Summary #1: His love is real, but she is not. ChadSharpay

Summary #2: If there was one thing he learned from Frankenstein, it was not to underestimate your creation. From his folks he learned, that you can't help you fall in love with. And from SHAY he learned, that love goes beyond just flesh and bones.

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Chapter Two:

Twenty-one months, three weeks, five days, fourteen hours, and two minutes.

That was the amount of time Chad Danforth invested into making Taylor look like an idiot.

Twenty-one months, three weeks, five days, fourteen hours, and two minutes.

It was how long it took for Chad to create something monumentally outstanding.

Twenty-one months, three weeks, five days, fourteen hours, and two minutes.

The exact time spent dedicated on restoring the high reputation of NGD Labs and Forensics.

It had been forever since Chad had spent a full night in his bed dreaming of what normal boys dreamed about. He had many sleepless nights where his mind kept spinning with numbers and codes all related to his grand assignment. He had given himself a task, to make the ultimate mechanical being. After giving over a year to the research and work, having only himself and one other member of the NGD team to help, seventeen-year-old Chad Danforth was ready.

There was a certain pep in his step as he strolled carelessly through the main doors of the private studies labs. Waving his badge here and there, he made it to his home away from home, his very own work center. He did the identification protocols and entered his room. With a content sigh, he walked forward to his containment chamber. He was in the process of typing in the codes to release S.H.A.Y when he heard his father's voice ringing through the built-in speakers.

"Charles, open up! I know you're in there, son," Thomas said into the intercom outside the room. Chad, instantly panicking, stopped putting in that code and switched it for the code to change his sophisticated lab into what looked exactly like a normal teenage hangout. It had a huge TV monitor, on which you could see a Tivo-ed basketball game playing, a foosball table, a basketball hoop attached to a wall, and a mini-fridge stocked with hot pockets and bacon.

"Coming," he said pressing the final button to hide his experiment. He ran to the door flinging it open so his father could walk through.

"Son, you do know I gave you your own private room here to do experiments, don't you?" Thomas asked

"Why of course, sir. I was doing an experiment before you came in, actually. My question: how many hot pockets can an actual human being consume? My hypothesis: one hundred and thirty-three. Are you here to watch?" Chad asked feigning excitement.

"No," Thomas said with a barely concealed shudder. Chad couldn't necessarily say he blamed Thomas either. One time, Chad's fake experiment involved a lot of cheese, and his father had tried to help. Let's just say it got a little messy, like remodeling the entire lab messy. "Son, I'm actually here to talk to you about what's been going on? You keep isolating yourself inside this room. It's starting to frighten your mother. So, son, is there anything you'd like to tell me?"

"Dad… what kinds of clothes do you buy for teenage women?" Chad asked redirecting his father's attention to a problem Chad himself had been wondering about

"Why? Do you have yourself a girlfriend? Is that what this is all about? You've been in here working on how to deal with girls," Thomas said shocked

"No, Dad, that's not it," Chad said, "I was just wondering if you knew what kind of clothes girls these days would wear that would be comfortable,"

"Chad, you're talking to a forty-year-old man. Why would I know what girls your age would wear? Why not talk to Taylor?" Thomas asked

"Because Taylor is annoying, snobby, bossy, rude, and-Dad! What is she doing near my room!" Chad yelled seeing Taylor coming closer in his security monitor.

"I-I thought you might like some company," Thomas said hopefully, Chad gave him a look, "Fine! She was bugging the crap out of me about us sending a hundred 005's to regular people for testing. She still doesn't believe humans and robots can co-exist in the same environment safely. I just need her out of my hair for a little while. Can you do that for me? For your old man? I'll get your mother to leave you alone a bit over your grades. What about it?"

Chad pretended to mull it over for a second even though he knew he'd say yes. His mom was really bugging about a few failing grades he managed to obtain and he needed her to back the hell off. Once he showed he agreed, Thomas sighed gratefully and left the room allowing Taylor to come inside.

Taylor looked around the room in disgust as she entered. What the fungus was wrong with the boy?

"Okay, I know you play dumb at school, but, seriously, your lab looks like Troy's room," Taylor said dragging a finger along the top of the mini fridge to look for dust.

"And you know this why?" Chad asked watching her closely

"I'm his tutor, dumb ass. I'll probably be yours soon too at the rate your grades are going," Taylor replied

"You can leave if you don't want to be civilized. I've got work I could be doing," Chad said impatiently glancing at the door

"I'll cut to the Chase then. Whatever experiment you're working on, I want in," Taylor said

"Why?" Chad asked forgetting to insist that he wasn't working on anything

"I am so fricken sick of not being recognized as a scientist because I'm still in high school. I need an easy ticket through, and you can help me. We can work together, and split the credit fifty-fifty," Taylor proposed

"You do know that the only thing people are interested in right now is 005, right?'

"Yes, and I also know you've been working on some pretty big experiment that would be enough to boost your status from lab rat to Einstein's Apprentice,"

"How would you know?"

