Dean Winchester

Sam Winchester

Gabriella Anderson

Laura Kawalchek

Ryan Davison

Eric Jane

Summary: As we all know Sam and Dean are on the road for another demon to kill, but when they stop at a gas station and find something Supernatural they stay to find out!

Gabriella: Hello can I help you with something?

Dean: (flirty) actually you can help me with a lot of things

Sam: Hi my name is, is Inspector Darwin-

Gabriella: Darwin?

Sam :Inspector Darwin Spencer, and I was just wondering if you seen anything weird lately around here

Gabriella: May I see your ID please

(Sam and Dean show Gabriella their ID)

Gabriella: (hesitates) Well everything's been weird around here since Mr. Handson died

Sam: um sorry who?

Gabriella: Mr. Handson, who use to own the store across the street

Sam: Gabriella do you know how he died?

Gabriella: (hesitates and starts to cry a little) It was just horrible, I never, I never saw anything like it

Sam and Dean: Like what!

Gabriella: (takes a chair and sits down) That night it was raining crazy and I still heard the sound

(Sam and Dean looks curious at each other)

Sam: what sound

Gabriella: it sounded like a big screaming sound very very loud and so Mr. Handson was suppose to drop off the bill to give to my Dad. I went down stairs and the noises were coming from the basement. I went down the stairs and Mr. Handson was just bleeding all over, his nose, eyes, ears mouth his whole body was covered with blood and his veins were popping out!

Sam: um thank you Gabriella for your time and were sorry for your lost

(Sam and Dean leave the gas station store)

Dean: you know what I'm thinking, Banshee

Sam: Banshee?

Dean: yeah you know Banshee, scary lady who feeds on souls and great pain. Dad and I hunted a couple of them back then

Sam: how do you get rid of them?

Dean: some kind of vanquish potion

Sam: were are we going to find that ?

Dean: I have no idea but I am thinking if we stop by that store across the street maybe we might find something

Sam: yeah, I guess

( Sam and Dean go into there car to get there tracker and then they went across the street where Mr. Handson use to work)

Sarah: Hello may I take your order?

Dean: No thanks actually were hear to find out what happened to Mr. Handson?

( Sam sees a cross on her neck and a tattoo sign on her arm. He looks back and sees a lot of witch craft stuff)

Sam: Witch? um

Sarah: Excuse me, Oh! That stuff that's just nothing.

Sam: Do you mind me asking were did the books come from?

Sarah: Oh there Gabriella Anderson, the girl across the street, she wanted to get rid of them. She said she didn't want them anymore. I am going to give it away for charity or something. Why do you ask?

Dean: No reason

Sam: Say do you think we can borrow a few of those books?

Sarah: Sure