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Chapter 9

The evening was spent in warm cosiness. Karen was lying in Grace's arms, snuggling up in their warmth, while staring at the TV screen without really noticing what was happening.

"Thanks again for telling me what happened. It's good because now I know that you trust me."

"I've trusted you before, Gracie." Karen replied placing a kiss on Grace's neck.

"Yeah...well but it never felt completely like it, but kinda does. also said "I love you" for the very first time." Grace started teasing her.

"I did not..." Karen said suddenly feeling embarrassed for he earlier actions.

"Oh, didn't you?" Grace said mockingly "so you don't love me then?"

"No, Gracie, of course I do!" Karen hurried to say and quickly turned to face Grace.

Seeing the level of desperation and fear in Karen's face, Grace had to swallow down a giggle.

"I know you do, Kare. I just wanted to show you that it won't hurt if you say it more often. I know that you're a big softie even though you like to hide it."

"I just don't like to be weak." Karen quietly said and snuggled back into the protection of Grace's arms.

"Believe me, love, it doesn't make you feel weak and just to make that perfectly clear: needing hugs, cuddles and affection isn't a bad thing. If you think that way then that would theoretically make me...a loser." she laughed awkwardly.

Karen didn't reply and Grace was scared for a minute that she might have gone too far. But then she felt how Karen took her hands and put them lightly onto her tummy.

"Do you think it has grown?" Karen asked.

"Yeah, your belly feels a bit bigger. This is so exciting! We should definitely go and buy some baby clothes soon."

"Don't you think that it's too fast? Shouldn't we wait at least until we know if it's a boy or a girl?"

Grace smiled softly and gently started caressing Karen's belly.

"I feel that it's gonna be a girl. Just as beautiful as her mother."

"Mmh, you're incorrigible, aren't you?" Karen said laughing, reached for the remote control and switched the TV off since none of them was paying attention to it in anyway.

"Lets go to bed, Kare." Grace said, stood up and held a hand out for Karen "it's been a long day and I'm really tired."

"Ok." Karen replied and got up.

They walked back to the bedroom where Grace changed into another one of Karen's pyjamas while Karen herself slowly stripped out of her clothes and into the night gown she had worn the night before.

"Why does everything you do look so sexy?" Grace asked who was already sitting on the bed, watching how the dark gown slowly slid over the soft skin of Karen's breasts, down to her growing tummy and down her thighs.

"Maybe because I'm trying to look attractive for you?" Karen replied.

"You always do. You're the most beautiful woman, Kare. I simply have to keep saying that." Grace said and pulled Karen into bed with her.

"Goodnight, Gracie. I love you!" Karen said and kissed her.

"And I love you." Grace replied before turning off the lights "and our little baby girl."

With these words she gently wrapped her arms around Karen's waist and buried her face in her auburn hair.

When Grace awoke the next morning she found herself looking into a pair of olive eyes.

"Morning, honey." Karen greeted her smiling.

"Hey, Kare." Grace replied and breathed a little kiss on her lips.

"I think you should go home to Will, Gracie. He might be worried by now and you could pick up some more clothes or something?" "

Yeah, you're right. I think I should. Are you coming with?"

"No... I think it's time I thank Rosie and take her out somewhere."

"That sounds great! Well, I better get changed then and go to Will's!"

While Grace went to the bathroom to get changed there, Karen took her bathrobe and rang the bell. A few minutes later Rosario entered the room.

"Miss Karen?" she asked.

"My Rosie." Karen replied and got up to greet the maid "I have to thank you. You saved me and my child... I would like to take you shopping and maybe to a restaurant afterwards?"

"You mean you want me to cook?" Rosario asked doubting Karen's honesty.

"No, Ro-Ro. She really wants to take you out." Grace answered and left the bathroom.

"Santa Maria-it has human emotions." Rosario muttered and then watched in surprise as Grace went to Karen and kissed her goodbye. "Seems Grace turned another person gay."

Grace took the next cab home to Will, wanting to have a shower and find some more clothes.

"Hey,sweety! I was worried about you." Will greeted her smiling "thought Karen had sold your soul to her friend Satan." he laughed and Grace couldn't help but join in.

She dropped her handbag on the sofa and went to the fridge to get some water.

"But seriously" Will said when she took a seat next to him "how is Karen really holding up?"

"Ok." Grace replied taking a sip from her water.

"Ok?" You have been there for like...3 days?! When Karen let you stay that long it has to be something serious."

"Yeah, it is. But it's all sorted now." Grace shortly replied again.

"So you won't tell me what it was?"

"I'm sorry, sweety, I can't! But Karen will soon, I promise you. And now I'll go and shower." she said, got up and put her bottle down which was followed by an angry "Hey! This'll leave marks on my table!" Once in the bathroom she took her clothes off, switched the shower to hot and stepped into it.

Meanwhile, driver had dropped Karen and Rosario off at Macy's and they were now looking for a new pair of shoes for Rosario.

"Rosie." Karen suddenly said "I want you to know that I'm really grateful for what you've done but could you do me a favour?"

"I know there was a "But" part to it." Rosario sighed rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, but only a tiny one... could you please not mention a thing about me and Grace to anyone?"

"Why would I?"

"That's my girl." Karen replied beaming at her "for this answer you deserve an especially nice pair of shoes."

30 minutes later they were on their way to a restaurant when Karen decided to ring Grace. Grace had just finished drying her hair when Will knocked on the door.

"Gracie! Telephone for you!"

"Not now! I'm busy! Tell them I'll ring em back!"

"It's Karen." Will answered and Grace noticed how her heart started beating faster just by the mention of her name.

"Oh, that's completely different." Grace said, opened the door and snatched the phone out of Will's hands. "Hey,Kare! What's up?" she asked trying o sound as casual as possible.

"Hello, my love!" Karen replied and a big smile spread over Grace's face "Ro-Ro and I are having our meal now and I was wondering if I could come over to yours afterwards?"

"Sure, Karen. How's Leila doing?"

"Leila?! Who is- Gracie, we will NOT call her Leila."

"Well, we'll see. But how is she?"

"She is alright. She just misses her mummy."

"Yeah, I miss her, too." Grace chuckled.

"Anyway, I'll see you later then. Oh and you haven't told Wilma?"

"Of course not, we'll do that together. Oh and sweety? No booze,ok?"

"I wasn't planning to drink!" Karen exclaimed "see ya!"

"No booze?! Leila?! You are sure you were talking to Karen?" Will asked once Grace had hung up.

"Yup." she replied laughing "she shouldn't drink so much! And Leila's a friend of hers! Oh, and she'll come over here in a bit."

Will still looked puzzled but eventually shrugged and decided that it had to do with the days Grace had spent at the manse.

Two hours later a knock on the door was heard and Karen entered the apartment.

"Hey ladies!" she greeted Will and Grace.

Will turned to look at her but then raised an eyebrow. "Karen, you're practically glowing! Either you're in love or you are...pregnant?!"