Edge of The Ocean

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Crickets chirped softly through the courtyards of the castle; how exactly the crickets got to a castle of dragons sitting upon jagged rocks in the middle of an ocean is a tale for another time. If one were to look out through the courtyard you might see a shadow pass by, a shadow with purpose in its passing. Maybe this was crazy, maybe she should confront Haku about this when he wasn't so upset with her… like, maybe the morning? 'No! I've given him enough time, he shouldn't be so angry with me! If what I think is true then it's his fault that I was dragged to the spirit world unprepared… of course I would hesitate a little!' Chihiro thought.

"Hey you!" Chihiro stopped dead in her tracks and turned to the voice down the opposite hall. A tall, burly man in shiny white, green and blue armor trudged down the hall giving her a suspicious stare.

"Um… I'm looking for Master Haku's chambers?" She asked the guard hopefully.

"It's the middle of the ni- would you happen to be Chihiro?" The guard suddenly asked, interrupting his own line of thought.

"Yes…" Chihiro answered slowly – how would he know who she was? 'Then again, I am the only mortal human here… kinda hard to miss.' She reasoned.

"Oh! Forgive me, Milady, please follow me." The guard bowed ever so slightly, enough to show respect and turned, pausing for her to catch up to him.

'What on earth is up with the 'my lady' crap…' Chihiro thought in amusement; it didn't exactly bother her too much but she wasn't royalty by any stretch so why would the guard be calling her that? As Chihiro walked with the guard she was able to get a good look at him; he stood two feet taller than her, had very wide shoulders and looked like he filled out his bulky armor completely, looked about in his forties and the way his face was angled and sharp made her wonder if all of the dragons had the lizard like sharpness to their face because they were dragons.

"We are here." The guard said and turned to smile at her.

'Well… at least he's not creepy or anything…' Chihiro wondered if that thought had a little sarcasm in it by the way the guard was smiling at her but she decided best to just smile back and shut the doors behind her. "Thanks… that's all I needed help with?" Chihiro informed and sighed in relief when the guard bowed once again and prowled back down the hall to wherever he was going before he spotted her.

Chihiro stood staring at the door wondering whether or not to actually go in for what she thought must have been hours… though they had only been a few minutes. 'Here goes nothing…' she thought, taking a deep, controlling breath to steady herself and placing her hand on the door. Chihiro jumped and almost fell back when the door suddenly opened wide and there stood Haku in his bed robes giving her a questioning and… was that a worried look too?

"Chihiro? Are you alright?" He asked with pure concern - not one trace of anger there.

'He's…. not angry anymore?' Chihiro wondered before answering, "Haku… we need to talk…" Chihiro trailed off and suddenly couldn't keep her eyes off him; the silky robe that Haku oh so "modestly" wore to cover himself so that he could walk around seemed to fall upon him and mold to his perfectly sculpted body like his own skin, contouring his well toned physique and showing everything without actually showing his real skin… it was… tantalizing.

Haku blinked in shock when he saw Chihiro's eyes glaze over and her cheeks and neck flush bright red before she jerked her gaze away from him. 'What…' he was confused until he remembered what he had snatched to quickly cover himself when he had sensed her presence moments before. It may be out of character, and he knew this, but Haku smirked and leaned against the doorway, resisting the urge to ask her if she "sees anything she likes"… it was a foolish question because, not only was it immature, but it was obvious what the answer would be.

While Chihiro was distracted trying to convince herself that Haku did not appear to be enjoying the attention, said river spirit took the opportunity to study her as well; Chihiro seemed to have left her room without changing back into her normal clothes; she too was wearing her night clothes that wrapped around her own body in a similar fashion… though her arms were crossed… Haku shook his head and blinked in shock when he had the strangest urge to brush her arms away from her chest and hug her closely

Perhaps it was merely instinct or maybe it was because they were both feeling… something- the same thing? -but when Chihiro turned back to look straight into his eyes Haku could not hold himself back… this one act, this little gesture could possibly change them forever but… he just could not help himself! Haku leaned forward slowly, waiting for her to pull away or reject him… it never came… be fore he could stop himself he closed the gap and placed his lips upon Chihiro's. What surprised him, though somehow he felt like it didn't surprise him as much as he thought it would, was when Chihiro leaned into the kiss until they were forced to step closer to each other so they would not fall forward.

