They were counting down the days now. It was November – not too long to go until the Caesarean. Just a few days until Chuck and Sarah would be the parents of two wee small children.

Sarah had initially hated the sixteen hours-a-day bed rest. However, as the pregnancy got closer and closer to its end, she was appreciating it more and more. Her body had taken a beating over the course of the last nine months – she was tall, but she had always had a slim frame, so her back was just about shot to hell.

Her muscle tone was shot – something she intended to rectify as soon as her doctor gave his blessing. It took far more effort than she really liked to exert to do things as simple as getting up to go to the bathroom, showering, eating. The drive to the federal building had become an onerous task, and quite frankly, she was sick of being there for four hours looking at documents that she was having trouble concentrating on anyway.

And so, on November 1st, she had informed the CIA that she was beginning her maternity leave early. They had had no problem with that, though Sam Tyler, the new Director, seemed to get his nose bent out of shape a little over it.

The next day, November 2nd, Sarah had spent the day doing something she hadn't done in years – watching MSNBC all day long. The reason was that it was Election Day, and Art Graham was up for the US Senate from North Carolina – he was running as an Independent against Republican incumbent Richard Burr.

The media pundits were actually keeping a fairly close eye on the election. Richard Burr was well-known to be a thorn in the side of the cranky, refuse-to-play-by-the-rules maverick President, whereas Art Graham actually got along fairly well with the President, even though Graham had made it quite clear that he intended to caucus with the Democrats.

Results were slow to come in, and when they did, they showed a neck-and-neck race all day long. Sarah actually didn't leave the bed that day unless it was absolutely necessary – she was glued to the TV. Finally, though, at the end of the day, the results came in.

The former director of the CIA, the man who had personally recruited Sarah ten years before – My God, was it REALLY that long ago? – had accrued fifty-two percent of the vote from North Carolinians, knocking Richard Burr out of the Senate, and joining Elizabeth Dole as the Senate representatives from the Tar Heel state.

"Unbelievable," Chuck said, having joined Sarah to watch the results. "Director Graham is now Senator Graham."

Sarah looked at him. There was an undertone to his voice that indicated he didn't entirely approve. "Is that… a problem?" she asked.

Chuck sighed. "I find it hard to let go of the fact that he once ordered me to be involuntarily sequestered," he replied. "You know, when I woke up in that facility in Moab, I thought I was never going to see my family… Morgan… you… ever again. And since Director Graham was the one who ordered me treated like a prisoner… yeah."

Sarah leaned her head on his shoulder. "Chuck… I understand," she replied. "But think of it this way… if that hadn't happened, you and I might never have admitted the true extent of our feelings for one another."

A smile slowly came to his face. "Well, I suppose I should thank him, then."

She smiled too. "Maybe so."

On November 15th, two and a half weeks after Kathryn Rachel Woodcomb had entered the world, Ellie and Devin had a big friends and family dinner to introduce them to baby Katie. Chuck and Sarah were invited, of course, along with Casey, Morgan and Anna.

All through dinner, Anna kept looking longingly at Ellie, holding Katie, then looking over at Sarah, and then throwing evil glances at Morgan. Morgan, of course, was being totally oblivious. When Anna said, "Gosh, I'd love to have a baby," however, Morgan practically choked.

Casey practically choked as well – but that was more because he was trying not to laugh than anything else. Finally, he calmed down, and Chuck could've sworn he heard Casey mutter, "Baby Morgans… no thank you," under his breath.

After dinner, the group settled in the living room, looking at pictures of Katie at the hospital, and pretty much for every day since then. It seemed that Devin was the kind of father who absolutely had to document every moment – every blink of the eye, every little motion, every time Katie puked, which was often.

Katie was passed around quite a bit, much to her displeasure. However, when Sarah received her, she quieted down, looking up at her aunt, eyes wide. Then she yawned and stretched out an arm – just like an adult would. Sarah smiled and laughed slightly –

And then she suddenly felt like her bladder had let go, as an uncontrolled gush of wetness flooded below where she was sitting. Sarah's eyes widened, and she looked across the room at her sister-in-law.

