The whiskey burned the back of her throat , but it was nothing compared to how bad her heart hurt. that's why she was here in this dive bomb bar attempting to drink her pain away she knew he would never come her and see her like this. He was engaged to her as of a week ago. He came into to work a week earlier nearly bouncing with excitement exclaiming that he had finally asked Jeanne to marry him and she said yes. She tried to keep a smile on her face the rest of the day to pretend like she didn't care. She knew if she was in a foul mood for nothing then they would immediately know what was wrong with her. So to blur the edges a bit help her forget she went to a bar so far out of Tony's way he would never be there or that's what she thought she groaned when his smell reached her nose and she heard someone sit next to her she immediately knew who it was who else would sit next to her?

"You shouldn't drink alone, It's bad for you reputation.", he joked Ziva rolled her eyes in response

"Good thing you're here to save me from that now isn't it." she growled slurring her words

He looked at her his expression mingled with surprise and confusion what exactly he did to piss her off he would definitely like to know she looked so broken he could tell her eyes held a deep sorrow. But the most confusing thing of all she appeared to be drunk Ziva never got drunk she was paranoid afraid that if she got drunk she wouldn't be able to defend her self she had told him this more then once that it was important in her line of work that she never ever lose control no matter what someone had done this to her pushed her to drink alone in a run down bar someone hurt her

"are you drunk Ziva", he asked moving closer to her face

"Nah DiNozzo in completely sober", She replied sarcastically "what the hell are you doing here shouldn't you be here with your fiancé?" she couldn't keep the bitterness out of her voice and inwardly cursed her self for asking the exact question that would give everything away although if he didn't know already then he wasn't as smart as she thought he was in fact he was quiet dim.

"Can I get what ever the lady's drinking" he asked the bartender motioning to Ziva as he did so. Then he turned to her and said "I see. Well if you must know Jeanne broke off the engagement two days ago" he stared at the drink that now sat in front of him Ziva looked down obviously ashamed with her self. He wasn't really upset about the break up more like relived he couldn't really go on pretending to love Jeanne when in reality it had always been Ziva from the start one hundred percent.

"sorry I didn't know… May I ask why?" she looked up sheepishly

"You." he stated simply when he did not elaborate Ziva assumed that he did not want to talk about It but since when has that ever stopped her?

"me? What the hell did I do?"

"Jeanne didn't like the way I only ever talked about you. How amazing you are how good you did this or this. and when she asked me if I loved you I couldn't lie to her."

"she dumped you because you said you didn't love me?" Ziva asked not daring for a second what he really meant.

"No she gave me the ring back because I didn't… couldn't deny it" he looked down at his drink refusing to meet Ziva's eyes if she turned him down things would be weird if she said the attraction wasn't mutual he knew that she would have been lying

Ziva didn't know what she was doing until her lips where pressed against his in a heated kiss Ziva ran her tongue along his bottom lip begging for entrance which he granted immediately Ziva moaned as there tongues slid across each other in a battle for dominance they kissed until the need for air became all to apparent and Ziva pulled away form him stumbling slightly from the alcohol intake as she pulled him by the arm out into the street they barley got out of the door before she was pressed against the wall in another heated kiss. Ziva pulled away and looked into his lust filled eyes he wanted her and she wanted him the only question was would they last until they made it to Ziva's place before they ripped each others close off.