All common sense and coherent thoughts at that moment where thrown out of the window, forgotten, lost as the two lone figures in the long stretch of hall they stood half way in lost themselves within a slow and tentative kiss. Ten years later, more than a week after Chihiro had returned, and they were finally expressing themselves to each other. The kiss turned passionate as both threw away reason in favor of pressing themselves closer together, almost merging with each other as the heated kiss consumed them. Haku was suffocating, he felt like his lungs were burning, and it was not lack of air… he could not get enough of her and if her hands trailing up his chest were any indication he suspected she felt the same way.

Haku was only mildly aware that they were kissing half way into the hall where anyone could spot them and was glad he still retained some semblance of control and coherency that allowed him to pulled them further into the room and shut the door behind them. Haku pulled away from the kiss to gaze into her eyes, waiting for some sort of sign that let him know that this was not what she wanted; however, Chihiro's gaze locked with his and did not waver, her desire was clear in her eyes and it sent pleasant shivers up Haku's spine… she wanted him as much as he did her.

No words were spoken as Haku's lips came crashing against hers, he smiled affectionately when she jumped and gasped when he deepened the kiss, letting his tongue dance with hers as he led them to his bed; as it was when Haku kissed her, it felt as if instinct took a hold of him, guiding him forward and letting his know what he had to do. Thoughts, words, they were lost as a need and desire as old as time consumed them. Time seemed to slow as they fell into the blush king-sized bed; Haku held himself over her by supporting himself on his palms and gazing down at the flushed young woman beneath him.

"Chihiro?" Haku whispered against their lips but said woman shook her head in response.

"Don't speak." She whispered back, rolling them over and possessing his lips again, shivering as she felt his hands slowly moving along the hems of her robe, feeling his surprisingly warm hands on her bare shoulders push the robe off her. Chihiro blushed brighter than she had ever before and felt dizzy as Haku pulled her away gently to gaze upon her; he smiled in a curious cross between affection and lust before wrapping his arms around her body and pulling her under him again. Soon his robes went just as quickly and Chichi had to keep herself from moaning already just by looking at his flawless body…

As Haku leaned down to lay kisses on Chihiro's neck, she wrapped her bare legs around his middle, pulling him closer to her. Haku paused, looking down at her worriedly; Chihiro smiled reassuringly and caressed his cheek, Haku nodded, reassured that she would be okay and soon their hips met, eliciting gasps from both of them. Chihiro arched her back and curled her toes, never having felt such a powerful sensation.

When Haku did not move she looked back at him, trying to rein in her senses; when she saw his hesitant expression she smiled tender, "It's okay…" Chihiro murmured, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him gently against her; even though neither had any experience with this before, Chihiro felt that he was even more overwhelmed by the whole thing than she – having been around a society that didn't stay so "innocent" in everyday conversations and media nowadays.

Haku began to lay feather light kisses on her neck and shoulders as their bodies began to move in unison, each joining each others rhythmic movements until they appeared to be like perfectly synchronized pistons. Breath was lost, hearts beating erratically, the couple drowned in pleasure as their heated passion threatened to consume them. Soon it seemed they were spiraling rapidly to an end… what or where that end was neither knew, they just knew that if the tension they felt coiling tightly in their bodies was not relieved soon it would snap and destroy them.

Chihiro's moans were interrupted by her own gasp as Haku growled and bit her neck, like an animal does to mark his mate, before pulling away to arch his back far, howling in pleasure - joining his partners own sudden cries as they finally reached the bliss they sought. Thoughts… words… all were lost as they collapsed against each other, feeling both alive and in the brink of passing out at the same time.

Chihiro thought for a moment, before her mind could allow her exhausted body to finally rest – and perhaps inappropriately – wouldn't Haku have to have been in his dragon form to have done this properly? Wasn't his human form just a disguise? Or were dragons like werewolves where they could have two or three forms and it wouldn't matter. Shouldn't it seem just a little disturbing? - The thought of being so intimate with a dragon - not a male of her own species? But somehow… it felt so incredibly right to be with Haku… different species be damned!

When Haku woke up the next morning he noticed through his large bay window that looked out into the vast expanse of water that the sun was in the middle of the sky, the water showing him that by reflecting the light over the water in a perfect circle. He looked down and smiled, feeling a mix of pride and other strong emotions when he noticed his mate at his side, sleeping peacefully.