"You fell asleep in study hall last month. You kept mumbling something about variables and factors. Be glad I woke you up before your basketball drones came over, or I swear-"

"Hey, Taylor, I could use your for something," Chad said as the same thing he had mentioned to his father came to mind.

"Whoa, there, Danforth, I'm not some little slut you can play with, so, stop that thought right now!" Taylor insisted seeing it the wrong way

"No, no, God, no! I don't want to… ew. Look, I have this new friend who needs some help," Chad said

"Where do I come in?" Taylor asked

"My friend is female you see, and I tried to wash her dry clean only clothes. They're ruined. She needs clothes in a size two. They need to be clothes that are semi-comfortable and fashionable. Think Lucinda Wilshire's clothes. Go buy them for me," Chad said

"Why can't she go buy some clothes herself?" Taylor asked

"Because I have a know-it-all who needs an easy ticket into the world of NGD who can do it for her," Chad said, Taylor frowned

"What time should I be back?" she asked

"After eight, ten at the latest. Bring them here, not to my house, okay," he said

"Got it," she said turning to leave. Once he was sure she was gone, he blocked the air vents, switched off the central security cameras, and turned back to his lab display. He walked to his experimental containment chamber and pressed the initiating sequence. The next few minutes were a blur of smoke, annoying beeps, and strange sounds all leading up to Chad seeing pure beauty in the flesh. Before him on long, tan legs stood the most gorgeous creature to ever come out of a science lab.

Nice, toned stomach, wavy, blonde locks, and a cute, button nose; this was… wow. The only things that weren't just right were the blank look on her face and the fact that she was completely, butt-naked. Ignoring the fact that she was void of all clothing, he walked forward to study her. She looked so real, so unbelievably real. He reached forward and poked her right shoulder. She reached out her arm and did the same thing to him. He chuckled softly. She returned the favor with a robotic type of laugh. He leaned forward and looked into the eyes. They were unlike what he saw on other Mecha. They were vibrant pools of honey, and he was a hungry bear. He shook his head clearing the un-professional thoughts from his mind.

"Hello," Chad said loudly, his voice echoing throughout the confined space. She looked at him tilting her head confusedly to the left. She opened her mouth and mumbled something foreign that made no sense. He tried again and again seeing that same blank stare. After about an hour of trying, the defeated male just committed himself to throwing a giant sweatshirt over her until Taylor arrived with her clothes. In the time spent waiting, he watched her noting every little thing about her.

The way her wavy, golden trestles framed her small, flawless face as she looked around the room with those big, brown eyes of hers. It was mesmerizing. His moment was cut short, however, when realization that he was watching one of his experiments set in once more. Deciding to try again, he walked forward and grabbed the attention of the Mecha before him.

"Repeat after me, hello," Chad said, she looked around with a blank stare then looked at him.

"Hello," she said making Chad smile

"I'm Chad, you're… SHAY," Chad said, his movements quite like Jane trying to reason with Tarzan in that old Disney movie.

"SHAY?" she said confusedly

"Yes, Seemingly Human Authentic Youth, SHAY," he said, she nodded, although, it seemed like it floated over her head.

"What am I?" she asked suddenly making Chad fully aware that she did actually understand English.

"Wait, you can speak! Why the freak did you let me say hello like a retard for an hour then?" he asked angrily

"You didn't look like a retard, just a not so smart human," she said with a small grin

"But you can talk," he said

"I was programmed to be a humanoid simulation. Of course I can talk. You'd think my creator would know the extent of my program," she said, he cleared his throat loosening his shirt collar just a bit

"Well, I didn't actually know what I was doing at some points. I'm still figuring out how far you can go and what things you can do. Truthfully, I'm not quite sure if I even worked the Laws enough," he admitted

"Laws?" she repeated

"The Three Laws of Robotics. I couldn't start with nothing; so, I took a start-up point of one of the old 005 models. Sadly, it was already programmed with the Three Laws. I wasn't sure if I erased them all though," he said

"Why would you try to erase them? I am, after all, a robot," she said

"True, you are, but we're going to pretend you're human. I'm trying to see how brilliant your program is and see how well you can interact with humans in their environment without giving yourself away," he said

"Speaking of humans," she began pointing to the security camera behind him. He turned and saw Taylor's impatient form waiting outside the room. He gave her a grateful smile pressing the codes to change it back to the normal layout.

Taylor walked through the doors as they unlocked holding onto about a billion bags. She dropped them all at Chad's feet and looked around for someone expecting them to be a mess. Instead of a disgusting mess, Taylor found herself looking at a slender blonde teen wearing Chad's basketball sweatshirt. She could just feel her jaw drop.

"This is your friend," Taylor said shocked. In her mind, she asked what someone so beautiful was doing with Chad Danforth of all people, but she already knew the obvious answer. And, for some reason, that was sincerely unsettling.

"Hello," SHAY said brightly

"Hi," Taylor said in a forced kind of way. She turned to Chad, "Did you just send me out to get clothes for your girlfriend?"