Ellie had just looked over at Sarah, and saw what had happened. "Oh my God!" Ellie said.

Sarah just nodded. "Chuck!" Ellie exclaimed. "Your wife is going into labor!"

Chuck turned from his conversation with Devin and Casey, looked across the room, saw what was going on – and his eyes rolled back in his head, and he collapsed.

"Oh for Christ's sake," Ellie groaned, annoyed. "Devin, John, can you help Sarah out to the Escape? I'll see if I can get my brother to wake up."

Devin took Katie from Sarah, and Casey gently slid an arm behind Sarah's back, supporting both her arms and boosting her to her feet. He supported her as she slowly made her way out the door.

Suddenly, his load was lessened by half. He looked over to his right – to see Chuck, who had bounced back from his unconscious moment and was now supporting Sarah as well.

"Sorry about that," he said quietly. "I guess… I panicked a little."

"Happens to the best of us, Bartowski," Casey grunted. "Bring her this way – we're not taking Devin's Escape."

Sarah looked over at him. "What?"

"We're taking the Suburban," Casey replied. "There is no POSSIBLE way anything is going to happen to you on the way to the hospital. You got that?"

Sarah smiled and nodded. "Thank you, John," she said quietly, tears beginning to come to her eyes.

He looked over at her. "Don't start, Walker," he growled. "I'm not in the mood for emotionalism right now."

Two minutes later, the Bartowski-Walker-Woodcomb clan had piled themselves into the Suburban, with John Casey driving. Katie had been left at the apartment, with Morgan and Anna to watch over her. "I hope this isn't a mistake," Ellie said worriedly.

"Babe, I'm sure everything is gonna be awesome," Devin replied.

Casey's driving reminded Chuck a bit of that night more than three years before – his first encounter with John Casey, when the NSA agent had gone more than a little berserk with a similar black Suburban. As the big Chevrolet rocketed down Beverly Boulevard well in excess of the speed limit, Sarah cried out sharply.

"God dammit!" she howled, clutching her abdomen.

"Chuck! Start your stopwatch!" Ellie ordered. Chuck didn't argue with his sister – he quickly switched his watch's function and complied.

When Sarah's breathing slowed and she sighed in relief, Ellie told Chuck to stop the stopwatch. Chuck did. "Forty-two seconds," he reported.

Ellie nodded. "Start it up again."

The ride was silent for the next few minutes. As Casey crossed over Normandie, though, Sarah howled again. "Two minutes, fifty-one seconds," Chuck reported, resetting and restarting the stopwatch.

"God," Ellie breathed. "John, we have to go faster, or I'm gonna be delivering babies in the back end of your truck!"

"I'm on it," Casey grunted. He activated the Suburban's police lights and siren and pressed the pedal to the floor.

Meanwhile, Devin had pulled out his phone. "Dr. Zinn, this is Dr. Devin Woodcomb," he said when the other end was answered. "Listen, Sarah Bartowski is going into labor… yes, I mean Agent Walker. She's going into labor, and we're headed for Cedars right now. I can make sure she gets prepped properly, but as a family member, I really probably shouldn't… okay, yes. Alright. We'll see you there."

When Casey reached San Vicente Boulevard, he whipped the Suburban hard to the left. He flew down the street, wreaking havoc among the cars exiting the Beverly Center.

Another hard right turn put them on Gracie Allen Drive, headed directly toward the Ruth & Harry Roman Emergency Department. Casey pulled the Suburban up in front of the door, bringing the NSA vehicle to a quick stop.

Several staff had come running outside, attracted by the lights and siren. Devin dove out the door, shouting instructions as he went. The well-trained ER staff didn't ask questions – they just did as Devin ordered.