"Chihiro…" Haku whispered, running his hand through her hair.

"Hmm?" Chihiro mumbled, opening her eyes and gazing up at him sleepily. Then it hit her… 'Oh my gosh!' she thought, feeling a blush creep to her cheeks. 'Well… there's no use getting all shy and embarrassed now…' she reasoned and smiled at him, trying her best not to seem bashful, however, Haku caught on and laughed softly, combing her hair with his fingers.

"Did you sleep well?" The dragon asked curiously.

"Yes… thank you." Chihiro answered with a small blush and resisted the urge to giggle when Haku rolled over so he was half covering her to lay soft kisses on her collar bone and neck. "So… do you expect me to still call you master Haku?" said dragon paused and smirked at the question.

"Mmm, maybe…" Haku replied sensually, rolling over to tower over her with his body, still covering her half-way and holding himself propped up on his elbows.

"That's a bit presumptuous of you…" Chihiro replied teasingly. A day ago she would not have dreamed she would be lying naked in a bed with Haku of all people… but then again, hadn't she told herself once before that she was saving herself? Perhaps it was for him…

"Is it?" Haku's free hand, the one that was supporting his body, trailed up her side, his fingers brushing over her exposed skin in a torturously slow fashion.

"You don't work for Yubaba anymore… I am not... I'm not u-under you… any... ugh..." Chihiro said, trying to keep her voice steady… and stop from moaning... however, his evil fingers were not making it easy for her. Haku's lips quirked up and he smiled slyly.

"But you are under me…" He replied huskily with clear amusement in his voice, though this type of "humor" for him wasn't the usual. Chihiro flushed and smiled at his "joke" then smacked his shoulder playfully.

"N-Not what I mean." Chihiro closed her eyes, shivering and sighed in content as Haku found that sensitive spot on her neck again and lavished it with kisses.

"I know what you mean… I was just teasing." His voice sounded slightly muffled and husky from his spot.

"Haku… I…" Chihiro bit her lip; it was now or never…

"The feeling is mutual." Haku interrupted softly, pulling away and smiling affectionately, letting his fingers runs through her silky hair. Chihiro felt tears weld in her eyes but kept them back as she smiled brightly and wrapped her arms around his neck; Haku pulled himself back over her, Chihiro's own fingers ran through the soft hair that cascaded over Haku's back and shoulders as he bent down to meet her lips with his. They drowned in the kiss as Haku's hands found their way to her legs, easing them up and around his waist. "I love you…" Haku whispered against her lips as he met her hips with his once again.

"Haku..." Was all she could whisper before said dragon spirit took her lips with his, silencing her affectively - but not because he wanted to silence her per se... Chihiro wrapped her arms tighter around him, loving the feeling of such a profound connection to each other this gave them. Chihiro had to resist the urge to dig her nails into Haku's back as they continued what they were doing last night.

"Did I hurt you?" Haku asked after they had spent themselves. Chihiro smiled and shook her head in response.

"No… not really, it did at first but the pain went away." She answered, smiling and leaning into his touch when Haku's fingers caressed the spot where he had bit her; there were two places where he may have "hurt" her but he felt that her response answered both.

"I'm sorry I bit you… I didn't know what came over me…" He apologized. Chihiro shook her head again and took her hand, kissing his knuckles and nuzzling her cheek against it.

"It's fine; really, it was probably something dragons do… I didn't mind, really." She said. Haku smiled back and nodded, letting the hand Chihiro held against her cheek run through her hair.

"We… should probably get up…" Haku said after a while.

"Mmm do we have to?" Chihiro curled her body close to his, snuggling up to his chest. Haku chuckled softly and kissed her forehead.

"Yes… we slept into the afternoon…" He informed her with a smirk. Chihiro sat up and blinked in shock, ignoring Haku's hooded eyes when she unwittingly gave him a very good view over her exposed skin.

"The afternoon!" Chihiro could not remember a time lately when she had slept so long. Chihiro suddenly laughed and nodded in agreement, "Yes… maybe we should get up…" she agreed, stopping herself from saying that she would rather stay here with him in his room for a couple more days… because if she had said that, then it may have just been that way… and they had to let their worried friends know Chihiro's decision some time…

"So… are you hungry?"

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