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-Hamel Vs Raiel: Another Silly Hero's Duel-

part 1: The glove slap... again.

It was a day like any other, nothing in particular, birds were singing and a light wind rustled the trees-

"-Aaagh!! What's the meaning of this?!". Raiel screamed, dressed in an outfit of white and green, it at a glance, it was like a marching band out fit, but was tailored to his own tastes, a large hat with a silver plated monogrammed 'R' on it. He looked at his precious golden piano: someone had vandalized it with lots of graffiti. "My piano's ruined!" As great as his anguish was, so was his anger. It took little time for him to find as suspect: "Hamel! What have you done to my piano?"

Hamel was lounging against a tree, dressed in white and black, the minstrel looked lazily towards the morning sky, with his big violin close by."Straw colored hair came out from underneath his pointed hat. "What do you mean, Raiel?"

"THIS!" The pianist pointed to his instrument. Various slanders were scrawled in black, all of them insulting. "Who else would write garbage like this?!"

"Ugh, what is it this time?" A girl grumbled, her red hair under a simple hat that matched her dress. "It's too early for this kind of thing."

Perched on the girls shoulder was a small black crow."Not with their stupidity, it isn't." Oboe sighed. " What is this time?" He flew over towards the two quarreling friends.

"Hamel scribbled on my piano!" Raiel flustered.

"Did not." Hamel said flatly.

"Did so!"

"Did not!"

"Then how do you explain this?" Raiel pointed to a hastily scrawled mess. "It says 'Calligraphy by Hamel- Hero of Justice' on it."

Hamel examined the writing on it and said only "So? Maybe it was a crazy fan of mine."

"Fan, my foot! Who'd go for a selfish chump like you?"

Flute and Oboe shook their heads, arguments like this were uncommon between the two friends, they tended to butt heads over the slightest things.

"It's a good thing Trom and Sizer aren't here to see this." The crow began. Their other companions, the prince of Dal Sengo and the former leader of the Mazoku's Hawk Army were helping to rebuild the fallen kingdom, leaving them to some free time.

"This won't go unpunished!" Raiel stomped to his piano. "I'm going to make you pay!"

"Try it if you can, Raiel!" Hamel walked back to the tree and picked up the big violin. "I'll put you down just like the last time!"

Flute and Oboe watched from the sidelines, when the arguments got heated enough, the two resorted to fighting with their magical music. Both were proficient in their skills, which served them well in battling the many demons that troubled the world. The Mazoku Army being the most prominent threat with its three Kings of Hell spearheading the war on humanity. It was for this reason that Hamel and his friends traveled to their domain, the Northern Capital, in order to defeat them. But the trek was long, and more often than not, Hamel's sense of direction got them lost, and subsequently incensed.

Oboe knew exactly what Hamel and Raiel were capable of, but they never brought their full power to bear against each other. Flute could only pray on the crucifix on her neck and pray for a swift, painless end to this farce.

Hamel and Raiel faced each other, with both their instruments at the ready. The tension was growing thick, as the first made was move.

"Take this, Hamel! Piano Buster!!" Raiel hurled his piano right at his opponent.

"Try this on! Violin Cannon!!" Hamel did likewise.

On the sidelines, Flute and Oboe watched in embarrassment., especially at what happened when both 'attacks' hit: Raiel's eyes bulged as the violin smashed into his brow. Hamel fared no better- the piano collided with his chin. The respective impacts send both duelists reeling off their feet, half-dazed with pain.

"You have got to be kidding me." Flute face faulted.

"How I still bother with these two, I'll never understand.." Oboe shook his head...

Not long after they were struck down, Hamel and Raiel went at it again, reducing the already ridiculous fight to a cloud of dust with fists, legs, instruments and insults flying. It was pathetic to watch time and time again.

Oboe's eyes lit up; he had an idea. But first; "Flute, would you be so kind"

Oblivious as they were, Hamel and Raiel still grappled with each other until something blunt and heavy came crashing down on their heads. "Are you two idiots done yet?!" Flute thundered, holding a large silver cross in her hands.

"Ow... What do you think you're doing!?" Hamel thundered with a large lump on his brow.

"Flute, why did you hit me!?" Raiel complained, his own lump doubled in pain.

Oboe fluttered around their heads before speaking. "Look at you two- the 'Hero of Justice' and the 'Warrior of Love' behaving like this? Pandora would be ashamed!"

As much as that hurt the two, their mentor had a point.

"So, what do you suggest?" Raiel asked.

"A gentleman's duel!" Oboe's face turned grim.

The skies above boomed with thunder. No one knew it due to the mess, but the clouds formed overhead while the fracas dragged on.

"..You're kidding, right?" Hamel asked.

"No! If you two are serious about this, perhaps we should settle this once and for all."

Flute didn't like the sound of that. "Oboe, are you crazy?"

"Not really." the crow whispered. "It's all part of my plan, trust me." Then he turned to Hamel and Raiel. "Now if you two are finished, we'll be on our way."

"To the North?" Raiel asked. His answer was met with a feathery slap to the face. "Ouch!"

"Don't be stupid! We're going to Dal Sengo!"

"Ha, you got in trouble." Hamel taunted, but his childish act earned him a good scratch between the eyes. "Argh!!"

"That goes double for you!" Oboe squawked "If we're going to do this, we'll do it right. We know someone there who can tell us a thing or two about proper dueling..."

End of Part 1