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Warning: This is boy loving boy and it also contains Naruto in a dress! If you don't like it, don't read it.

Chapter: 1 out of 3 or 4

Uzumaki Naruto, also known as class clown, number one noisy ninja and number one at surprising people. He is also known as the Vessel of Kyuubi-no-Kitsune if you have to be snide about it.

Naruto is well-known for his antics (be it good or bad), for his playful ways and for his tricks. Yes he is a trickster, yes he is loud and yes, he is annoying. But just like every other normal person, Naruto had many good qualities as well. He is devoted, loyal, helpful, usually optimistic and very, very orange.

Not that orange is a quality; it's just something that describes Naruto's characteristics and choice in clothing very well.

But then again, like every other normal person, Naruto had to lessons to learn, be it from experience, word of mouth, or from just plain understanding from a book.

So, yes, a lesson learnt. That's what this is all about.

It started as a usual day in Konohagakure. A nice cool and breezy summer day where the birds were chirping and the bees were buzzing and all that jazz.

Sounds normal? Yes.

However, today was the day that Naruto learned that making the Hokage of Konoha angry, was not the smartest thing to do. That Tsunade was scary, especially when angered.

Dress Up

By: Hiki-chan

Tsunade seethed, her teeth gritting, her hands clenching and unclenching, her chest heaving, her face red, her eyebrows twitching and her eyes shimmering.

The great Hokage of Konoha, was angry. As if it wasn't obvious enough. She was angry, at the number one loudmouth, annoyance, childish, naïve, adorable and too much orange ninja. To put it simply, she was angry at Naruto.

Oh yes, she was angry, she was pissed, she was fuming.

Why was she angry? The reason would be explained later on this story.

But for now, she was angry. And when she was angry, she would plot. She would plot and come up with something so diabolical that it would even make Orochimaru clap his hands in awe. But that would prove to be quite impossible because Orochimaru was dead, courtesy of Sasuke.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves so let us just begin the story.

"Tsunade-sama." Shizune tried to calm her friend down, her eyes switching worriedly to the window for fear that the Hokage would throw something out of the window in anger, before switching back to the Hokage herself. "Please do try to calm yourself."

There was a hollow laugh that made Shizune inwardly shudder before Tsunade replied, "I'm calm, Shizune. I'm beyond calm."

Shizune thought that the twitching of the right eyebrow was a giveaway that Tsunade was lying. But, the fact that Tsunade admitted herself to being calm meant trouble and Shizune was worried.

"That gaki."

Shizune winced.

"He better brace himself. I'm going to give him a mission."

"A mission?"

"Yes, a mission." Tsunade smirked, running a finger through her fringe in thought. "My own mission."

"Y-Your own?" Shizune stammered, she could feel sweat forming at the side of her face. "Are you allowed to do that?"

Tsunade rose an eyebrow at Shizune as if to say, 'Who is going to stop me?' and she wisely kept her mouth shut.

"Mm, yes. A mission." Tsunade hummed to herself. If one looked carefully, especially if using byakugan, they might have been able to see actual wheels spinning in her head. The Hokage got up from her chair and paced slowly back and forth.

All the while, Shizune kept quiet until Tsunde spoke again. "Shizune."


"Get me my tailor, I have a job for him."

Shizune could only nod and gulp, suddenly feeling sorry for Naruto without even knowing what Tsunade was going to do.

Next Morning

Ahh, it was a wonderful day. Naruto woke up, a smile on his face. Taking a glance out his window, his smile broadened into a grin. The sky was clear, today would be a wonderful day for training especially since there was no mission today. Opening his window, Naruto took a breath of the fresh morning air and sighed deeply.

Swinging his legs over the edge of his bed, Naruto got down to head out of his apartment. He just had to enjoy the morning air a little before he got into his usual routine.

Opening the door, Naruto took a step forward only to hit his leg. Jumping back a little in pain, Naruto cursed softly under his breath before he examined the package in front of his house.

To Uzumaki Naruto,

From Hokage Tsunade.

Golden eyebrows furrowed together in confusion. Didn't he just see the old hag yesterday? Why could she have just given this to him then?

"Maybe she forgot…" The blond muttered to himself and picked the package up without further ado. Cocking his head in curiosity, Naruto lifted the box and stared at the cloth inside.

His eyes roved over and saw a small piece of paper and he reached for it first, suspicious of this entire thing.

Was it just him, or was the sky darkening?

Scanning over the lines of the paper, Naruto blinked before his eyes widened and he scanned over it again, this time slower to make sure he read it correctly.

His eyes dilated as the package fell from his hands and onto the floor, the paper still in his now trembling hands.

No. Way.

What the hell was going on?! Naruto continued to stare blankly at the package that now was on his table. The paper (now slightly crumpled) was still in his hands as he sat on his bed, stunned.

Brat, I have a mission for you. You are to wear this outfit for the whole of today. If you choose not to accept this mission, you are to forfeit doing rank A and B missions for a month. Since you obviously are going to come barging into my office because of this, make sure you're wearing it already if not I would automatically take it that you don't want to do this mission. We will discuss the full details when you arrive.

Ps: I'm sure it fits.


Shit. Naruto was too scared to even look into the package, but damn he was just as curious. Biting his bottom lip, Naruto cautiously made his way to the package and pulled out the clothing. As the folds unfolded, the bigger and wider Naruto's mouth and eyes became.

What in the name of—

His wide blue eyes rolled over the outfit in front of him before trailing back to the package where an innocent hair accessory laid.



"Help." Naruto whispered meekly as he eyed the mirror in front of him distastefully. He had already changed into... this thing and he hated it. Yup, he hated it. It was small, clingy and tight... Just no. "Help me."

