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Chapter 13

His strong hands were running under her shirt stopping at the bra line, only to unhook it. She tried to shrug it off, to fight the hand off of her.

"Please," she pleaded. "Stop."

The man just shook his head. No. He wasn't going to stop. It was a trait that he got from his father and passed on to his son, once he starts, he never stops. Besides, why would he want to? There was a struggling beautiful young blonde in squirming under his body, begging him to put her out of her misery. Not the way he intended, but put her out of her misery all the same.

She looked up at him knowing he wouldn't. She has dealt with him before, they all have. Of course, it was never in this situation. As his hands continued traveling along her naked body stopping at places to grasp and enjoy, she just closed her eyes and let the tears all fall down as she waited for it all to end. [/i]

"Sam," Martin said gently trying to wake her up from the nightmare that she was having. Tears were falling down her closed eyes as her body trembled with horror. He only hoped that even in her dream he was there to save her.


The word died on her lips as she opened her eyes and immediately sat up only to find Martin there sitting up next to her rubbing her back to comfort her and pulling her to him. She shook her head though. She couldn't take being next to somebody. Even if that somebody was only there to comfort her, to give her strength especially now, at times that she needed it more than anything.

"Please don't," She begged.

"What happened Sam?"

"Nothing," she replied wiping the tears that were still falling out of her face. "It was just a nightmare. It wasn't real."

It wasn't real if only repeating that mantra over and over again would make her believe it. She knew that dream was real. As Martin tried to pull her stiff body closer to his in hopes to sleep, and as the goosebumps went up in her body, she knew it was real. There was no point in dismissing it as a figment of her running imagination, when in all truths it wasn't. It would've been so much easier if it was. But it wasn't.

"Sleep," Martin muttered to her kissing her neck on last time.

She closed her eyes and followed his command. Sleep. It was the last thought in her head as another tear rolled down her cheeks and sleep overtook her bringing her into her dreams of fairytale endings. But Martin suddenly had other ideas...

"Why don't you wanna tell me what it is that's happening with you?"

"I'm too tired for this Martin," Sam goarned shutting her eyes trying not to remember the events that happened not too long ago. She couldn't shake it for the hell of her though. No matter how much she tried to shake the smell the feeling of rough hands off.

"No, Samantha. You'll talk, and you'll talk now."

"Martin, please don't. I don't think I could take this."

"Oh come on, Sam. What is it that you can't tell me? Are you sick and dying? Is that it?" Martin asked remembering Danny's suggestion to him. Should he really give her an ultimatum? Would that really work? Well, he had to try it his way first and if all else fails then he would.

"I'm not dying, Martin."

At least not physically, she wanted to add.

"Then what is it Sam? I know you want to spare my feelings, it's just that. This – you not telling me – it's hurting a me a lot too."

"I know that, Martin. I just… it'll hurt more what I tell you. Its better this way, please Martin? Trust me."

"Did you cheat on me? Is that it?"

"No, Martin I would never do that! I could never do that to you. I love you."

"I thought that too, Sam. But you not telling me what's going on makes me think that you don't."

"Please don't think that, Martin," Samantha said turning over to finally look at him tears flowing down her eyes.

"Please, Martin. You know that I love you."

"But you don't love me enough to tell me."

"It's not that I don't love you enough. If anything I love you too much!" Samantha exclaimed tears flowing heavily from her eyes. Why did he have to be so stubborn and want to know everything that was going on with her?

Maybe because he loves you? she told herself.

"Seriously, Sam, why do you really not want to tell me?"

"Because!" Sam said sitting up getting slightly annoyed that Martin kept pushing at her. She couldn't tell him to hurt him. He hand his father's relationship was already on the rocks, she didn't need to knock the support system that it was on for it to all fall apart. Family was important, he taught her that.

"Sam, why is it so important that you can't tell me? What happened when I was in the wedding?" Martin asked gently knowing that after they had gotten back from the wedding was when she had started pulling away from him again. "Is this about what my dad said? Coz you have to know that I don't really give a shit about what he thinks. Especially if those are about you."

"That really means a lot to me, Martin. But that's not it."

"Then what is it Samantha? I'm sick and tired of begging you to tell me what the hell it is that you're keeping with me."

"I can't tell you that Martin! How many times do I have you tell you that I CAN'T TELL YOU? It's not that I don't want to tell you, Martin. I just… I can't, okay? Please understand that."

"No, Samantha," Martin said standing up and gathering his clothes putting his pants and buttoning up his dress shirt. This was the advangtage of always staying over at Samantha's place. He could go when things were tough and didn't have to suffer through the physical memories.

"Where are you going?" Sam whispered her tone low and tears not stopping from flowing donw her eyes.

"I'm going home, it's either you tell me what the hell you're keeping from me, Samantha…"

"Or?" Samantha asked swallowing the lump in her throat. He didn't really need to answer that question. She already knew what it was that he meant. She just hoped she was wrong.

"Or… or it's over."

