Okay so this is my first Gregory Horror Show fic

Okay so this is my first Gregory Horror Show fic. I wrote it while playing the game and it's based on a true story. Partly because this really happened with my character called Kaila it's just a little more detailed. Also this is based on nothing to do with the show because I've never seen it.


Kaila was trapped in Gregory house. She had Catherine's and Judgment Boy's souls, as well as Cactus gunman's, Mummy Papa's, Lost Dolls, T.V Fishes, Roulette boys, Hells Chefs and Neko Zombie had even given up his to help her.

Yet still she was trapped in the hotel. Almost everyone hated her except Neko Zombie. She still wanted to thank him; he had helped her so much even though he didn't have to.

But now Kaila was dying, she was tired, nervous, confused, had a severe migraine and everything was going dark now. She was also on the verge of being melancholy too. Her mental gauge was almost empty and thanks to the confusion she wouldn't be able to make it back to her room, as she was down in the basement. So I'm writing her last words and thoughts down because she never got the chance.

"Goodbye Neko Zombie, I'm sorry I couldn't get you out of this place. Tell Death that I'm sorry I couldn't do what I was sent here for.

I loved everything you did for me Neko. And I loved you as well. Thanks…"

And so, Kaila went insane and became a lost soul trapped in Gregory house…forever…

Neko Zombie sat alone in his room, unaware that the girl who he had befriended was now dead. He said, in hopes that she was next door and would hear him, "I hope you can get out soon…"

Just a sad little fic, plz R&R.