We were.

We were the ones that have grown up next to you. We were the classmates that have bailed you out when you have been in trouble. We trained with you and worked by your side for long days and long nights. We were the ones you could trust, and in turn, we knew we could trust you. We were all nobles from various houses, but mere commoners compared to House Beoulve. Yet this gave you no sense of arrogance. You truly believed that we were your allies and friends. And we were.

We are.

We are the ones that remain loyal. We are the ones who continue to follow and keep your secrets. Because of you, we are now Akademy drop-outs and heretics. However, we now know the truth. That makes us willing to leave behind our family names as we follow you. We follow you into battle, and we share the same morals as you. We are lucky to have a leader such as you, interested in our voices, and concerned for our lives. As if unsure, you ask if we are ready to continue, even if it means our demise? Yes, we are.

We will.

We will be the ones to follow you into the battle field with no fear behind us. We will train daily, practice various techniques, and learn different magicks to be your aide. We will protect ourselves, you, and the allies we have picked up along the way – just the way we were once trained to do. We will follow you into the pits of hell. We will follow faerie tales that should not exist. You will turn to us as we approach Orbonne as if to ask us, the ones who have been by your side, if we will continue on with you… but you will turn and continue on confidently. Because you know, we will.