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"And of course he ends up shooting himself!" the girls roared with laughter, "And I mean that must of hurt, right in the—"

"Order's up." Susie slid the next round of margaritas around to each girl as they slowly let their laughter out. Cindy winced with a grin on her face, clutching at her ribs, "Ha ha! Don't make me laugh, it hurts." She joked feebly

That set them off again and it was a few minutes before any of their glasses were touched.

Lindsey sighed and leaned back in her chair, "Its almost 12:00, I have to be getting back."

"Boyfriend start to worry if you're gone more then a couple o' minutes?" Jill teased sarcastically with the slightest of slurred voices.

Lindsey glared, "You're lucky I lack the will to rebuke that." She joked as she slipped from their booth, entirely ungracefully, Cindy followed suit, "Why I have no boyfriend to keep me on such a short leash—" Jill and Claire cackled again, Lindsey glared, "I do have an editor who will fire me, bullet holes or no and he's not as cute as Pete, so no bonus there." She winked.

Over her momentary offence Lindsey spoke, "Split a cab?"


"You guys coming?" Lindsey asked Claire and Jill, both women shaking their heads,

Jill grinned, "No thanks, we'll stay here and finish the twelve drink minimum." all four club members laughed again before Lindsey and Cindy bade the others goodbye, leaving Papajoes in an almost non-embarrassing state.

They walked through the snow towards the taxi-stop, Lindsey finally saying what she had been thinking for quite sometime, "You know, you'd make a good cop, you would." She said stumbling on a snow clump.

Cindy laughed ruefully but Lindsey shook her head, "I'm serious Cindy. You should consider it as a profession."

Cindy chocked, putting another hand to her chest to cover the pain, "No thanks, after the last month, reporting's where the action is."

Lindsey laughed, "It was just an idea."

"Well keep your idea's to yourself." Cindy joked

Sending both women back into giggles.

Jill and Claire sat at their booth almost completely sobered by the conversation. "Oh sweetie, I had no idea."

Jill shook her head. "No one did, I didn't want them to, 'cept Denise who ignores all kinds of privacy laws."

"But now you do?"

Jill nodded, "Yeah now I do, and I-I know I was young but I was so looking forward to being a mother, and to just have it taken away like that." She paused and Claire hugged her saying in a firm yet soft voice, "Sweetie you will have that feeling again, I know you will, and you'll get to experience the even better version when you hold that child, I know you will."

Tears in her eyes, Jill grinned, "'Reckon I'd make a good mother."

"Hell," Claire laughed "You can borrow one of mine for practice!"

They both laughed again, and Jill felt better.

Cindy got home earlier then expected, she was about ready to crash, she had a severe margarita headache that would only be worse in the morning, collapsing onto her bed after redoing her bandages the only thing to interrupt her peace was the ring of her cell phone. With a groan the young reporter gingerly rolled onto her side reached into her purse before fumbling with her phone.


"Up for a midnight sting?" asked the voice on the other line, she laughed.

"Samuel it is nearly one o'clock, you are seriously not asking me to do this."

"It's a drug ring, high profile, possible politicians involved, come on Thomas, you know you want to."

Cindy laughed; making her chest quake again, she sighed, put a hand over her eyes before answering, "Give me the address."

"That's my girl, Lois Lane."

End story

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