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"Tell me you don't believe that your… Endacrion – Sara says, watching in disbelief Stella's artifact changing into a pendant and run on the map of the city, in search of something – that it will really find the werevampires' headquarter, right? We're not in a Charmed…. – she has to stop, because, a she is indicating with her index the Endacrion itself, the Witchblade takes life, changing in the same form as the Endacrion did, "embracing" it and running onto the surface of the map.- in a Charmed Episode."

"It seems that the Digitabulum and the Endacrion work pretty well together, what do you think, detective? - with and evil grin, Stella looks at the two pendants, who just stopped in a certain point of the city – it seems that, although we're not in a Charmed episode, it's working pretty well. We've just found were the werevampires are."

"I'll call few contacts, and see what's exactly there's on the point your Witchblades indicated… it's the only thing a mere human like me can do to help you all."

The day after, a couple of hours after the dawn.

"We enter together, and we open the coffins…if they sleep inside them, we put a post through their hearts or cut their heads. We'll not go separate ways, clear?" In front of the place were the werevampires are hiding, Sara is with Dani, Stella and Patrick Gleason, watching the exits and covering them, ready to forewarn them in case some "colleagues" show up: after all, the Witchblade is used to get in troubles with the Police, and, not so deep down, Gleason knows the Sara doesn't need more attention from her bosses than she already has; her boss, their boss, could no longer cover her…them.

"I didn't remember putting you in charge, Pezzini. If there's someone who has to give orders here is the one who knows them better, and this one is, if you are forgetting this particular, me. " Face to face, the two women are acting like nothing but enemies; instead of joining forces, the two are trying to be both "alpha leader", without paying attention to what happens around them. But at then end, although Gleason starts to think they'll soon fight, they don't, because Sara doesn't reply, and enters first in the old construction, that was once an industry of some kind. Few minutes later, they finally find themselves face to face with a series of coffins, and they do what was told them. At the end, only one remains - the one who's on an altar, with lift candles on its sides. But once opened, they realize how much in troubles they are. "Empty? How it can be?" Dani looks shocked at her "bosses", not knowing what to do… until the "blades" start whispering something in their minds… something about danger. In fact, few seconds later, Dani – who's not used yet to this sort of fight, and her experience with "David" shows it – is against a wall, unconsius; although the Witchblade changed form, in fact, she didn't had the time to use it, since the creature who took her down was a way faster, faster than anything she has ever seen.

"Nice to see you again, cousin" the creature, taller than a bear, with long, reddish naps everywhere, long teeth, drooling on the floor, in search of blood, tells Stella with avoice that seems to come from the afterlife – and a not so nice one.

"Lucien…" she says as they stand one in front the other, blocked. She can't believe he was the man she used to know; yes, he was a bit mad (ok, not a bit, she has to admit, thinking better about it, maybe a way mad, after all…) but she reminds him like he was when they first met, few years back; he was a handsome guy, a normal one, and now… now everything about him is gone, leaving place to a monster, a monster who doesn't kill to survive, but just because he enjoys it. She really can't believe it, and so, he remains in shock, standing in front of him. Neither when he attacks her she leaves, it's when he is going to hit her that Sara takes a deep breath and forces her to duck, putting her on the soil with the help of the Witchblade.

"What the hell are you thinking about? What are you, just a bluff?" the brown head says as Lucien is again on his feet, after having hit the walls like previously Dani did.

"I though I could do it, Sara, I though I was right… but I can't… I look at him, and what I see, is what he once was… I'm so sorry…" she says her, crying. Sara is going to tell her something, but both girls are taken by Lucien and send against a wall, like Sara did with him a while back.

"after this night, they'll both belong to me…" he says, as he goes the unconsius bodies of the 3 women; but, as he is bending down on them, ready to eat Sara's flesh, something happen: for a second, Sara and Stella open the eyes again, and they unite their hands: as their eyes shine, they see what once was, and what it will be again, what it has to be….they see the past, and a key fro the future….

"The war is coming, I can feel it. The emissaries of Dark and Light are taking the battle at our borders, sister. The balance could lose the battle. And if the balance is lost, then the world is lost, too. And if the world is lost, we are lost, too. It's time to join forces to help the balance to maintain his power and its existence. We need a champion."

"A champion, a herald, a bearer of our power and strength…"

"We'll fuse our powers and our lives in a new artifact, as light and dark did in the past, when they created the digitabulum."

"For now, as the Endacrion is born, we find our final rest after so many centuries of war…"

"…And for now and the future, Althea and her progeny are our champions…"

In that moment, the Endacrion becomes liquid, and leaves Stella's hand to go on Sara's one, becoming one with the Witchblade, and generating a bright light, a light so bright that it's like the sun one, and leaves Lucien without energies; The artifact than takes the form of a blade, and, without waiting for Sara to take the "decision", like instinct – the one that belonged to the Endacrion – it cuts Lucien's head off…

At the Curator's….

"So, this is how the Endacrion was born. It was a fragment of power of both light and darkness sent her to help the Witchblade." Sara is still caressing her bracelet; although the Endacrion is still inside it, the shape it has is always the same.

"I didn't know it. I know there probably was some sort of relation, but I've never thought that it was so deep… maybe it was meant to be. It was the Endacrion's destiny… becoming one with the Digitabulum."

"What does it mean for me, now that I've the Endacrion inside my artifact?"

"It means that a new legend is born, Miss Pezzini. And, whenever you'll need help, the Council will be at your side. A legend died today here, but believe me – Marcus says her sweetly, looking at how she is playing with her daughter - a new one is born. And since today, our progenies… my one, Stella's , even yours… will be free to choose their destiny. It's a day to remember. Because, from now, we're free."