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The Holonet reporters were going crazy. There was a scandal. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi had resigned. Not because he was dissatisfied or he was disillusioned. He left for her.

A lone Jedi Knight glared at the view screen in front of her. Why had he done this? 'Why for her and not for me?' she wondered. They had once shared something, but he had thrown that into the wind for her. When it was me, he chose the Order but now it's her and he doesn't even think twice. The grief and jealousy that swept through her, surprised her. She wasn't used to these emotions, she hadn't expected them.

She and Obi-Wan had chosen the Order over love. A life of duty rather than to do as their hearts told them. It had been a mutual, if reluctant, decision. Both the decision and the reluctance had been mutual.

He must have gotten over that. Must have thought that she wouldn't mind if he ran off with another and flaunted it all over the media.

There was only one question she wanted to ask him: "Why her and not me?"


The ethereal world of the Force enchanted her very being, filled her every sense. She was aware of everything at once, then she was aware of them.

She was suddenly ashamed that she had been jealous. She was glad that he could love another, especially after she had died, defending her against Vader. Many things had changed for her in that split second.

She had suddenly realised that he had never stopped loving her, but had found the room in his heart to love another.

She was no longer jealous. She rejoiced for his life with her, had prevented him from being hunted along with the rest of the Jedi. His love for her had saved his life. Just as she had saved her life, she had saved the life of her love.

And for that, Siri Tachi was forever indebted to Padme Amidala Kenobi.


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