This is a really short story that i wrote while watching a CSI. I will update my other stories shortly. I got a lot on my mine at the minute.

Disclaimer: i don't own CSI or any of its characters, but i wish i did.

"Sara, Sara open the door i want to talk to you..."

"Just leave me alone"

"Look just open the door, please...I'm worried about you"

"Are you really worried about me Grissom or is this some trick to make me open the door."Sara exclaims tears streaming down her face.

"I am worried about you Sara; just give me five minutes, please."

She slowly opens the door and comes face to face with him. They stand there for a few minutes just staring. "Are you coming in, or do you plan on standing outside."

He walks into her apartment "take a seat".

"You've got five minutes then your leaving."

"Ok, look Sara, I'm sorry i didn't mean to...too..."

"kiss me then walk away, break my heart, destroy all hope, grissom i could go on forever and name endless thing that you have done to hurt my feelings, i don't know why i still want to be with you, i don't know why after all the heart ache you have caused me i still want you to hold me and tell me that you love me"

"I'm sorry if i could turn back the clock i would"

7 hours earlier

"Sara, can i talk to you in my office for a minute."


Grissom started walking towards his office, closely followed by Sara.

"What did you want to talk about?"


"Grissom, what's wrong?"

"Oh no, nothing's wrong, i just...wanted to see if you"

"Spit it out Griss."

"This is hard for me Sara; i wanted to know if you would like to have dinner with me"

"Wow, em, wow."

"We don't have to go out. I mean it was just a suggestion, i don't want to pressure you into anything you might regret..."

"Grissom, stop mumbling." She began to walk out the door but stopped in her tracks. "Oh and yes." and with that she was gone.

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