First Dates

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John ran in, clutching a paper and shouting joyously. "She agreed to go out with me. She said yes!" Cameron followed more sedately.

"Who said yes and to what?" Sarah asked, from her spot at the table paying bills. Even resistance fighters needed to pay the gas bill.

"Cheri, she said she would go out with me this Friday." John waved her phone number in his mother's face. Luckily he missed the look of utter confusion that passed between Sarah and Derek. Neither of them had any clue who Cheri was.

Derek kindly took the bullet to make Sarah look more involved. "Who is Cheri and why should I give a shit that she said yes to you?" He was cutting up chicken for a stir fry. Somehow, even after all he had been through, he was still a better cook than Sarah. Where her rather dodgy culinary abilities didn't faze him, John had no problems begging his uncle to take over supper duties. Sarah hadn't had much a problem doing either.

"She is only the girl I have been trying to get a date with for months, months!"

"Why, does she put out?" Derek asked.

"I don't know, I hope so but I don't know." Sarah gave them both sour look.

"Not that you should be thinking about that at your age," his uncle added rather ineffectually.

"I don't know John, where are you going? Is it to a school function?" Sarah rained on her son's parade.

"No, I haven't decided where we are going. Maybe to a movie or something like that."

"I don't think so, I'm sorry sweetheart. It isn't safe."

"What?" He snapped in disbelief. "What happened to our mission verses our life? This is life, mom, a first date, my first real date ever."

"You would be unprotected and that isn't acceptable."

"I already thought of that. Morris can take Cameron and we can go on a double date."

"I'm still not convinced."

"Derek, tell her."

"I'm pretty sure this is one of those things I should stay out of."

"Mom, you are being unreasonable. There has to be some way to work around this, a compromise." John tried diplomacy.

"What if I went with you to chaperone and protect you?" She suggested and John looked even more unhappy with this than her flat out refusal.

"And that is why, when I left he was a 42 year old virgin that often referred to blue eyed brunettes as, 'smother'." Derek snarked quietly.

"Derek, cracking jokes is not helping." She scolded again.

"Who said I was joking?"

"Please tell me you were joking," John almost begged.

"John, I know you want to go but I just don't feel safe about it unless Derek or I go with you too."

"Hey, how did I get dragged into this?" They both ignored him.

"What about both of you? Then you can keep each other company rather than hovering around us."

"That might work."

"Again, I never said I would go anywhere," Derek was still completely ignored.

"Fine, you two can come with Morris, Cameron, Cheri, and I but you cannot sit at the same table or ride in the same car."

"Not the same table but the same car."

"Agreed." They shook hands on it.

"Hey, don't I get a say in this?" John and Sarah finally turned to his uncle.

"No," they told him in unison.

"It has to be someplace that is defensible, not a movie theatre."

"Ok, what about a restaurant?"

"Depends which one. Derek and I will do recon this week and come up with some suggestions."

"Excuse me," Derek said politely, waiting to be acknowledged. Sarah finally turned back to him. "How are you going to explain where I came from? No one has ever seen me before and won't it seem odd if I just show up chaperoning him on a date?"

"Good point, who can you be?" Sarah started to think.

"Your brother?" John tried.

"No, we don't look enough alike to be blood related."

"True, maybe a cousin or a friend from work?"

"Why would he be here though?"

"How about my father?" Cameron chimed in for the first time. "I am posing as John's step sister; it stands to reason that he would have a step father."

"Perfect." John smiled.

"Makes sense," Sarah agreed.

"Hate it," Derek disagreed. "There is no way I am pretending to have spawned that thing." He glared at the Terminator with a great deal of venom. "Besides, where have I been for the last few months? If I'm supposed to be married to your mother, you would think I would have been around here somewhere."

"Iraq," John supplied.

"Perfect." Sarah agreed, sounding eerily like her son.

"Why was I in Iraq?"

"Because you're in the military, of course," John continued. "You were in the Middle East and only got home a few weeks ago."

"Why am I in the military?"

"You scream military, Derek." Sarah clarified. "You are a walking, talking, special ops brochure come to life. There is no way you could pass for an insurance salesmen or mild mannered teacher. And don't even get me started on how ridiculous it would look for you to be something like a programmer, when you always look like you are about to start clubbing laptops like baby seals. False identities always work best if they are something that you know, and you really only know how to hide, kill things, and blow shit up. Face it; I'm married to a soldier."

"I would never club a baby seal." He seemed deeply insulted that she thought he would hurt an animal. "And you could just let me hide at home and mentally scar your son all by yourself."

"What branch?" John continued looking at his uncle critically. Sarah joined him across the island from Derek, neither of them even registering that he spoke. .

"Not a fly boy, he's not nice enough or clean cut enough." She tilted her head and Cameron mimicked her from behind, causing Derek to again snarl at her. "Too smart for the Army so Navy or Marine?"

