Summary #1: His love is real, but she is not. ChadSharpay

Summary #2: If there was one thing he learned from Frankenstein, it was not to underestimate your creation. From his folks he learned, that you can't help you fall in love with. And from SHAY he learned, that love goes beyond just flesh and bones.

bold- words on screen; bold and italic- voice over; italic- scenes, normal-words

What is real? Are you real? Am I? Is she? Is he? What are we?

(Shows a line of people and then one teens eyes glow bright red)

Technically, I am not real, but I look real

(Shows a teenage blonde girl looking in a mirror confusedly)

I act real

(Shows the blonde laughing with other people)

(Shows her running in sprinklers)

I feel real, but I'm not. I need to be though… because of him

(Shows a tall African American teen smiling at the camera)

They see him like this

(Shows the boy on his teammate's shoulders after a basketball game)

I see him like this

(Shows that same boy in a white lab coat looking through piles of data)

His name is Chad. He may be my creator, but to me he is so much more

(Shows him joining her in the sprinklers)

(Shows them smiling at each other during a game)

(Shows them leaning in)

I'd do anything for him. Anything.

(Shows her willingly walking towards hunters)

(Shows her holding a blood stained knife)

(Shows her running in the moonlight with tears in her eyes)


Ashley Tisdale

(Shows Sharpay and Chad in the lab)

"Repeat after me, hello," Chad says, Sharpay looks around with a blank stare then looks to him

"Hello," Sharpay says making Chad smile

"I'm Chad, you're… SHAY," Chad says

"SHAY?" repeats Sharpay confusedly

And Corbin Bleu

(Shows Chad and his dad, Thomas, arguing)

"You cannot love her!" Thomas yells

"Why not?" Chad yells back

"She's Mecha, she isn't real," Thomas says

"Can't you see? She's real to me, Dad," Chad says

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