See what ha-happen was… and then… Please Read and Enjoy the End of this my first long story. Like a million years later. Sorry!

Ch. Fourteen How I maybe Became Exhibitionist

I have called this meeting to address certain, events that have been happening with more frequency this past week more so than before," I said looking stoically around the room at the staff. "The hotel staff and guest have been complaining about the noise level, and bad attitudes some of you have towards them," I say raising an eyebrow in Sasukeeske way.

"You're one to talk," Shika said looking at his nails.

"I say we once…"

"Why are we here?" Kakashi said motioning sitting on his side of the table. Which is everyone sans myself, Temari, Sasuke, Neji, Gaara, and Shikamaru.

"It's called a staff meeting, and may I remind you what happened last time I left you out of one. Let's see, you cried bitched and moaned about how I had excluded you," I snap throwing a phonebook at him.

"I think that is one of the problems Naruto, you keep throwing things at people when they disagree with you, last time you threw the microwave at Kankuro because he said you were walking in the wrong direction," Hinata said timidly as I turned my Sasukeeske glare on her.

"Naruto I think she's right," Kiba said covering his head as if he expected me to explode.

"Kiba last time I checked you were banned from even speaking at these meetings," I say sweetly.

"Naruto in my humble opinion, if the six of you just agreed to stop with the eeping and the yipping, maybe you wouldn't be in such a bad mood, because you would get to have sex," Kakashi said nursing his bloody nose.

"What was the first thing I said when you walked through that door, no eeping or y-yip-pin-n-g. Where the hell are all my freaking phonebooks," I ask, looking around me for one to throw at him.

"You threw the last one at him. The rest you threw Neji and Temari," Sasuke says. He then closed and handed me the book he was reading, while I was making my important speech. I glare at him and then sigh when Kakashi ducks under the table.

"Oh for goodness sake I'm not going to throw it get up from under the table," I said putting the book down, as Iruka smiled at Kakashi and nodded.

"No Iru-chan it's a trap. He'll throw it when I so much as peek my head," The man whined.

"I SAID GET UP FROM UNDER THE TABLE… I mean Sensei please get up from under the table," I say ending in a super sweet tone, which had Kakashi reluctantly crawling back up.

"Well at least they took the knifes away from Temari," Kiba whispered to Kankuro, but the effort was in vain since the idiot had such a loud voice.

"What was that?" Temari said reaching into her purse.

"Mr. Suzuki I think she has a knife in there," The hotel manager said practically hugging me to him.

"She does not have a knife in there," I say trying to shake him off.

"Mr. Suzuki for the mental… and more than likely physical, well being of staff members and guest, I am going to have to ask you vacate your rooms and remove yourselves from the hotel premises," The manager said running to the door, he however was not expecting the sand that flew at his head from Gaara.

"Where did you get the sand from?" I ask Gaara. "You know what I don't even wanna know," I said shrugging, as everyone watched Gaara wearily.

"Go pack everything guess we have to stay in your grandmothers house this time," Kakashi said pulling me out as we stepped over the man convulsing on the floor.

"Oh walk it off, it was just a little sand," I say kicking him.

"Naruto you know how we have been really upset about not being able to have any sex this week? Sasuke ask as he catches up to me sounding a bit irritated.

"Yeah what about it," I say throwing the door to our room open, I ignore how the other guest cower away from all of us.

"See your grandmothers house would have been a perfect secluded and private place for us to be having said sex… aaaaaalllllllll week long you complete moron, except now it is going to be overrun with your psychotic staff," Sasuke says as I fall to the floor crying at the injustice of it all.

"Why god, why do you this to me." I sob dramatically.

"Get up, and pack your things," Sasuke says calmly.

"Why are you so calm about this?" I ask suspicious, he simply shrugs, and shoots a look at the staff.

"Is there any point in lamenting your idiocy," He says.

