Authors Note: I do not own Atelier Iris Eternal Mana, Atelier Iris 2 Azoth or Destiny, Atelier Iris 3 Grand Fantasia or any Atelier Iris games of the future. I do not own anything. Note: I saw no VxK fics here so I thought of making one. Also I have not beaten Atelier Iris Eternal Mana so if I'm wrong at anything please forgive me.

Whenever I wake up at the base I wonder 'How is Veola?' I wonder if she has made any new recipes, or if that guy is still hassling her. As I walk out for the day, Lita goes to see the flowers around town, Norn tries to pickpocket people, Delsius goes out for his morning beer, and Arlin does…mysterious things. I decide to walk over to Veola's magic shop to see how she is doing. I open the door to see her normal blank face and then it curves into a smile.

"Hello Klein. How was yesterdays search for mirrors?" She asked quietly yet cutely. I put my head behind my head nervous and trying to hide my blush.

"Oh..uh, not well enough. We didn't find anything except..oh!" I remembered an item I found and then synthesized.

"What Klein?" Veola asked with worry on her face. I held out an item from my knap sack.

"Here, this is for you, a pendent."

Veola blushed. "Oh Klein…why did you..?"

"Because I wanted to make something for you! I worked very hard carving it..especially the heart part."

"I love it, but…don't you like Lita? Shouldn't you have given it to her?" Veola asked confused. I looked confused as well.

"Why did you think I liked Lita?" She put her hands in front of her chest and turned away, perhaps embarrassed.

"I thought you liked her because you're always with her." She said angrily but I could also sense some sadness in her words. I walked behind the counter, then grabbed her hands and turned her to look me straight in the eyes.

"I'll let you know one thing, and never EVER forget heart belongs to you." Veola gasped, blushing and then she closed her eyes and smiled.

"I've waited to hear those words for so long…I thought I'd never hear them but I hoped and I tried to have you visit me, just to talk to me and.." she sobbed.

"You said you like me really and truly! I'm so happy! You like me." I grabbed Veola's hand and squeezed it tightly piercing her eyes, which were focused on the pot and then on me.

"I don't like you…I love you! Veola the hugged me tightly, the sounds of chimes and customers didn't even faze her in our embrace. The Grim Reaper could even walk in and she wouldn't even care.

"I love you so much Klein! Your always so kind and caring and always there for me. I've loved you for such a long time Thank you for the pendent from the bottom of my heart!"

"Your welcome and I have loved you since I first saw you, silent yet strong even when people get in your way you fight!" For a while hugged happily, our feelings were returned and then we realized that there were customers so we stopped hugging and got back to synthesizing. At the end of the day Veola handed me a medicine and told me I walked hard. Right when I turned to walk away, she grabbed the back on my cape.

"Stop!" Veola yelled.

"Yes?" I turned back to the counter. Veola placed her hands on the countertop and kissed me goodbye on the lips.

"Will you be coming back tomorrow?" She asked.

"Of course and that's a promise! After all, my heart belongs to you!" Veola smiled and waved goodbye for today.