Martin's eyes met hers at a staring contest which they knew their relationship depended on. Sob after sob had already come and gone until Martin had gotten enough. He knew that Samantha would never tell him with her secret – or whatever else it was that she was currently hidding from him. As much as he didn't want to, he willed his body to sit up off the bed swinging his legs to the side. He had no choice but to walk away, he wasn't giving her any choice but to walk away.

"No! Martin! Don't go!"

"I have to, Sam. Clearly you don't trust me enough for whatever it is, clearly you don't love me enough to tell me."

"That's not true! If you want me to tell you I will! Martin just please!" Sam said holding onto his arm in the hallway not wanting him to leave her home. To leave her.

"It's too late Sam, I don't want to hear it anymore."

"You're father raped me, Martin! Victor raped me!"

Martin stopped dead in his tracks. Could his father really? No, his father was a menaice but he wasn't that evil.

"Please don't leave me, Martin," Samantha begged on her knees holding onto his legs. "Please don't leave me like this."

Martin shook his head and unwrapped Sam's arm from his legs. She refused but he had finally got her to let go as she sobbed uncontrollably on the floor. With one last look at her, he shook his head in disgust.

She was lying to him.

They were over.

Chapter 14

Martin paced in his living room thinking about what Samantha had said. It's been two days and it was the only thing on his mind. Her words plastered on his head was making it impossible for him to think about anything else other than his father raping he, or so she claims. He knew if he called her she would tell him the entire thing for fear that they were over for good. But him walking away was a clear indication of that, they were over. So what was he stressing about it for?

Because he loved her.

He picked up the phone and dialed his father's number. He needed to hear his side of the story. Surely his father wouldn't lie to him about what he did to Samantha right? How could he do that to Samantha when he hated every inch of her?

Simple, he couldn't.

What he said about Samantha during dinner was enough of an indication that he hated her guts. That she was so low and didn't deserve him. He tried to shake those words out of his head knowing that they were far from the truth. Or at least he kept on hoping that it was.

"Fitzgerald," Victor said picking up the phone direct line to his study.

"Dad, it's Martin."

"Hello son, how are you? Have you come to your senses and broke up with that whore of yours?" Victor asked bitterly with a smug look on his face remembering that day not so long ago. Oh, what an experience that was!

"I uhm… I have something to ask you," Martin said nervous though he didn't know why. If Samantha's claims were true he was going to run to Washington and beat the shit out his father but if he finds out that Samantha was lying to him and it was a mere excuse then… Then he didn't know what would happen. All faiths rested on this one phone call. At the moment, he hoped that Samantha was right.

"Is it something important?"


"Don't tell me there's another OPR investigation on your unit…" Victor huffed. Maybe it was the investigation that would take Jack Malone out of the office? It would do the FBI some good if he did.

"It's not that dad, this is more… personal."

"Personal?" Victor asked swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat. He had a feeling what this was about, and he had a bad idea about it. He took that aside though, he was an expert at acting and making people believe what they wanted them to believe. It was how he stayed in that position for so long, and was still climbing up that ladder.

"Did you... did you touch Samantha?" Martin asked his voice shaking in fear, though he didn't know the reason.

"Did do what to who?"

"My girlfriend – ex –girlfriend, did you have sex with her?"

"I don't know who told you that Martin, but that's a lie. I wouldn't touch that skanky little bitch and I can't even believe that you still do," Victor replied with a smile on his face. This was so much easier than he expected it to be. Martin was such a gullible person, even from the start he would always see the good in people. That's what made Victor despise his son so much. He had no trait but the blue eyes and the last name that he carried from him. It was al from his wife.

If only he had gotten another woman pregnant, one with recesive genes...

"You… you better not be lying to me dad," Martin threatened. Victor smiled knowing that Martin would never uncover his lie. His son would never believe Samantha, she didn't look to be the honest type. True that she was a good fuck but other than that, there was no other use to her.

"Would I do that to you Martin, really?"

"I don't know dad, that's why I'm asking."

"Well, I don't know who told you but I have a feeling that it's that skank isn't it?"

"Samantha – and yes dad, she told me."

"Look I don't want to get in the middle of your relationship with her, but think about it, she hates me, Martin. She would make this up so incase she gets pregnant by some stranger out there she would have me to blame and you still there with her. As much as I hate to admit this, son, she is a smart woman. Wouldn't be an agent if she wasn't, but maybe she's doing this to use you. She cheated on you and is just using me as an escape goat," Victor told Martin with a smile. There was a damn good reason he was the Deputy Director of the FBI. He knew what to do to make people believe things that weren't real. He was a manipulator and a damn good one at that.

"You really think she would do that, dad?"

"I don't know her personally, but her record shows that…"


Martin had enough and hung up the phone thinking over what his father had said. He would call Samantha out on her lie needing and deserving the truth out of her. He hoped she would be honest with him though.

Meanwhile, as soon as Martin had hung up the phone, Victor dialed the numbers that were all to familiar.


"Tony, it's Victor," Victor started thankful that it was his faightful friend that answered the phone and not some other rookie. "I need a favor."

"Go on…"

"Agent Samantha Spade of the Missing Person 's Unit in the Manhattan branch, I want her out."