"Uh no, but usually you revel in doing it. Are you sure you're okay?" I say frowining when the calm mask returns. Then he smiles and I'm about ready to have him declared mentally unstable, since it's… gentle.

"Come on moron go pack and I'll call taxi."

"Hey uhm Sensei is it possible for one to lose their mind for lack of sex?" I ask quietly making sure Sasuke cant hear me.

"What Sasuke muttering about it puts the skin on the lotion or it gets the hose again, so soon into the campaign," Kakashi says grinning at his own joke.

"Just look at him and tell me there isn't anything wrong with him," I whisper frantically, waving my arms around wildly.

"So the man isn't berating you… or the staff… or the bell boy… or isn't looking at the guest like they're something stuck at the bottom of his shoe… Holy shit! Is he smiling?" I turn and nod at his assessment. "Ok I'll call Gaara's shrink… just keep him away from large crowds. And traffic jams, sharp objects, ledges, Gaara, Temari, Cars he can jump in front of, and if possible find yourself a straightjacket," He said nodding as he reached for the phone, and shut his hotel room shut.

"What… can you repeat that again? Hello" I say to the shut door. "Where the hell do I find a straightjacket in such short notice," I look around and spot Gaara talking with Temari.

"Hey Temi…"

"I don't think that was necessary you crazy loon," I say rubbing my head as Gaara glares, from his spot on one of the hallways corner.

"Now are the two of you calm," Temari said.

"Yes Temari," We said in unison.

"Okay Naruto, Kakashi told us everything so we think it's best to allow the two of you some alone time as to not send our main model completely off kilter. So we will go ahead to you gram's house, and you'll meet us there. Yes or Yes?" She asked, as the elevators with all my staff shut closed.

"Cowards," I hiss.

"Are they finally gone," Sasuke asks coming out looking calm and happy.

"Yes they went on ahead of us," I say, clicking the button to the elevator frantically.

"Finally, I though I was going to have to start singing before they got the clue and left," Suddenly the happiness melts away and I'm facing the normal broody Sasuke.

"Uh… You wanted to get rid of them. Oh you're brilliant," I say throwing my arms around him, and leaning in for a giant kiss.

"No time idiot, the chauffeur should be here any moment for our things," He said, pulling me towards the room.

"What chauffeur?" I ask.

"My chauffeur," He says pushing me inside the room. "I packed you things lets go, and make sure your staff is really gone. I don't want them following us to my house," He said.

" Your house… what," I say as run towards the elevator with my luggage in hand, Sasuke simply walks fast and pretends not to have heard the question.

"Well technically under my brothers but I switched it for the Italian Villa, just didn't technically change the deed," He said pushing me out into the lobby. "Now make sure the circus is gone, I refuse to let any of them into my house filled with family heirlooms."

"Oooookaaayyy" I say still a little confused.

"Hey you, manager are the moro… I mean my friends gone," I say turning to glare at the snickering Sasuke.

"Yes Mr. Suzuki, they left a not saying they will prepare the house for your arrival," The manager said cowering. "Oh Mr. Uchiha, I believe there is someone waiting for you," He said.

"Thank you," He said primly moving towards the elderly man who looked like a retired Mafioso and nodded pointing at the two bags, then moving past him towards the silver Town car. "Idiot, this is where you follow me and get in," He said sighing in exasperation.

"Close your mouth Naruto," Sasuke said, but I could barely hear him as I stood before the three story Mansion.

"Are… is… you live here," I ask incoherently.

"No, this is a summer home," He said thanking the chauffeur who had already, taken care of our bags and was now moving the car. I hear the phone ringing, and distractedly search for it the front pockets.


"Oh… you're alive," Gaara said sounding disappointed.

"Screw you," I say still staring at the house.

"Give me the phone now. Naruto where are you it's been over three hours? WE feared he might have lost his mind, and murdered you," Temari said.

"I apologize but we have reserved other accommodations for the rest of the stay," Sasuke said removing the phone from my hand.

