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The date had been less than perfect.

Ignoring whatever the hell what the weatherman said about it raining in the late afternoon, Ichigo decided to take Rukia out on a picnic for their date. Their first date. Anyway, it was perfectly sunny now.

Screw the weatherman.

So setting up the red blanked around an area of green grass, he pulled out the subway-like sandwiches he had previously bought.

It turned out that Rukia was twenty minutes late, the sandwiches were stale as the two tried to digest (let alone chew and swallow) the crunchy bread and melted mustard and mayonnaise.

True to the weatherman's word, rain was suddenly coming to down to drip on the half eaten sandwiches as couples who also ignored the weatherman's warning dashed into stores and cars.

'Stupid weatherman.' Ichigo thought, watching Rukia walk with her arms folded across her chest into a nearby store.

Both now soaked and shivering, Ichigo saw that the two were now standing in an ice cream shop, the heat of it wasn't exactly drying them off (ice cream was supposed to be cold) but they were at least out of the rain.

Ordering two chocolate cones and gave his thin jacket to his shivering and unpleasant date, the two sat at one of the tables that seated two and ate the cold treats.

The music in the store was making their dining situation awkward. First- They were the only people in the store. Second- The manager (a girl, no question) had turned the music for a more "mood setting" tone. Third- It was some gushy romance song about finding true love.

"I think we should leave." Ichigo said, throwing away his napkin, annoyed that Rukia was still eating her almost finished cone.

"Can't you hurry up?!" He questioned, shivering from being wet and having eaten an ice cream cone...realizing how stupid his idea had been.

Rukia seemed to eat slower, glaring in satisfaction at his annoyance.

"Dammit, Rukia! Just finish your ice cream already!" Ichigo said in frustration.

Smirking at him, Rukia threw away the last of her ice cream as the pair walked out of the shop and back into the rain. Finding the closest shop to run into, they walked right into a (horrifying-ly bad) underwear shop.

"Let's go." He growled, tugging on her arm.

"Are you sure?" Rukia rudely teased. "Don't want to shop around or try anything on?"

"Let's just leave." He spat, holding Rukia by her upper arm and throwing her out.

Next on his list of date ideas was the local movie theater. They only had two shows currently playing. Choice number one was some chic flic about a girl and a guy in some long distance relationship. The second was a my Little Pony meets Barney special.

Chic flic it was.

Mid way through the movie, after the couple were finally united and just saved a dog from a burning building, the movie screen couple were ferociously making out.

Rubbing the back of his head in questioning his next action, Ichigo hesitantly put his arm around Rukia's shoulders.

"Smooth." She quietly whispered.

"Shut up." He mumbled, withdrawing his arm and slouching down in his seat for the rest of the movie, glaring to hide his embarrassment.

The remainder of their date was the two walking around a nearby mall, about a ten minute awkward drive away.

Th walk was pointless and they occasionally talked or bought bubble gum balls as the rest of the time was spent in silence.

After cramming into an uncomfortably small picture booth, the pair waited impatiently for the pictures to develop. Ichigo took the awkward wait to clumsily cup Rukia's hand in his own, as a minuet later he rushed his hand away to grab the finished prints.

And that's how they were currently standing at Orihime's doorstep. (as of Rukia was spending the night there) Ichigo rocking slightly on the balls of his feet as Rukia crossed her arms to look up at him.

"Well...this and all..." Ichigo started, breaking the choking silence between them.

"Well..." he said, trying to find a way to say good bye.

"Good night than." He mumbled, walking away.

"Yeah, night." Rukia replied, now fumbling with the key in her hand to open the door.

"Idiot." Ichigo heard Rukia whisper, purposely making it loud enough for Ichigo to hear.

Ichigo spun on his heel to look at her coldly.

"What was that?"

"I called you an idiot." She said, matching his icy tone.

The threw his arms up in frustration. "Why?! If anyone is to blame for screwing up this date it's you so don't blame me." He finished, walking back to his car again.

"Me?! Who got us rained on, bought us freezing ice cream, and made us watch a freaking chic flic?!"

He turned to face her again, seeing her with her hands on her hips and panting in anger, much like his own breathing.

I was trying to be nice!" He argued defensively. "Who was the one who ignored my could-have-been-fun-plans!"

"Fun? I watched a chic flic! Do I look like a normal girl?!"

He snorted. "Look, yes. Act, no."

"Screw you!" She said. "You didn't even try to make any moves on me tonight! Your as romantic as a lamp post!"

"Romantic?" He said, disbelieving. "I tried to put my arm around you and you shot me down!"

"Shows how much self esteem you have!"

"Yeah!?" He said, stomping back to her.

"Yeah!" She replied, stomping back to him.

"If I knew you wouldn't shoot me down I would probably kiss you!"

:If you had some courage you probably would!"

"Maybe I do!"

And that's when Ichigo forced her into a kiss, crashing his lips onto hers and turning both their anger into passion.

So maybe the date wasn't that bad after all.

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