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Absent-minded eyes were staring out of the window into the cloudy sky. Cloudy and grey, like she was feeling deep inside the past few days since Kate had died.

She knew he was there behind her waiting for her to move.


His voice was soft and full of concern. Finally she turned around with her usual cheering expression on her face just for him. To assure him that she would be okay again.

No need to tell him her feelings, he already knew because he felt the same distracting emptiness, along with the urge of being with her to comfort her, to get comforted by her pure presence.

"It's about time." She said by the sight of the Caf-Pow in his hand.

He was smiling just for her, pushing the worries aside while he was giving her the Caf-Pow he brought with him. "Thanks."

Knowing that this was all he could do for now.