5 years later.

"Momma!" Addie yelled running into the kitchen where Ziva was cooking breakfast. The fivae year old bounced up an down in front of her mother. "Guess what Momma!" she said leaning forward with her hands behind her back.

"What little one?" She laughed softly at her daughters excitement. Today was Addie's very first day of school, and Ziva was doing everything she could to keep a brave face her little girl was growing up so fast.

"Aunt Sahara painted my finger nails lavender. And she braided my hair. She said that boys love my- um ex-extotic looks. And I'll get lots of boyfriends."

Ziva laughed and kissed Addie's forehead lifting her up on the countertop. "Addie I think you mean exotic."

Addie furrowed her brow. "Um yeah that was the word." She nodded. "But Momma, don't boys have cooties? That's what Alexis Johnson said and Alexis she knows everything about everything she told me herself."

"Oh she does, does she?" Ziva raised an eyebrow at the little girl.

"Ah Addie everyone knows Alexis is full of sh-"

"Sahara!" Ziva snapped.

Sahara smirked and sat down at the table. "Sorry sis."

Sahara had arrived shortly after Addie was born so that she could go to college. She went to MIT and graduated top of her class now she was living with them while she worked at NCIS on another team as probie.

"Thank you for getting her ready." Ziva smiled at the younger David but the smile was short lived when the baby monitor on the countertop went off. "Sahara do you mind getting Noah?"

"Not at all. Where's your husband anyways?"

"Um sleeping?" Ziva guessed.

"Still? Should he be getting ready for work?"

Ziva abandoned the breakfast she was cooking and padded down the hall. "Sahara can you finish breakfast I'll get Noah."

She didn't wait for a reply she just disappeared into the nursery and picked up the six month old baby out of his crib. "Hey baby boy what's the matter with you?" She felt his diaper it was wet. She changed his diaper and took him in her and Tony's bedroom. She sat the little boy on his father's chest. So that Tony would wake up.

Tony cracked on eye open and smiled lazily at her and kissed Noah on the forehead.

"Come on Tony wake up you need to get ready for work."

He grunted a response and closed his eyes again.

"Tony?" She whispered her voice broke.

He opened both eyes this time concerned. "What's wrong hon?"

"Tony our babies grown up she doesn't need us anymore" Ziva's lip quivered as she spoke. And Tony couldn't help it Ziva had become such a softy.

"She's only going to kindergarten."

"Kindergarten today college tomorrow."

"We have thirteen years for that and besides when she does leave we'll be ready for it because by then we'll want her out." Tony grinned cheekily and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"I know it's just… she's so big and independent."

"Ziva, you're her mother she's always going to need you. Even when she's married and has kids of her own."

"I know but…"

"No buts!" He interrupted putting a finger to her mouth. Ziva sighed picked up Noah and left the bedroom. She was halfway down the hall when Tony heard her yell.

"Get in the shower."


"Okay Addie are you sure your ready for this because if your not it's fine we ca wait until next year." Ziva said softly to Addie. Addie smiled her father's smile and shook her head.

"No momma I'm ready."

Ziva nodded even though it broke her heart to do so. She kissed Addie's forehead and let go of her hand. She turned to Tony and buried her head in his shoulder.

"So not as hard as I anticipated." She mumbled.

Tony grinned and pulled her tighter. They had come along way in the past six years a very long way.

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