"Marine, Twenty Palms and Pendleton bases aren't that far from here." John decided.

"Navy SEAL," Cameron observed.

"Why? I agree Special Forces fits the best by why a SEAL, they are pretty high profile." Sarah asked.

"The Coronado, NAB is less than 200 away and Derek knows it well, since his father was stationed there while he was growing up and he led the detail to drive Skynet out."

"Navy SEAL is excellent and believable then, not to mention he would be under directive not to talk about anything. That could easily explain why he can't actually answer any questions about the Iraq." Sarah agreed.

"So I can go?" John looked excited.

"Yes, you can go." John hugged his mother and kissed her enthusiastically on the cheek. Derek fumed as he finished supper but nothing would dull John's mood.

During supper John interrupted Derek's imagining that Cameron's face was on his broccoli as he speared it savagely with his fork and asked, "so are you going to help me get my game on before my date?" Derek raised his eye brows at his nephew. "Maybe I should try all tall, dark, and dangerous like you." He put his plate on the counter, six inches away from the sink with the rest of the dishes, and tried Derek's lean. It didn't work too well because the counter hit him in the side instead of his hip and just made him look like he had a figure.

"I think you have to old enough to shave for that to work." Derek pointed out.

"I can too shave, look." John walked over and pointed at his chin, proudly.

Derek examined it closely then stood up, to feel Johns chin. Sarah smiled at the sweetness of the two of them together. She often tried not to think about what John had missed out on, not having a father. A split second later he smacked John in the forehead with the heel of his hand and deadpanned, "clearly. Put your damn dish in the sink." Ok so maybe he treated him more like a younger brother than his child mostly because he never actually reared any children of his own, just a brother. Though, it always amazed Sarah what a neat freak Derek could be. She would have thought that spending 16 years living in filthy sewers and underground tunnels would have made him less concerned with things like dirty towels on the floor and dishes on the counter.

John listened though and pushed his plate into the sink. "But seriously, you have to explain to me how to charm women."

"Why exactly do you think I would know how to charm a woman?"

"Because, you are, well, you. I figured girls would love you." Sarah found it adorable that John had a little man-crush on his uncle. Though, most women now a days would probably just find him a little slightly crazy and a bit creepy. "Don't tell me that you don't have any girls in the future?" Sarah's ears perked up at this conversation. She knew she should be discouraging her son from trying to score with some girl but she was curious about what dating was like in the future. Kyle may have been a virgin, but something told her that Derek was not a pious priest saving himself for marriage.

"Lt. Reese, has six children and a possible seventh one." Cameron supplied and she nearly choked. She didn't think he hadn't thought he was that much of a man-whore.

"You dog," John smiled at his uncle.

"It fails to point out that I never actually dated any of the mothers. My most successful pick up line in the post apocalyptic world is, 'I haven't been sterilized by exposure to nuclear radiation, you want to have sex?'" Sarah bit her cheek to stop from laughing.

"But you managed to charm at least seven women?" John refused to be deterred.

"There was no charming." Sarah was pretty sure he was telling the truth there. 'Charming' and 'Derek' were two words that did not belong in the same sentence. He was usually about as personable as a scorpion.

"Then how?" John crossed his arms and tried to pin his uncle with a stare.

"Because I'm not sterile. Two were good friends of mine that happened to generally not like the company of men but wanted children. And the other's were all married to people I knew that couldn't have kids so I helped them out. It was nothing. I was more like a sperm donor than a lover."

"You mean in the future people ask you for sex just because you can produce children?" Derek shook his head, 'yes.' "That is so awesome!" John exclaimed. "But seriously, you have to have some pointers for me. After all you would have been about my age before Judgement Day, so you must have had some dates."

"I had turned 15 less than two weeks before and I was a geek." Sarah covered her mouth with her napkin to hide a smile.

"I thought you played baseball and ran track?"

"Yes, two of the lamest of all sports after gymnastics and competitive bowling," Derek droned sarcastically. "Please, I was also in the math club and the science club. I only appeared cool because I was around a lot of Asians that wore pocket protectors and didn't speak English. I spent ¾ of my time taking care of my little brother. Before the bombs, my sexual experience was pretty much stealing my mom's Victoria's Secret catalogue or fantasizing that Niko Takamoru would one day decide to date a lanky giajin." Sarah snorted audibly trying to hide her laugh. "Give up, kid, you're going to have to come up with your own style. Mine would never work for you. You're too short." He ruffled his nephew's hair and cleared the table.

"So you really do want me to end up being a 42 year old virgin?" John groused as he collected his books to do his homework.

"More snatch for me." Derek smiled as John left and Sarah finally gave up and dissolved into laughter.

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