Well, I started this a while ago and… after a lengthy pause (I got lazy and quit writing >.>)… I finally picked it up again. I figured I'd post it on here so as to motivate myself to actually finish it.

As in the summary, this is a slash story and contains yaoi, so you are forewarned. I chose to use Deidara and Sasori at random, deciding at the last minute that it would be them that I actually used. Being that this is a Naruto-ish FanFic, I'm going to try to stick to the plot of the show as much as possible and I'll see where it comes out.

Chapter One

"How the hell do you call that art, un?! True art is fleeting. A brief glimpse of beauty before vanishing!" Sasori rolled his eyes and scowled. "Hardly. Art should be lasting. Something that can be appreciated even after the artist's death." He glared at Deidara. They'd had this argument multiple times and the young blonde still didn't get it. His flawed views in the matters of real art were becoming a pain and were beginning to be annoying.

"I'm tired of discussing this with you." He growled, looking off and scowling. Deidara stared at him, letting silence surround them for a moment before speaking again. "Why do you always run around in that puppet? Can't you at least be around me in something decent, like your own body, un?" Sasori looked back at him. "Can't you ever shut your mouth? Silence is golden." Geez, he was starting to talk in proverbs. Sasori chided himself silently, but was slightly pleased by the fact that Deidara had gone quiet.

They both glanced up as someone approached. Finally. Sasori looked to Deidara. "Go. I'll find you later." Deidara nodded and stood. "Yes, Sasori no danna, un." He took off into the woods to wait.

Sasori stepped onto the bridge, looking pleased, or as pleased as he got, as a cloaked figure appeared at the opposite end. "What is the news, Kabuto?" The figure looked up and then moved forward after a wary glance around. "Orochimaru-sama started the attack on Konoha. He killed the Hokage, but has lost the ability to use his arms." Kabuto paused and Sasori scoffed inwardly. Orochimaru always was a fool. "He plans to go find Tsunade to convince her to heal him." He finished and Sasori nodded slightly. "Good, Kabuto. Keep me informed as to what he is doing." Kabuto bowed and left, leaving Sasori to his thoughts.

Orochimaru… How did he plan to get Tsunade to help him…? Especially after his betrayal of Konoha. Who knew… He shrugged. And who cared. He shook his head and left to get Deidara. He'd let his partner in on what Kabuto said and then they could tell Leader.

Deidara huffed as he waited. He didn't see why Sasori had to go and meet his spy alone. Yea, so it was Sasori's underling… Big deal. If he was present then he wouldn't have to be updated on every little thing that happened. He looked up as his partner approached. He detested that damn scorpion puppet. It was big and ugly… How did Sempai consider that art? A pain. It was an embarrassment to be seen with.

He stood and waited for Sasori to reach him. "How did it go?" He asked curiously. Sasori didn't respond, only moved past him. "Hurry up, Deidara.We need to get back." He paused to glance back at Deidara's astonished yet somewhat pissed expression. "Don't make me wait." And with that he kept going. Deidara frowned and followed. Why the hell did he put up with this?

End Chapter One

Wow… I didn't realized how really short this was. When you pen it down on paper it looks like so much more. X3

Well, I hope you enjoy it and please, be gentle. This is the first work I've actually decided to put up online. All constructive criticism is very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!