Hello everyone! *bows politely*

I'm so sorry, but I'm going to quit writing for a while. Lately it's been very difficult for me to write, and I have no motivation or inspiration at all. So writing is a stress motivator for me, I'll explain why this is not so good for me. (^.^;;)

One a Saturday I just came back from shopping, walking to my house with my sister when I got surprised by a couple of kids. My heartbeat went up, like normal. But the weird thing was, it wouldn't go down. When I arrived home I was exhausted, even though I only walked for less than 5 minutes. Also, the beating was so rough and loud that my whole body moved with it. It went away after a while, but not entirely.

When it was Monday I jumped on my bike to go to school, but after a minute or so the beating started again and I was having trouble breathing. I called my aunt, since my parents were in London for their wedding anniversary. I went to the doctor and I was told I have a fast heartbeat. My heartbeat is 10% faster than normal, which makes me very sleepy, tired and most of all, scared. Apparently, I was taking too much stress than my body could handle, and when my body was in a peaceful state and suddenly got stressed again my heart thought that it was okay to let it all out. I had a kind of heart attack and am now taking medicine and need checkups regularly. :(

I need to take a break from jobs, possible stress motivators and most of all, school for at least a couple of months. I really hate this situation. My boyfriend, family and friends, and of course, all my readers, support in more ways than one, which makes me very happy. I'll update when I have something, but of course I can't guarantee anything! I hope though that I'll find back my inspiration soon and get out of this stupid writers block, and of course my heartbeat will slow down. ;)

But despite anything, I do love writing and I'm currently working on a book from time to time. I'll never quit fan fiction, but for now it's better if I take a big break from anything. I hate though, that I can't go to school for full days. Normally I would shout out that I hate school. But when you're sitting home, only being able to sleep and taking medicine, I miss my friends and even my teachers! O,o

It has been going on for a week or 3 now, and luckily, I've been able to do more things. Of course, I'll keep a good eye on my heart, since….I kinda need it…xP Though the situation sounds pretty depressing, I'm doing fine, for my standard now anyway. I'm staying positive, mostly because depression is the last thing I want! So please do your best to cheer me up! *bows*

I'm happy that it happened like this, than that I wouldn't have noticed it and would end up with some chronicle heart problems for the rest of my life. Rather a break now, then for the rest of my life. So, again, I'm sorry that I'll be quitting for a while, but please be kind! .^,^.

Mata ne! *waves*

Btw, don't picture me filled with medicine, struck to bed and looking like skeleton. Cause, I'm not… xD I'm doing fine, I'm still my happy me and I still have an obsession with yaoi… *drool* ;D