Edge of The Ocean

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A/N: My first spirited away fic! This fic idea came to me while watching said movie last night… I hope you enjoy it! It was actually inspired by the song "Edge of the Ocean" by Ivy. The lyrics fit it really well and it is such a beautiful song!

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It surrounded her; all around her she saw water. She stood waist deep in a large river; the waters seemed to coil and encircle her. She closed her eyes and felt the water cool and rise around her but she was not afraid.

Suddenly she felt something pull her down into a lying position. A shadow descended from the skies it seemed; it loomed over her but she was still not afraid; how could she be if the shadow was so familiar to her?

The shadow loomed over her bare form that floated calmly over the body of water. It drew nearer still and surrounded her in a lover's embrace. Suddenly she felt an acute feeling of pleasure course through her veins.

She moaned; the strange feeling of bliss and ecstasy overtaking her as she felt the shadow push against her body, making her eyes roll to the back of her head and her toes curl. The shadow seemed to seep into her and then she heard a voice, a low and sensual voice and so familiar.

"Chihiro…" it said softly, the voice caressing her ears as she felt fingers caress her flesh, pulling her deeper into the waters and deeper into the embrace...

Chihiro bolted up from her bed with a start; she felt her heart thrash against her chest and her fingers clutched tightly at the now damp sheets. "What on earth?" she said aloud, interrupting the quiet of the small room with her sudden voice and ragged breathing. She peered through the darkness of the room to her clock. The red numbers of the digital clock glared 5:36.

Chihiro pushed the sheets away and set her feet down on the ground. She groaned at how early it was, wanting to sleep a little longer. She rubbed her neck and winced at the sharp pain in her back as she slumped forward; was she arching her back even in her sleep? She had not had that dream for a long time… but it never ended the way it did this time.

The first time she had this dream was five years ago when she first began her project of restoring the Kohaku River to it's rightful place. She was surprised of how many people desired the same, to restore the river that is.

Perhaps the people did not desire it as much as Chihiro did however. Even if it was very important to them it was more so to her, as if it meant something deep... something personal... something definitely familiar.

The second time she had this dream was almost two years ago; before the river was fully restored. Each time she was floating on a river, each time a shadowed figure descended upon her and each time the figure embraced her but… neither time did her dream give her a sort of orgasmic pleasure – no, this dream was different, or rather, it ended different.

They always ended with the embrace. The second dream ended with darkness, but not scary darkness either but the cool and soothing darkness of the night. The first dream however, ended with something pulling her out of the river and into the sky but this one...

But was it really a dream? Or was it a vision? It felt entirely too realistic… too… intense… she shuddered at the familiar feeling of strain in her body and took a deep breath to calm herself. For some reason she had never paid much attention to her dreams before but this one… this one was different.

To be honest she had never had such a vivid "dream" if you could call it that. It was then that she remembered that in all three dreams, she was floating on the… Kohaku River… and each time the shadowed figure materialized into the form of a dragon and then into the form of a young and very handsome man shortly before waking up.

She felt as if she should know this young man but she could not think of who he could be. Why did he seem so familiar? Why did it warm her heart to much by the mere thought of him? Shouldn't the thought of him apparently being a dragon disturb her? But no! It didn't!

Chihiro shuddered at the thought of the dream. It did not disturb her; on the contrary, it felt so incredibly right. Chihiro sighed and rubbed her eyes, wondering if she should call her mom and tell her about the reoccurring dream. She had moved from her parent's house about the same time she had her second dream but at the time she thought nothing of it.

It had also been ten years since the day she and her parents visited the "abandoned theme park" and she had her "adventure" but it seemed all like just a big elaborate dream or fantasy her mind concocted. She knew she believed in it earnestly when she was younger but it was ages ago and she hadn't had any signs that it was real or the things she saw were there… not one.

Eventually she decided it was nothing but a dream and began to forget about it. The one thing she could not forget was a promise made a long time ago but… she could not remember what the promise was or who made it and it ate away at her. She knew the promise was important, she knew she shouldn't forget everything but school, work, and life in general took ahold of her attention and it would not relent.

Chihiro got up from bed slowly, pushing herself to her feet and glancing at the full length mirror. "I'm much too thin..." She muttered to herself; seeing her near-translucent sleeping gown hug her just barely tanned skin. She admired her hair that she had let grow out; she was blessed with "tame" hair as she called it - never becoming too tangled or messy.

She pushed herself to her bathroom down the hall; the apartment she lived in was much too small to allow a bathroom in the main bedroom. She pushed the door open, not bothering to close it as she stripped down and stepped into the shower. She let the heat of the water soothe her tense muscles, her body still reeling from the dream.

After the shower she took her brush and stroked it along her hair a few times, letting it dry naturally as she pulled her clothing that waited on the chair right next to the bathroom door. She dressed in her uniform for work; it was gray, a simple color, with a white apron like extension in the front that had a pocket sewn already on it.

For some reason she would have preferred it be a pink or red color, perhaps with a blue undershirt... but she did not know why. Chihiro prepared her breakfast. She lived alone in her apartment, away from the small town she grew up in and in the big, noisy city, so she did have that much of a huge variety of things to eat.

Her breakfasts were usually quick and healthy meals consisting of oatmeal and berries. She had to have her coffee with her breakfast but as she went to grab a cup she was distracted by flashes - her dreams intruded on her thoughts and she pushed the cup she had grabbed away - as if forgetting she hadn't even drunken any coffee.

She peered around her home. It was a small apartment with two bedrooms and one bathroom down the hall. Why she needed the second room was a mystery to her but thankfully it was mercifully cheap. Her job didn't give her a wide range of choices in places she could live or things she could afford to waste her money on.

She ate quickly, not even bothering to turn on the lights and grabbed her keys and coat. She tried to concentrate on the things she had to do today but she could not stop thinking about her dream, as if it held great importance and her mind would not allow her to dismiss it. Suddenly she remembered another part of her dream; eyes? They were eyes… she remembered teal colored eyes… why? Who was it?

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