"No we have not checked into a mental institution…"

Murmur Iruka. "No I wont tell you where we are…

Angry murmur Temari again. "Because I don't want you interrupting us during sex…"

Loud annoying Murmur Kiba. "I can assure he's here of his own free will…

Aggressive Murmur Neji. "That's not even anatomically possible…"

Threatening Murmur Gaara. "No I wouldn't like to test this theory…"

Lazy murmur Shikamaru. "I'd like to see you try and find us…

Quite murmur Hinata. "I will make sure he gets that. We will meet you tomorrow at the airport," He said closing the phone and turning to watch me looking bored. "Hinata said to have fun."

"Uh you're gonna get it tomorrow with the rest of them. That's what you get for kidnapping their sexy smart boss," I say laughing when he proceeds to chase me trough the open door of his house.

"I kidnapped no such person," Sasuke said catching up to me and wrapping his arms around me. "Oh look I've caught you. And it seems you're are completely at my mercy, in this giant home," Sasuke said into my ear causing me to giggle.

"Oh little brother tell me you haven't actually kidnapped someone famous, that's so uncouth. Well at least we got rid of the torture chamber. Unless that's what you into, in which case I apologize," A smooth voice says from the stairs.

"Itachi what the hell," Sasuke says.

"Well I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop into my old home. Didn't expect you to be here, with company," The man said smiling from the stairs.

"Hey it'll be fine, he's just one person and this is a pretty big house," I say trying to calm Sasuke who looks about ready to explode.

"Now Mr. Suzuki would you like to see some naked baby pictures," He asks smirking when Sasuke groans.

"Uh I really would much rather see him naked now," I say whining

"NARUTO," Sasuke says sounding squeaky.

"What? He asked a question," I say pointing rudely, at Itachi, who is laughing sadistically.

"God a guy cant catch a freaking break," Sasuke says walking up the stairs, I seem him scowl when his brother hugs him.

"Now, now little brother I promise not to impose on your naked time to much," Itachi says laughing again.

"It's late brother. Naruto's getting tired" Sasuke said. I try to hide a smile as he crosses his arms in a pout. As Itachi clicks the remote to switch to a picture of little Sasuke sticking a crayon up his nose. We had already gone through a collection of naked Sasuke we had moved on to humiliating a pictures that should have been burned long ago.

"Now little brother I think he'd like to see the…" Itachi was cut off by his phone ringing.

"It's pick your poison really, the psycho's or the embarrassingly moronic blood brother," Sasuke murmurs.

"It's not that bad bastard really," I said standing up to sit next to him.

"Naruto, this was supposed to be our alone time, now it's ruined by my moronic older brother with terrible sense of humor. Are you paying attention to me?" He said glaring.

Sorry it's just that that's an eight pack of crayons and I only count six plus the one in your nostril…"

"In the belly button," I hear Itachi say from the other room.

My response was cut off by Sasuke's lips. Realizing that perhaps our luck was changing as footsteps moved away from us we continued tempting fate. Sasuke had already divulged himself of a shirt and was quite expertly doing the same for me, when a bright flash went off.

"Huzzah another one for the collection," Sasuke groans not even bothering to glare or yell at his brother.

"We're never going to have sex," He said pained.

"Oh don't fret bastard we still have Italy and Switzerland to try and get this thing going," I said patting his head as I shift out from under him.

"Yeah and then we have the rest of our lives together, to try for some privacy,"

"Exactly bastard." I said smiling brightly at him.

"And if worse comes to worse, we'll just have to go at it with spectators," He says getting up and walking away.






Wait that a joke, right?"






The End

So VERY VERY VERY sorry for LOOOOOOOONG wait. I really just had nowhere else to go with this but at least I managed to make it clear that they will be together forever, always trying for some privacy. Thanks to all your support and patience, hope you liked the ending. Sorry for my grammar mistakes.