Nobody Wakes

Summary: Axel wakes up from his nap to discover something. The hunt for the perpetrators begins.

Disclaimer: Kingdom Hearts belongs to Disney and SquareEnix!

Betaed by Miss Sphinxy, littlelight and Emily!

Reuploaded on the 5th July 2010 due to what I thought was a typo - but realised it wasn't a typo, but a word this site took out. Fabulous.

'That was, without a doubt, the best sleep I've ever had,' Axel pondered as he shifted positions on the sofa he was previously snoozing on. After a taxing 3-day mission the wonderful softness of the sofa was heavenly. He grumbled in annoyance as his feet, attached to his notably long legs, stuck out over the side of the sofa when he straightened out. He opened his eyes and blinked.

'Damn…' He grumbled thoughtfully, squinting at the television screen opposite. 'I fell asleep during a time challenge,' He groaned theatrically as he pried his back from the cushions to sit up. 'Where the heck's my controller?' He vaguely remembered falling asleep with the sleek black device in his hand, but he could immediately tell that he was no longer holding it. He spotted it lying on the floor nearby and figured that he must have dropped it.

He was just leaning down to pick up the controller when the door to the rec room burst open and he felt a bolt of lightning fly past his ear. His hand froze, his fingers inches from the item he sought, and slowly he turned his head to look at the door; and the peeved member of Organisation XIII who stood there.

"My, my Larxene," Axel mused. "What's got your knickers in a twist?"

Larxene burst out laughing.

Axel's narrowed his eyes. "What's so funny?" He demanded. Larxene managed to control her laughter long enough to answer.

"N-nothing!" She chortled. She cleared her throat and her amused look turned to one of fury in seconds. "I WANT MY SOFA! MOVE IT!" She shot another bolt of lightning at Axel, causing him to dive off the sofa and onto the floor.

"Hey! It's not your sofa!" He protested. Larxene stormed in and flung herself onto the cushioned seat.

"I DON'T CARE!" She screamed at him. "Move it or lose it doodlepad!"

Axel was too concerned over the fact that she'd readied a ball of lightning to throw at him to notice his new nickname. He scrambled out into the hallway, slamming the door behind him.

"I wonder what's up with her…" Axel mused, he ran a hand through his spiky hair and wandered down the hallway to the staircase, passing Lexaeus on the way down.

He found it strange that the bigger nobody's laughter seemed to reverberate throughout the castle.

Something was up…

…And he didn't know what it was.


His best bet was to find some other Organisation members, and the best place to look for stray Organisation members was in the kitchen. And he was right.

Sitting at the end of the long kitchen table were Luxord and Xigbar, the latter apparently losing terribly at a game of strip poker (if his skull and crossbones boxers were anything to go by), and standing nonchalantly by the microwave was Xaldin. All three looked up as he entered, and in unison all three burst out laughing.

Axel glared and crossed his arms. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing Crayola," Xigbar sniggered. "Just admirin' your new look,"

That got Axel's attention. "What!" He exclaimed. Xaldin winced sympathetically and handed him a silvery saucepan. He screamed.


Awkward silence.

"Dude, my ears!"


"M-my c-c-cards!"

Axel stood staring, open-mouthed, at his reflection in the saucepan, ignoring the semi-chaos around him.

His face had become, using Larxene's nickname for him, a doodlepad. Someone, or someones (and Axel had a pretty damn good idea who), had written 'I (heart) Xemnas,' on his left cheek whilst various drawings ranging from squiggles to ducks adorned the rest of his face. He guessed from the bold, black ink that he'd been drawn on in permanent marker.

"You'd better clean up this mess!"

Axel blinked. During his episode he must have let out a burst of fire…as the kitchen looked…scorched. Xaldin's hand, which was gripping one of his spears so tightly his knuckles were white, twitched as he glared menacingly. Luxord was staring wide-eyed at what remained of his card deck whilst Xigbar stared at him, a massive grin on his scarred face.

"Er…later!" Axel cried and darted out of the kitchen before he could become Xaldin's human pincushion. Xemnas and Marluxia, who must have been roused from their dark (or in Marluxia's case, flowery) domains by Axel's yelling, stopped him in the hallway.

"Number Eight-" Xemnas started, but was interrupted by Marluxia.

"What happened to your face?" The pink-haired guy asked, smirking. "I love the addition to your hair too…"

Axel growled and felt through his hair until he encountered a braid. He let out a feral roar and stalked up the stairs and through a series of hallways until he came to a door. He barged right in.

"DEMYX!" He yelled loudly, coming to a stop in the middle of the room and startling the figure leaning next to an aquarium full of fish.

"Axel!" Demyx grinned, putting a pot of fish food into a small cupboard underneath the aquarium. "You're back!"

Axel summoned a fireball and glared at Demyx. "You did this to me?"

"Did what?" Demyx asked, tilting his head innocently. "The funky artwork? Nah, I can't draw to save my life,"

"Which would explain why Mr Ducky-" He gestured to his forehead, eyes twitching. "-Has three webbed feet,"

Demyx chuckled nervously and started to slowly edge towards the door. "R-really?"

"You're stuttering," Axel stated evenly, slowly advancing on the musician. "And you stutter when you're nervous,"

Demyx fidgeted slightly.

"This had better come off," Axel said, fuming. "Or there'll be hell to pay, kapeesh?"

Demyx nodded slowly and then looked at something over his shoulder. "LOOK! A BUMPER PACK OF SEA SALT ICE CREAM!"

The redhead immediately turned. Axel couldn't believe that he fell for that. But he did. And he knew that Demyx had portaled away, if the familiar sound was anything to go by. He growled, suddenly wishing that there was a bumper pack of sea salt ice cream in his possession at that moment.

He then stalked off, seeking the only other person who would've dared to draw on his face.

He passed a calmer-looking Larxene on the stairs, the Savage Nymph erupting into fresh gales of laughter upon seeing him, and stomped up to Roxas' room. When it became evident that the youngest member of Organisation XIII wasn't in his room Axel's search became more murderous.

'How dare he draw on my face and then hide,' Axel fumed, looking into every room he came too. 'Someone's having his hair attacked by a fireball whilst he sle-' He came to a halt outside the rec room. He grinned and finished off his train of thought on lighter note. '-ep,' All of his murderous intentions faded away and he smiled.

Lying on the bedraggled sofa, the very place that was said to be the most comfortable surface in all the worlds by the likes of Demyx, Larxene and Axel, was Roxas. Fast asleep.

Axel's gaze softened as he silently entered the room. He laughed softly.

"I guess you weren't trying that hard to hide from me," He grinned. "And I guess I can put off attacking your hair until another time," He carefully picked up the blanket hanging over the back of the sofa and draped it over Roxas' lightly snoring form. He straightened up and headed for the door, stopping in the doorway.

"Sleep tight Rox,"