ever quite turns out that way.

I could hear the Dwergi muttering as they passed by our hiding place. Maybe it was a good thing that I didn't speak Dwergi, and from what Anna said; they pretty much just spoke Hungarian. She told me that the Dwergi mentioned a human, a young woman, but they hadn't mentioned a name. I knew that had to be my friend, and now that I was this close to saving her, I wasn't going to give up, but I didn't want to sacrifice Anna either. It wasn't right to force her into this; I just had to hope that everything would be alright in the end.

'They're gone, come on, let's go.' We raced along the corridors, and we neared the room that I knew would eventually be the laboratory, later on in the movie; I heard voices.

'Now I don't know where you came from, but I know you're not from Transylvania, since I know of everyone who lives here. I know you're not from around here, simply because you only speak English. Now I shall leave you alone, but remember I don't like being struck, especially across the face.' I could recognise that voice in my sleep; it had to be Richard Roxburgh's portrayal of Dracula, only that it was really the character that was standing not two feet from me. Peeking through a gap, I saw Dannilee sitting on a sofa, arms folded, not looking the least bit amused. Standing across the room from her, staying well out of arm's reach, was Dracula. I was surprised to hear that she'd slapped him, especially across the face.

I watched as Dracula left the room, I had to think of a plan. If we were lucky, I wouldn't need Anna to make a diversion. All I could do was hope. Making sure that he was gone, I gave Anna the signal. We sneaked into the room, and at that moment I remembered something I'd forgotten. As soon as she saw me, she jumped up, shouting happily and gave me a big hug. Before she could cry, I told her that we had to move fast, and we had to be quiet about it.

Anna had moved to the other door, I watched her a moment, before she gave us the signal to run. Without asking why, I took my friend by the arm, and almost dragged her out of the room. It was odd that it had two entrances, but it seemed the other was more secret and out of view. Once outside, we ran for our lives. I hoped that Anna would be alright, I hated leaving her there. I was certain that Dracula was coming after us; at least until I heard a loud crash coming from the room we had just left. I stopped for a moment, I knew that it was Anna that had made the noise, it was the diversion that we needed, the thing I had hoped I wouldn't need Anna to do. I felt guilty; I might have just sent Anna to her doom.

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