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Dress Up

By: Hiki-chan

Just Moments Ago

Sasuke was having a good day. Yes he was. He managed to frighten 3 little kids, made a Chunin piss in his pants in fright, threw a bunch of his fangirls in a trap that would keep them there for a day and had set his snakes on some bandits who had tried to attack him during his training deep in Konoha forest.

But what made his day excellent was the moment he got back into Konoha. He heard two girls talking about Sakura and Ino dragging an utterly adorable sweet cute Uzumaki Naruto around. That sentence made Sasuke stop dead in his tracks and immediately changed his plans from going home to finding Naruto.

Of course, he set fire on the two girl's hair first. No one gets away calling his Naruto cute other than him.

Yes, possessive was his middle name.

He didn't have to search long because he heard Sai's disgusting and annoying voice. He kept his chakra low and had crept to see.

His first reaction was a nosebleed. A serious real nosebleed. A geyser of blood had erupted from his nose like no other, it really scared Sasuke sometimes; the extend of his attraction to Naruto could go.

But could you blame him? Never had he expected Naruto to wear such an... utterly arousing outfit. Did the dobe even know what he was doing wearing that out in public? Was he teasing Sasuke on purpose? That couldn't be it, because Sasuke kept his feelings very much to himself.

Hearing Kakashi and Iruka speaking, Sasuke lowered his chakra even further, Kakashi was sharp, but not sharp enough.

Ah, it was because of Tsunade that this glorious thing had to happen.

There was a 'poof' where Jiraiya had appeared, the man chortled about Naruto's mission. So it was a mission. That was the reason why Naruto had to wear that...

How utterly yummy.

In fact... Sasuke smirked the moment they started to argue about who Naruto should go with. Wasting no time, he took action.


Naruto hid a shudder as Sasuke ran an appreciative eye up and down his body.

Covering his body like a modest little girl Naruto bit out with a snarl, "What are you looking at bastard?!"

"You, obviously." The Uchiha snorted out easily, smirking when Naruto's cheeks flushed a deep red color.

"Why did you bring me here anyway." Naruto muttered, refusing to have eye contact with the Uchiha.

"You wanted to be dragged around with Ino and Sakura? Or maybe you wanted to go to the brothel with Jiraiya?" Sasuke rose an eyebrow at Naruto.

"No..." Naruto answered truthfully but continued, "But I can't stay indoors I have to stay-"

"I spoke to Tsunade about it," Sasuke waved it off, "she said it was fine as long as you stayed with me." Sasuke inwardly grinned, of course he had not spoken to Tsunade about it. He was just saying whatever he could to keep Naruto from leaving.

Eyebrows narrowed in suspicion, "Are you sure, teme?"

Sasuke tried to play it off easy, "Of course, usuratonkachi." Think fast Uchiha, think fast! "She thought about it, and said that if I was around, you won't get mobbed because... I would get mobbed first." Yes, that's a good reply; Uchiha Sasuke was always popular, dress or no dress.

Naruto thought about and had to agree. "Fine bastard."

The Uchiha smirked before he walked a little closer to Naruto who took a few steps away in reflex. His smirk widened as he circled the blond as a lion would circle its prey. "Though I find it hard to believe you took up this mission."

Pearly white teeth gritted together in irritation, "I had no choice teme, it's either this or rank C and D missions for a month."

Oh, so that's how the old hag managed to get Naruto to do this mission huh. But, knowing Naruto he would still-

"I actually still said no, but that old hag had the nerve to say I was too scared to do this mission!"

Oh! That's more like it. Well done Tsunade... Her manipulative ways really impresses him sometimes. Sasuke had to applaud her.

"So you've been walking around like this?" Sasuke asked, an amused smirk on his handsome face.

A scowl at the memory, "You meant dragged me around..." Naruto stood rooted to the spot as Sasuke continued to circle him. "Can you stop that teme," he hissed, "I'm going to get dizzy." Actually what Naruto wanted to say was 'You're making me feel like the prey!'

Sasuke stopped but he still smirked. "Is that so, dobe?"

Naruto sighed, running his fingers through his blond hair before those fingers felt the hair ornament. With an irritated snort, he tossed the annoying strings of ribbon over his shoulder. "Stupid baa-chan." His face darkened slightly. 'Stupid teme.'

"What did you do to her?"

"Uh," Naruto laughed uncertainly before shaking his head, "you'd rather not know teme."

The raven rose an eyebrow before he shrugged, he didn't really care either.

Silence arose while Naruto fidgeted nervously as he shakily tried to pull his off-shoulder sleeves higher. Damn, he really hated silence. "So... what do we do now?"

He instantly regretted it when Sasuke's dark eyes slowly trailed up the length of his arm from his fingers, his shoulders and neck before ending at his face. Naruto almost shuddered, almost.

With a growl, Naruto tugged his sleeves higher although they refused to budge from their position. The blond snarled, "Stop staring at me like that."

"Oh? And why should I?"

Naruto glared, "Because it's making me uneasy, so stop it."

Sasuke suddenly glared at Naruto, making the blond jump a little on the inside. "So other people can stare at you, but when it's me you don't like it?"