"Is there a reason?" Andersen asked him curious as he pulled out the record of the blonde hair – brown eyed agent. "She looks pretty fuckable."

"Can you get her out or what?" Victor spatted getting tired of his friend. He just wanted to know whether or not he could get Samantha fired or if he would have to call someone else.

"Of course, sorry. Anything for you, Victor."

"Thank you Andersen."

Chapter 15

First thing in the morning, Samantha got up and stepped into the shower ridding herself of the sorrow and the tear marks that seemed permantntly embedded on her skin the past days since Martin had broken up with her. It was a work day and in an hour she was suppose to be there with a smile on her face ready to work and look for the missing. Hopefully she wouldn't get partnered with Martin. Though maybe it would be good if she was, it would give them time to talk and her time to tell him and convince him that her final words before he walked away from her wasn't a lie. If she needed to do a rape test kit she would. Though she doubted about the results. It happened a long time ago. Still it would be worth a try.

"Morning," Samantha greeted everyone as she stepped into the bullpen offering everyone a weak smile.

"Morning, Sam," they all greeted and then going back into their work hoping to end the work day as soon as possible.

Everyone but Martin was there and she was doubting a little if he would show up today. But not a while later, she smelled him – yes, smelled him.

"Morning," he muttered like she had when she came in. Though she knew that the greeting wasn't to her, she couldn't help but wish him a good morning in return Even if she figured he didn't really wish her a good morning, but rather some other things that were bitter and things to not dwell on for it would depress her even more.

Danny and Viv watched as Martin walked to his desk zombie like just as Samantha had knowing there was something wrong with the couple. Usually they would come in all smiles and together. They were no longer hiding their relationship and it was a good thing as the two had though. But they would wait figuring that they had just fought in the ride on the way to work and that's what the bitter feelings were. They would figure out soon enough at lunch. Vivian was sure that Danny would talk to Martin and pulling him aside and she would go to Samantha and ask her if she was alright.

Samantha had walked over to Martin's desk as soon as Jack had told them that they could all take their lunch breaks.. There were no cases in sight and it seemed as if they would have a free day with just light paperwork.

"Hey, uhm, you wanna have lunch together?"

"I don't think it's a good idea, Samantha."

"I just… it's not… please?" She usually wasn't the type of person who begs. At this rate though, she though – and knew – that she needed to. She knew that it was the only way that he would listen to her. Even if that didn't realy work back in her apartment.

"Why are you so admant to talk to me, Samantha? There's nothing left to talk about."

"I don't think so, Martin. There's a lot left unsaid and…"

"There will always be things unsaid, Samantha," Martin said cutting her off. He didn't want to her her excuses or some other lie about what it was that she was hiding from him in the first place.

"I know you want to hear what I have to say, Martin. You're too curious of a person not to," Samantha pointed out. All those years of not only dating him but also working beside him day and night got her to know what it was that was going on in his head. She would use that to her advantage. She had to use all the cards in her hands.

"I have plans, Samantha."

"It'll just take a few minutes, come out to the balcony with me. Please?"

"Fine, whatever," Martin said following her out onto the balcony where all they had were beautiful moments. The balcony was really the one place that they could really be Samanth and Martin. Though with whatever they were gonna say now, he knew that the rest of the memories didn't really matter anymore. "Talk, I'm listening."

"I know you think I'm lying to you about what I said."

Damn right I don't believe you, Martin thought. But he let her continue with whatever her put together explanation was. Whatever lie that she had put together.

"But I'm hoping that you'll listen to what I say. I can't lose you Martin…"

"I need to go in a few minutes, so I suggest you keep talking about what you said."

"Al.. I don't know what to say but uhn… It happened when you were at the wedding, I… I was sick and I just, he was in the room and he was telling me all these things, Martin. But I told him no, I couldn't, I wouldn't. But he kept at it and… and the next thing I know I was undressed and he was... he was…"

Samantha struggled for air the traumatizing events flashing on her face. She couldn't continue anymore for tears had started running out of her eyes and a sob had come out of her system that followed one after another. Martin stood there first thinking about how great of an actress she was but as she leant over the balcony almost falling as she held on it for support he realized that she wasn't. All of the sudden she had started to throw up in the corner hunching up in fetal position her Special Agent composure gone without a trace. She was just a woman so vurnerable.

"Are you alright?" Martin whispered in her ear putting his hands around her trying to stop her crying and calm her down. She seemed to be so close to hyperventalating.

"I… I don't know," she admitted keeping his arms around her tighter not wanting him to let go as she felt them loosening.

"Right, well uhm, I have to go," Martin said not wanting to get lured into the trap of Samantha once again.

"Wouldn't wanna be late," Samantha said whipping her tears away facing Martin as he waited for her wanting to make sure that she got out okay. "Thanks."

"No problem," Martin replied nodding. At some part of his brain and heart he believed her, but seeing her through everything, the majority still beleived his father. In some weird twisted way, he still wanted to please and believe his father who though hadn't been there all his life seemed like he was there for him now.

Dismissing the thought of Samantha out of his head as he stepped out of the building he saw the familiar brunette and smiled as he approached her.