Two minutes later, Sarah was in a wheelchair, clad only in a hospital gown, with Chuck rapidly wheeling her through the halls of Cedars-Sinai, bound for the maternity ward. Devin and Ellie were right behind them, and Casey had gone off to park the Suburban.

When they reached the ward, Dr. Zinn was there already, prepped and ready to deliver babies. "I guess you didn't want that Caesarean after all, Agent Walker?"

"What are you talking about?" she gasped. "I thought you said you didn't want to risk a natural birth!"

"Well, your body has decided otherwise," he replied. "We'll be monitoring things very closely. Don't worry. Everything will be alright."

Dr. Zinn stepped in front of Sarah. "Alright, on three, your husband, Dr. Woodcomb, and I are going to stand you up and get you onto the table."

Sarah had a completely irrelevant thought. "Which Dr. Woodcomb?"

"Doesn't matter," Dr. Zinn replied, as Devin stepped behind her. "One… two… three!"

And just as they moved her, she had another, incredibly strong contraction, causing her to scream directly in Devin's ear. His face took on a look of shock, and as soon as she was safely on the table, he clutched a hand to his ear.

"Wow," he gasped, rubbing the side of his head. "Not so awesome."

"Well, looks like we need to help you out a little there," Dr. Zinn said. "Roll on your side, please, Agent Walker?"

She looked at him curiously, but did as she was told. As soon as she was on her side, a nurse stepped behind her, quickly prepped a small area on the small of her back with tincture of iodine, and then just as quickly inserted a catheter to begin an epidural analgesia. Sarah yelped and jumped in pain as the catheter punctured her back.

"You'll thank me for it," Dr. Zinn assured her. "It should make things be a little less painful."

It didn't really do enough. Sarah was still miserable. An hour later, the pain had grown to what she would later describe as epic proportions, as she groaned, breathed deeply, and pushed, and then repeated, over and over again.

"We've got a baby on the way!" Dr. Zinn declared. When it crowned, though, it was the most godawful pain that Sarah had ever felt. She screamed out and squeezed Chuck's hand so hard he thought it was going to break. Instead of objecting, however, he just stroked her hand with his other hand and said, "You're doing great, Sarah."

She looked up at him, a murderous glare in her eyes. "If you EVER touch me again," she hissed, "I will SHOOT IT OFF!"

Chuck's eyes widened a little at that statement, and on the other side of the room, Devin and Ellie were doing their best not to laugh. The fact that they were still there was a major concession on Sarah's part – Devin had wanted to capture the whole thing on video for posterity, and Sarah hadn't wanted anybody in there but Chuck, so they had met halfway.

A moment later, there was a sharp cry as the first baby breathed its first lungful of air. Dr. Zinn smiled, and cut the umbilical. He handed the baby – a little girl – to a nurse, who quickly wiped her off, and then handed her to Chuck.

Chuck's eyes widened, and Ellie was afraid he was going to pass out again. But no – instead, he looked down at this little girl – his daughter – with a look of wonder on his face.

"What's her name, Chuck?" Devin asked.

"Lisa Erin," Chuck replied softly. That had been the first on the list of girl's names they had agreed upon. Since Chuck knew the genders ahead of time, he knew exactly what the next one's name was going to be, too, but he stayed quiet.

Bending down, he showed little Lisa to her mother. Sarah's face went from being scrunched in pain to a look of pure joy. She reached her hand up and touched Lisa's face – and then jerked it away, screaming again in pain.

Chuck stood up quickly, but the scream was enough to set off a round of crying from Lisa. As tiny as she was, her cries were almost as loud as Sarah's.

"Alright, we've got number two on the way!" Dr. Zinn announced. Chuck quickly handed Lisa off to Ellie, and then took Sarah's hand in his again.