"No! I don't mean it like that." Naruto glared back.

"Then what do you mean by that?" Sasuke asked coldly, taking a step forward.

"I don't like you staring at me like that you bastard! It's embarrassing!" Naruto moved away. The teme really had weird mood swings...

"And it isn't embarrassing when others stare at you like that?" Sasuke took another step forward.

Naruto took another step back, "No! Of course it is!"

The Uchiha slowly cornered the blond against the wall, "So tell me Naruto, would you prefer to have a stranger stare at you or me?"

"What?! A stranger of course!" A stranger wouldn't know who he was, and it wouldn't be as embarrassing.

Naruto's back collided with the wall.

Sasuke growled at the back of his throat, that wasn't the answer he wanted. "You want a stranger to see you like this?"

Damn it, Sasuke was dragging him into one big circle and Naruto was getting confused.

"No, of course not! But I'd rather it be someone else, anyone else other than you!" Naruto snapped his mouth shut when Sasuke's Sharingan came into play. Shit, was that ever the wrong sentence to say.

"Uh! What I meant was-! Uhm! Th-That wasn't what I meant, r-really! Sas--" With another step forward, Sasuke trapped Naruto, ignoring his personal space.

Naruto gulped, he was in deep shit. No doubt about that.

"Anyone else other than me, Usuratonkachi?" Sasuke challenged, pressing his body up against the blond.

Naruto would have wondered why Sasuke was doing that but his mind was currently clouded with the dark black eyes that caught his and the warmth of Sasuke's body heat.

"Is that what you meant?" Sasuke leaned forward closer so he could speak directly into Naruto's ear, "Why?"

"W-Why?" Naruto stuttered after Sasuke had spoken darkly into his ear. He could barely prevent himself from shaking.

"Yes, why?" Sasuke retreated just a little bit but instead faced Naruto directly. Naruto's eyes widened as they stared straight into dark orbs. Somehow, Naruto felt his knees weakening and his eyes grow heavy involuntary. How did this situation change so fast?!

"B-Be... Because..." Naruto's eyes lidded as Sasuke brought his face closer to his, his cheeks got redder.

"Because of what Uzumaki?" Sasuke questioned as he drew closer, he could feel his blood rushing downwards, Naruto looked so beautiful like that, especially in that dress.

"B...Because it's... you..." Naruto breathed sharply when Sasuke's lips brushed against his so ever lightly. "That's why... I don't want you to look."

Sasuke smirked a little against Naruto's lips, this was the answer he wanted. "Really? Well if I tell you that because it's you, that's why I want to see. What would you say?"

Now Naruto's blush deepened further. "I-I would say..." Naruto felt his body slumping on the wall as warm strong arms went round his waist. Damn it. Darkened blue eyes furrowed suddenly, and tanned arms reach up to pull the Uchiha closer, "I would say, just kiss me already, bastard!"

Almost instantaneously, Sasuke crashed his lips against Naruto's. It was rough, it was angry but it was still as delicious as expected. It didn't take long for Sasuke to get Naruto to open up, he almost grinned when he heard a low sound escape Naruto. An open mouth kissed made Naruto almost lose it, thankfully Sasuke's grip on him was tight.

The Uchiha licked the blonde's lips once before he proceeded downwards; trailing little kisses from Naruto's lips to his chin, neck before stopping at his bare shoulders. With a smirk, he worked his magic, delighting in the sighs that escaped Naruto. Once his mark was left on the beautiful tanned skin he went back to Naruto's lips.

He nearly devoured the blonde's mouth before he pulled away, brushing his finger over Naruto's lips with a satisfied smile on his face. "All you needed to do was ask, Usuratonkachi."

"Bas-tard." Naruto's heart almost stopped at the smile, but he quickly retorted with a pout before dragging Sasuke back down for them to finish up what they started.

Next Day

"Ahhh Uchiha." Tsunade crossed her fingers together and fixed her eyes on the raven before her. "What can I do for you?"

"Why was it yesterday that you decided to act upon my request?" Sasuke's eyes were on the Hokage before he continued, "You were so against it initially when I asked."

"Because yesterday was more for my convenience and pleasure of revenge." She replied, easily answering both of Sasuke's queries.

Sasuke smirked, in any case, now that the dobe was his, this didn't really matter. In fact, it was only due to Naruto in a dress that got him to react. "Very good Tsunade-sama. I thank you."

An eyebrow rose in amusement, "You finally got what you wanted?"

"That's right." Sasuke turned and made a move to leave, upon reaching the door he heard Tsunade speak again.

"I expect the cheque for giving Naruto the mission soon Sasuke."

There was an evil smile and a scoff before Sasuke replied, "Of course."




Extra Bit

Naruto smiled brightly to himself as he snuggled deeper into the covers of Sasuke's bed. Everything that had happened made him very happy. Everything from the beginning of making Tsunade angry until now... everything was...


With a satisfied smile he breathed the raven's scent in deeply. "It worked out perfectly, just like you said it would Kyuubi."

There was a deep chuckle inside his head before it purred, -"Of course it did, Kitling."-

Naruto grinned into the pillow.

Real Owari

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