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How to Embarrass a Cullen

This chapter is from Emmett's Point of view:

Muahahaha! Today I will get revenge on Edward. Last week Edward and I were supposed to go hunting together but he ditched me to go hang out with Bella. He will definitely pay for that!

"Edward!" I screamed in my head.

" Coming Emmett." He said back.

Ok now just don't think about your plan Emmett. Think about other things. Ok I can do this.

" Oh look at what a lovely day this is. I wonder what is taking Edward so long…hm… maybe I should go investigate. Think quietly. Or else he will here you Emmett. Just keep thinking quietly. And walk quieter. Why am I talking third person? That was weird. Ok now watch that first stair. Its really squeaky."


" Darn it! Ok almost there. Just keep thinking quietly. Just one more stair. Alright. Now quietly open the door. OH MY GOD! EDWARD! He's making out with Bella! Ewww! I could never kiss Bella. She's like a sister to me."

" Emmett?" Edward said. I knew that if Edward could blush, he would be. However Bella was as red as a tomato!

" Darn it I stopped thinking quietly!"

" Oh I can see your buisy, I'll just uh…leave."

Wow I didn't even have to try to get Edward to be embarrassed. Oh well, another job well done.

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