The place is the mystic kingdom of Avalon, banished from Earth at the beginning of the times from mighty magical forces, and only accessible at ,and thanks to, them; the time is around a millennia ago, a time that people now doesn't understand completely, a time for too long forgotten, in which legends, myth and truth are only one thing.

"The war is coming, I can feel it. The emissaries of Dark and Light are taking the battle at our borders, sister." A voice comes from across the shining waters of the lake, once shining of an emerald light, but that now spotted by the ruby blood of the fallen ones, and what was once clear and quiet, is now dark and in tumult.

No one seems to speak, there's no one around, it's like the voice comes from the waters themselves. Suddenly, when a crow planes on the white sands full of bones and skeletons of the many heroes who have fallen, an enlightened and evanescent figure emerges from the lake. It seems a woman, not so young, maybe 40-45, but it's not woman, at least, not a human one, because the creature seems to be made of the same water she emerged from. She stops in front of the dark bird, who becomes a new being, reveling its true nature; now two identical women, one dressed in blue, the other one in black, stand in front of each other. They are the Lady of the Lake and Queen Mod, entities ancient maybe like the world itself, emissaries of dark and light; betrayed and forgotten by the same humanity who once considered them goddess. As Avalon itself burns, as the castle where Arthur his having his final rest is eaten by the flames of a war that has almost nothing to do with them, the twin sisters are conscious that their end is near. That, with them, not only Avalon will fall, but it will happen the same to everything that ever had a meaning to the both of them… including their mystic powers.

"I don't care, my beloved sister – she answers with a sarcastic tone, almost smiling – if you'll fall with me, than, I'm fine."

"It's not about that that I'm worried about, sister – the Lady's voice is totally different from her sister's one, she is really worried, she cares about everything – we both know that falling is in our destiny, we knew it from the beginning. Still, there's a way, something that we can do, to allow, at least, part of us to survive."

"The fate of this plane of existence is no longer in our hands – she replies, going to leave, giving a last look at her lost home – but in the bearer's ones."

"She is young, too young. The balance could lose the battle."

"The balance isn't our affair... at least, no more. We are no more agents of light and dark, we are a way too far from that moment"

"I know, sister. But if the balance is lost, then the world is lost, too. And if the world is lost, we are lost, too."

"We are already lost, dear sister. But you were talking about a way to survive… what do you suggest, darling?" The dark figure turns her head in direction of the blue one, the hated sister she fought with for so many centuries, as thousands and thousands of crows fly around he ghostly image.

"It's finally time to stop to fight a war that begun so long ago that we already forgot why we begun it in the first place. It's time to join forces to help the balance to maintain his power and its existence. We need a champion."

"A champion, a herald, a bearer of our power and strength…"

"We'll fuse our powers and our lives in a new artifact, as light and dark did in the past, when they created the digitabulum."

"You spoke about a way to survive, but in this way, we'll only die before our time."

"We're doomed, sister. There's no way we can survive, we are already lost. This is our only way to survive.. this way, at least, part of us will survive."

"If we are going to do it, than I have to put some conditions… "

"Tell me your conditions, sister, and than, I'll see."

"The first one, is that I want to chose our champion. You see, there's a princess, descendent from the proud Amazons, who has learned the way of the sword and of the war. She is young as the bearer of the digitabulum, but she is strong, proud and fearless."

"If your words are true, then I agree with you. What's your other condition?"

"I'm sorry sister, but I don't think you have to know it, yet. As I'm having faith you, you'll to do the same with me. For now…" Both sisters walk in direction of each other, and, once they are one in front of the other, when their skins are almost touching, the hands of Mod touch the Lady's ones. In an ocean of flames and light, an evanescent sphere appears, and few seconds later it takes the form of an ancient medallion with a black gem at its centre.

"For now, as the Endacrion is born, we find our final rest after so many centuries of war…"

"…And for now and the future, Althea and her progeny are our champions…"

As they finishes to speak, the jewel starts to pulse of life, and the sisters disappear, assimilated from the black gem itself….