A deep laughter was echoing in his head and Naruto felt like strangling the Kyuubi. It was so not funny! What the hell did he do to deserve this… this monstrosity?! This was absurd! Why the hell was he going through with this again? Oh yeah, because he didn't want to be stuck doing C and D rank missions for a month!

Oh Naruto, calm down. There has to be some good reason for this. A good logical reason, not that Naruto did much logical thinking, but it was a good word to use in situations like these. Deep breaths, in, out, in, out.

Was Tsunade still angry because of what he did yesterday? The blond shook his head vigorously, blue ribbons swirling along with his head. No, Tsunade can't still be angry at him for that.

"Gaah, I can't just stand here and do nothing!" Naruto whined to himself, trying to smoothen down the puffed up skirt. "I have to find baa-chan."

Doing the hand signals, Naruto was glad that he was able to teleport himself from his house straight into Hokage's room. If he had to walk out of his apartment dressed like this… who knows what will happen to him.


Tsunade was happy the whole morning. In fact, there was this inward smirk and grin that she couldn't keep of herself. Internally, that is.

In fact, she was waiting, patiently (for once) waiting for Uzumaki Naruto appear.

Shizune was staring worriedly at her but Tsunade didn't bother. Her friend would find out in due time and—


Ah right on time.

"Oi gaki!" Tsunade snapped, a smirk on her face, "Next time warn me before you just pop in."

The smoke cleared and Shizune stumbled back a few steps. She opened her mouth, before closing it again to take a deep breath before she continued. "N-Naruto-kun?!"

A deep blush flushed across Naruto's cheekbones. "Shi-Shizune nee chan."

"What in the world are you wearing?!" The lady asked as she took in the 17 year old boy's appearance. She had to admit, he really did look good though.

Naruto lifted a shaky finger and pointed at Tsunade. "Ask the old hag!" His voice now firm.

Tsunade grinned broadly, for once ignoring the 'old hag' insult. "I'm glad it fits. Looks good ne, Naruto?"

Indeed it did, Naruto was dressed in… well a dress. But not just any dress no. It was a dress Tsunade had specially designed for Naruto. It was an off-shoulder dress that had soft silky orange cloth as the top and a puffy white skirt as the bottom. The dress looked fancy, Tsunade had to say, because the off-shoulder sleeves and torso were held up with Uzumaki symbol plated hardy cloth and the orange silk traveled from the top where it pooled around Naruto's back and shoulders to the waistline where it split into different parts with two extra long pieces going all the way down to his knees.

Ah, and to top it off, a special blue flower hairpiece. It was basically one big and one smaller flower linked together with ribbons with two long blue silk pieces falling over Naruto's shoulder. For his feet, he wore a pair of plain white boots.

"What on earth do you mean by 'looks good'?!" Naruto almost screeched, "I look ridiculous."

"On the contrary," Tsunade coughed, smiling a smug smile, "it looks very nice."

Golden eyebrows narrowed, "Whatever," but there was tint of red at his cheeks, "just tell me what the hell am I doing wearing a freaking dress!"

Shizune shot Tsunade an incredulous look which the Hokage ignored promptly. "It's a mission that's all there is to it."

"A mission," Naruto said skeptically, "what kind of mission is this?!"

A smirk, "I'm glad you accepted it."

"I did not accept it! I had no choice!"

Tsunade shrugged.

Naruto gritted his teeth together. This wasn't going anywhere he liked. "Fine, then I'll just stay inside my house today."

"Nope you can't, it's against the mission. You have to go out today."

"Are you crazy?!" Naruto blurted out before he could help himself. "I can't go out looking like this! I don't want to look like a gir--" There he stopped, an idea coming to mind.

"No you can't henge into your sexy-no-jutsu either. It has to be plainly you."

Naruto's brilliant plan got shot down. "Nani?!" He shook his head violently, "You can't be serious! What if I get… raped or something?!"

"I trust that you'll be able to take care of yourself."

The blonde's mouth was wide open in pure shock and terror. He gave Shizune a pleading glance who in turn tried to talk Tsunade out of it only to shut her mouth at a warning glance the Hokage shot her. Shizune gave Naruto a helpless and apologetic look.

"Don't complain brat," Tsunade drawled, a glint in her eye, "this was specially designed for you. See, it has the Uzumaki symbol."

"I don't give a shit about that!" Naruto snarled, not really angry at Tsunade but… just… confused and embarrassed maybe?

The Hokage shrugged, "I was just trying to let you see some good points."

Naruto felt like dying. Today was going to be absolutely the worst day in his entire life. He really didn't have a choice. "I don't want to do this mission, it's just against my pride. I'd accept the C and D missions."

"Oh yeah?" Tsunade smirked, "Alright then, since you're too scared to do this mission then-"

"I'm not scared!"

Mwhaha, this was working excellently. "You don't dare to do this mission?"

"Damn it, fine! I'll do this stupid mission! I'll show you I'm not scared." With a resigned sigh, Naruto spoke up again after a few moments of silence, "What rank is this mission?"

"Classified information." Tsunade answered easily.

His jaw dropped, "You're kidding!"

"Nope I'm not." Tsunade grinned, getting up and making her way to Naruto, "Good luck now gaki, knock everyone dead!" With that, she shoved the blond out of her room and slammed the door.

Naruto jumped and blinked at the closed door for a moment before he spun around and took quick glances around. Whew, there wasn't anyone there. Across the corridor, Naruto could look out the window and he saw the sky. It was a beautiful and clear day.

"It's mocking me…" Naruto muttered darkly under his breath. "Screw you."

To be continued.

It was suppose to be a one-shot damn it! It just grew longer and longer. This story was inspired by my drawings. XD Go and see if you don't think bad drawings would kill you.

hiki-chan. deviantart. com/art/ Naruto-Dress-Up-81055176

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