Author's Note: Well, this is my first attempt at a SetoTéa pairing; I hope it's a success! This sonnet set was inspired by LuckyLadybug's stories "Dance Without Me" and "The Dance" (many, many thanks to her!). Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

There is a void in Domino tonight
As we gather at the Kame Game Store,
Reflecting that you are not among us.
Some would doubt if you were ever "with us,"
Since you were eternally on your own.
If that's the case, then why do I miss you?
Why do I miss a cold, aloof loner--
One who hardly even cared about us?
Do I just feel sorry for Mokuba
As he stands before us, tears in his eyes?
I would think so, but the feeling's too strong
To be dismissed as simple sympathy.
But I try to push down the feelings now;
There's no point in having them. It's too late.

I have to admit that there was a time
When I simply couldn't stand you at all.
You were too proud… too cold… too arrogant…
And you pushed my patience to its limit.
We all had our nasty exchange of words.
If you can hear me now, Seto Kaiba,
Know that I am sorry for those harsh words.
I hadn't known about your stepfather;
No one deserves that life of cruelty.
But you lived it, and somehow you survived,
Which makes it sadder that we've lost you now.
You, who conquered your stepfather's evil,
Were conquered when you seemed invincible.
Perhaps that's why I'm missing you so much.

Joey tries to lighten the mood for us.
"Hope Kaiba won't fight with Atem," he says.
A sad smile makes its way onto my face,
And I reflect upon my thoughts again.
I find it difficult to understand…
I miss you as much as I miss Atem.
But how is that possible!? I loved him,
Even though I never got to tell him…
So why do I miss you, Seto Kaiba?
And why do I fear finding the answer?
Could it be that you, like Pharaoh Atem,
Left your sign upon the door of my heart
Before you decided to leave us all?
If it were up to me, you'd both be back.

I've no choice but to banish my feelings;
Even if you hadn't gone to that world,
You still would never have accepted them,
Yet I'll probably miss you all the same.
We fall silent, probing our memories
When the bells upon the door start ringing.
Startled cries erupt as you enter in,
With a tattered trenchcoat and wounded face.
Your eyes immediately glare at us
As if to say, "What are you staring at!?"
Mokuba asks you, "What on earth happened!?"
We marvel at your tale of survival.
And I then decide. Someday soon, Kaiba,
I'll tell you how much I missed you. Someday.