A/N: I own nothing... The song is "Rain on a tin roof" by Julie Roberts, which I don't own either...

She sat alone in the dark, listening to the pounding rain. She didn't know why she was waiting, or even what she was waiting for. All she knew was that she needed something… someone… and she needed it soon. There was a knocking on the door, light and quiet. So quiet, she wasn't sure it had really happened, until the knocking increased. She got up quickly and moved towards the door. She opened it slowly, so as not to startle him. And in fact, it was him. He was standing there in her doorway, his leather biking jacket pulled around him, but not zipped, and his button up shirt had the first few buttons undone. She moved out of the way of the door, no words were needed between the two. Not anymore. He turned to her and closed his eyes, expelling a breath he had been holding. She picked up the phone, ordered a pizza and got the rest of the food ready to eat, slipping in a movie. I AM LEGEND's title sequence started rolling as he plopped down next to her, wrapping his arm around her. Depressing, but actioney enough so that it might take his mind off of things.

He heaved a heavy sigh and flipped the TV off. She didn't move, nor did she protest. They sat there in the dark silence that filled the house. She heard him sniffle and her head involuntarily snapped towards his. She placed her hand on his jaw line, making him look over at her. "Please…" She wasn't sure what was going to come after that plea, so she simply decided that it was time to skip the talking part, and move onto the next. She kissed him, deeply and thoroughly. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him like she was going to leave even if she could. She slid her small hands underneath the jacket she loved so much and slid it off of his broad shoulders, letting it pool behind them. She started working on the rest of the buttons slowly, while he kissed his way down her neck. She then slid it off with the jacket and he laid back, pulling her on top of him.

The morning light woke her up. She was covered up, but she was freezing cold. She didn't need to open her eyes and look around, or go calling out his name through the house. She already knew he wasn't going to be there. He was never there. It was like the sun made him run back to wherever it was that he went. Their "arrangement" was a one way street. He came to her if he needed her, but she wasn't shown the same consideration. She got up and put on her blue and white Chilton uniform, trying to shake the sadness that occurred every time this happened. She went about her normal routine, trying not to think about when he had shared that routine with her in this very place. She shook her head, trying to derail that train of thought. She got into the car and sped off towards school, the same song playing every time that this happened.

His eyes are blue, just like the ocean

His heart is a river free

Now and then he gets the notion

And he finds his way to me


His love's like

Rain on a tin roof

Sweet song of the summertime storm

And oh the way that it moves you

It's a melody of passion raging on

And then it's gone

He tells me he'll be back to see me

Every time he has to go

And I keep wondering just when that'll be

'Cause with him you never know


And just like a thirsty field,

I can't complain a bit

'Cause I'm thankful for every single drop I get


And then it's gone...

Then it's gone

But she refused to let him see her cry, so instead she parked where she always did and moved to get her things. The only difference this morning was that he pulled up beside her. She looked up, she knew it was him before she did. And there he was, with another girl. The tears that threatened to spill over were fought back momentarily, and everything was forgotten but the pain.