Sarah's face took on its pained look again, but she refrained from making any threats against Chuck's genitalia this time. Closing her eyes and gritting her teeth, she gave one last almighty push –

And the cry of another infant filled the room. Dr. Zinn cut the umbilical again, and a nurse took the little boy and wiped him off, handing him to Chuck. Chuck's smile was huge – his son, his little boy.

"John Marcus," Sarah whispered. Named after Casey and her own father, Marcus Reynolds.

An hour later, the excitement had subsided. Ellie and Devin had headed back home, to rescue their own child from the corrupting grasp of Morgan Grimes and Anna Wu. Casey, who had been nervously pacing the lobby of the hospital, had agreed to let them take the Suburban, provided they brought it back in the same shape they got it in.

Casey hadn't gone anywhere near the maternity ward during the birthing process – he was afraid he would himself pass out, and the last thing he needed was to appear weak in front of Bartowski and Walker. That would just be, well, a disaster.

But when the Doctors Woodcomb had informed him that everything was over, and told him which maternity suite Sarah, Chuck, and the new baby Bartowskis were in, he had practically bowled over everybody in his path heading up there. A security guard had tried to stop him, but Casey had merely growled and flashed his NSA identification card.

When the knock sounded on the door of the maternity suite, Chuck and Sarah looked at each other, not quite sure of who it was. "Come in," Chuck called.

The door cracked open slowly, and Casey stepped in. He didn't say anything at first, just looked at the two. "Walker, you look like hell," he finally said.

She laughed. "That may be, but I understand there's a path worn in the carpet down in the lobby?"

Casey turned bright red, but because of the dim lighting in the room, neither of them could really tell. Nonetheless, he felt embarrassed – he was letting emotions get in the way again.

It didn't help when Bartowski stood up and crossed to one of the bassinets. He picked up a small bundle of human being out of it, this one dressed in blue. "John Marcus Bartowski," he said quietly to the baby, "meet your namesake, the big, bad John Casey."

Chuck held the little boy out to Casey, whose mouth had fallen open in shock. He reached out his hands, gently taking little John from Chuck, and cradling him against his chest.

"You… named him after me?" he asked quietly, not really trusting his voice.

Chuck nodded, as he crossed back to the other bassinet, and picked up a little pink bundle. "And this is Lisa Erin," he told Casey as he held his daughter.

"John," Sarah said quietly.

That was the second time tonight that Walker had called him John. It just wasn't natural.

"Yeah?" Casey replied gruffly.

"We know that despite the fact that you're a stone-cold NSA killer –"

Chuck laughed, and a smile appeared on Sarah's face as she spoke. "That despite that, you're a good man who will basically put his life on the line to protect what he cares about… so we wanted to ask you if you'd be their godfather."

Casey was shocked speechless. He just stared at Walker for a moment, then looked over at Bartowski, who nodded in response to the unspoken question of Are you serious? on Casey's face.

Casey looked back down at the baby in his arms, and to his surprise, felt a stinging warmth in his eyes as they filled with tears.

He looked back up at the other two, the agent and the human computer who he'd worked with for the last three years. Biting his lip, he nodded.

"I would… I would be honored to do so."

Devin and Ellie had returned with Devin's Escape and Chuck's Magnum, leaving the station wagon at the hospital and taking Casey back home in the Escape. Chuck was, himself, getting ready to head back home, since he was tired and Cedars didn't really have anyplace for him to stay.

He kissed his two children good night, and then crossed to Sarah.

"We're parents now," he said softly, as he leaned down to kiss her.

"I know," she said, smiling as his lips touched hers. When he pulled back, she looked up at him. Putting a hand on his head, she mussed his hair – just the opposite of what she usually did with it.

"You know, I've been doing some thinking," she whispered. "Maybe I won't shoot it off after all."

Chuck laughed. "Well, thank God for that."

Sarah smiled sweetly. "But I would seriously recommend you not come near me for awhile, buster."

And that's it! The kids are born, the nine months are over!

But fear not… this AU is not at an end. It shall return soon.