Chapter Five

This fight was so pointless. His grandmother had seemed shocked that he hadn't aged since she had last seen him and was even more shocked when he'd revealed that he'd turned his own body into a puppet. The pink haired Konoha ninja… He didn't know her name, but it didn't matter, she and the old woman would be easy to kill. But… maybe this was the escape he'd been seeking. His existence was… empty.

Deidara's image flashed into his mind and he winced visibly. Deidara had given him purpose. He'd survived on his lover's smiles, the soft sighs he heard when he'd pleased the blonde, and the satisfaction of giving Deidara pleasure… but was it really enough? Some part of him felt… Something. Love? Or was it really? He didn't think he could really love… He couldn't feel love… So was it really worth this… living with someone who loved him and knowing that he could never return the feeling? Was it worth living when he couldn't feel anything?

He let Chiyo take control of his puppets and, with his parents embrace came release.

I'm sorry…

Deidara felt tears spill out onto his cheeks as he finally got to the privacy of his room. His arms were sore from where Kakuzu had reattached them. Sasori was dead. He clutched his chest as pain racked his body, the pain of loss. Their enemies had been powerful, but he hadn't thought the old woman and the girl would be any real match for Sasori… if he would have known he could have stayed behind to help… They could have fought the enemy off together as a team. He could have… Guilt and grief washed over him as he weakly went to his bed and fell onto it. He buried his face into a pillow and inhaled deeply but felt more tears fall to wet the cloth. The fabric had his scent mixed with his lover's, Memories overtook him; he and Sasori embracing as they fell asleep after love making, how Sasori's expression seemed to soften when they were together, their arguments about art that had, after a while, turned more to playful teasing than actual anger. Why… Why would you leave me…? "I love you, Sasori no danna…" He whispered against the soft fabric of his pillow, drifting into a grief ridden, dreamless sleep.

End Chapter Five

Well, that's it. This is the final chapter and it's… well… over. I hope you liked it, and I can't wait to get some more stories up here… I'm thinking of doing more Akatsuki pairings, but… well, I'll let inspiration hit me. If you all have any requests, let me know. I try to stick with shows that I know really well so that I have a decent and accurate storyline, so if you want another anime besides Naruto pairings then, let me know and I'll see if I can do it. Thanks for reading!!