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Chapter 1

It was an average day. Well as average as it can get when you have an eleven year old for a teacher, a talking bunny with no thumbs in the class, and a teacher that frequently cowers behind the curtains. Anyways it was just your average day and average lesson that was until a girl with a cowlick came rushing into the room, probably breaking the sound barrier in the process. Her loud voice interrupting said average lesson

"OMIGOSHOMIGOSH YOU GUYS WILL NEVER BELIEVE THIS, THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMEGA AWESOME!!" the cowlick girl shouted so loud and so high pitched you could swear that dogs were howling in the distance.

The teacher who was shaking with anger with her lesson being so rudely interrupted broke the chalk on the board in her anger before yelling "HIMEKO WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!"The cowlick girl himeko then replied in her still loud and high pitched voice "THERE IS LIKE A NEW STUDENT AND SHE IS LIKE SO OMEGA CUTE!!"

To this one girl with an abnormally shinny forehead stood up, giving everyone in the class a tan from the light reflected off her head. She then ran over to himeko in a fit of rage and shouted "WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU COME IN HERE WHILE WERE TRYING TO LEARN AND INTERUPT THE CLASS WITH SOMETHING SO POINTLESS, I MEAN HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET INTO A GOOD COLLEDGE WHEN I CAN'T EVEN LEARN IN PIECE!!" Himeko was obviously oblivious to all of this for she just happily skipped to her seat as if this shiny fore-headed girl was not having one of her frequent fits of rage and instead they were having a calm conversation over tea or something.

This started so much commotion that nobody even noticed a shy looking girl standing in the doorway watching this whole scene take place.

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