"No, I would never do such a thing," Chad said, Taylor raised her eyebrows

"Then what was this shopping trip?" Taylor asked

"A way to get rid of you and get my errands done at the same time," Chad said with a smile, Taylor narrowed her eyes

"Just know that my credit card bill is coming to you this month," Taylor said leaving the room in a huff. As the door slammed, Chad went to digging through the bags at his feet to find something his little creation could wear for the night.

"She seemed… nice?" SHAY said almost apprehensively, Chad looked up chuckling slightly

"Yeah, she's just kind of… Taylor most times. You learn to ignore her after a while," Chad said

"Taylor, that's a nice name," SHAY said

"Not really, it's boring. Exotic names are better like Rashelle or Micha," Chad said

"Can I have a name?" SHAY asked

"You have one. It's SHAY," Chad said, SHAY wrinkled her nose

"It doesn't sound natural. I want something else," SHAY said

"Wow, alive for two hours and already telling me what to do. You are so female," Chad said sitting down pointedly, "Um, what about… Mary?" she shook her head, "Tina? Lisa? Karen? Charlotte?"

"No," SHAY said shaking her head to all of them

"Peyton?" Chad suggested


"Then what do you want?" Chad asked haughtily

"I don't know, something interesting. Like a combination of two normal names," SHAY said

"Tisa? Kary?" she wrinkled her nose again, "Charton?"

"No! You are horrible at choosing names,"

"It's more of a girly thing," he said

"Fine, what about… Sharpay!" she said

"That's the name of a dog," he said

"I like it!" she said crossing her arms defensively

"Then I guess I do too. From hence forth, you will be Sharpay," he said

"Yay," she smiled.

It was then that Chad realized she hadn't changed out of his sweatshirt. Not changing meant that she was still basically standing there naked in his lab space. The very thought made him feel funny. He knew that feeling. Quickly he threw the clothes he had grabbed at her and motioned towards a closet where she could change. She seemed to get the hint as she was off to get ready moments later.

When she returned, he was setting up a little sleeping area in the "Troy's room" display of his lab. Once he considered it ready, he flopped down on one of the mats comfortably.

"Are you staying?" she asked coming over to the other mat and sitting down

"Yeah, where else would I go?" he asked

"I don't know, your home perhaps," she said, he shook his head

"Haven't spent a real night there in over a week. My folks don't know though. I leave after they fall asleep and return before they wake up," he said

"That's genius, creator," she said

"Don't call me that,"

"Call you what?"

"Creator. It makes me feel old and stuffy. Call me Chad,"


"Yeah, got a problem with that?" he asked

"No, not at all," she said quickly shaking her head as if she was apologizing, "It's just, you name is… tedious. I mean, I'm Sharpay, or SHAY, or whatever, and you're Chad. It sounds monotonous,"

"What an extensive vocabulary, Sharpay," he said. He could then see a smile coming to her and couldn't help but ask, "Why are you smiling?" It may have sounded a bit harsh when it left his mouth, but he didn't mean it that way. In fact, he rather liked her smile. It was beautiful.

"You called me Sharpay. It makes me sound… human, not like some other experiment," she said

"You're far beyond some normal experiment," he said causing her to smile, "You're the ultimate experiment! A robot, a mere simulation of human life and intelligence, that looks identical from head to toe. I mean, I must be completely and utterly brilliant to have created something so amazing in less than two years while it took all the rest of these idiots forever to make something… tedious. Ha!"

"Way to kill the moment, Chad," she said

"You call med, Chad. You know this just might work," he said

"What could work?" she asked tilting her head allowing her hair to move more to her right side and bringing her pure, creamy neck to be visible.

"For lack of a better word, us," he said, her naturally inquisitive self didn't seem pleased with this answer so he continued, "If I am to show you around and make you seem as human as possible then I need to be able to get along with you, and we obviously do,"

His follow-up answer didn't appease her any further. Somehow, she actually found it more unsettling. She knew why though.

"Chad, before we get any further, can you promise me to follow the number one rule as a scientist?" she asked

"Scientific Method?" he said perplexed

"No, I mean, do you promise not to become attached to me? You hooked up my 'brain' to yours for a while-"

"To make sure that your mind would be functioning properly if in a different location than most," he assured her

"It's just… well, I know you have a tendency to grow too close to experiments," she said. Finally, Chad was aware as to what she was hinting at. The very thought of them as more than creator/created made him burst into laughter.

"Whoa, a little cocky, aren't we? Don't worry, Pay, I'm not about to fall for you, or something," he said. He went on speaking following that sentence but nothing went in her ears for all she could hear was the fact that he called her Pay. She could tell already. It was starting. Gosh, why did he have to make her so attractive? Oh, yeah, because she was made by a teenage boy. He may have been a super genius, but he still thought like the rest of them at times. There was a perfectly good reason she looked the way she did, and it surely had nothing to do with her blending in. She could just hope that it didn't turn out the way she thought it would in the end.

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