I was just in the shower when I heard a familiar sound.

The phone rang.

So I got out, grabbed the towel and answered the phone.

'Claire speaking'

'Claire this is Leon, we've got trouble'

I haven't heard him talk this serious and nervous in a while, the last time was in Racoon City.

'What kind of trouble?' I asked, not wanting to know the answer.

I just got in the S.T.A.R.S. and they said that if someone starts a conversation with 'we've got trouble' its always bad.

'It's happening again Claire' he sounded like he was about to yell.

'It's freaking happening again, apparently Wesker had a few more vials when he escaped' I hold my breath and already grabbed my gun and ammo.

'Where?' it's al I needed to know for now….'where is it?'

'Its currently in Bradbury LA but who knows how fast its going to spread, we have to move fast now! They have the virus contained in the city for now, but we have to rescue the survivors '

Oh my god, its in Bradbury, that's just about 30 Miles from here.

'Ok! Have you contacted Jill and the others?' I asked, already knowing he probably did.

Because that's procedure, first the more experienced ones, then the newbie's.

'No, I haven't not yet. I wanted to let you know first cause you live closest to LA'

'Ok, where are you?'

'I'm almost at Bradbury, can you contact Jill and Chris for me? Since they live almost next to you'

'Sure of course I can' Chris and Jill moved in with each other last year.

I've been living just a few blocks away from them.

'Ok, I'm going of the phone to call Carlos'

I nodded, but remembered he wont he see it 'Right, ok, see you there' and I put the phone down.

'aaarrrgghh' I screamed out loud.

'why cant they just forget about that stupid bio weapon, cant they see its too dangerous to keep testing it'

I grab my outfit and put it on, and put my hair in a ponytail. Put my gun in the gun holster and 1 gun hidden away.

My knife is in my knife pocket, I'm good to go.

Just 1 final check before I go to Jill and Chris' house.

'Ok, am I sure I have everything?' count everything away.

Guns? Check. Knife? Check. Ammo? Check. First Aid Spray? No Check!

Almost slapped myself, how can I forget the First Aid Spray?

I quickly grabbed the Spray and put it into the special pocket.

'Ok, last check. Gun. Knife. Ammo. Spray. Ok, got everything, lets get moving then'